August 29, 2006

Just can't get enough*.

Apparently, I didn't get my fill of lace cardis with my Crinkle. (Any t-shirts out there that read, "Lace Cardi 'Ho"? If not, print one up in my size 'cause that's me.) Late Sunday night I cast on for the ChicKnits CeCe Cardi using Calmer in "Coffee Bean" - thinking I'd work a few rows just to get started - and before you can say "Hooked on Calmer" it was 1:00 in the morning and I was watching Three Comrades with Robert Taylor and Margaret Sullavan on late night cinema because I could not put the cardi down. Check it:

There's MORE. Click here to see the whole thing.

That's progress as of early yesterday morning. Add on a couple more inches because CeCe was the only thing I worked on during last night's knitting session. Yes! I'm addicted to lace cardis and Rowan Calmer.

What else? Oh, yes. My Captain Destructo's Linen Jacket.

Yo! Where's the seaming party?

Still need to seam that. During the weekend I blocked all the pieces and knit the zipper bands, but didn't start seaming. I think I'll have Monsieur Le Hubby hide the CeCe Cardi from me so I can start seaming the Linen Jacket pieces this evening, ALREADY.

P.S. If you're wondering about my Tea Blouse, let me tell you right now that it's still sitting on the mannequin buttonless. Ugh. Sewing on buttons. How fun...not. Will sew on the buttons soon, though. There's another design sewing project I want to make this week and I won't let myself start it until the Tea Blouse is officially finished with buttons.

*It's the Guess that Band Blog Game. This is an easy one. Who sang the song mentioned in this entry's title?

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Lace cardis are fabulous, and they are made even better when knit in Calmer. I finished one up about a month ago, and wore it quite a bit before the weather here in Europe went into autumn mode.

Great choice! Cece is very cool, and will be brilliant in that color. Can't wait to see!

All of your work is lovely. You are a delightful talent. Could your song be 'Tea for Two'? - maybe I'm really lost & didn't understand your question...

I can't play along... ever since I saw your blog title, I've had Nelson's "(Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection" in my head. I can't explain it. Thanks. A lot. ;)

I'm looking forward to seeing your completed CeCe. I've considered making that myself, but can't decide how I would wear it. It looks boxy on everyone I've seen it on so far, which isn't a very good look for me, given my short waist.

Another great pattern, Cece. It is such a cute design. You are knitting it up pretty quickly too!Yay, the Linen Jacket is almost finished!

Are we talking 80's rock band?
i'm thinking white snake or depeche mode or guns n' roses or something hairspraylike... I was born in 1980...I don't really remember well.
I know there is something in there about being like a rainbow and setting me free and "I just can't get enough, I just can't get enough. (I guess that's the kinda stuff you remember when your 3)
Although, I was going to marry David Lee Roth (sp) but that's different of course...

Great work, it looks lovely!

And that would be Depeche Mode. I heart them ;-)

I've been wanting to try that Rowan Calmer. I meant to tell you before I got carried away to the 80's! the lace cardi is pretty.

It's either Erasure or Depeche Mode...

I'm afraid to start CeCe until I get some other knits done. Yours looks great!

I heart Calmer, too. Sigh.

As for the band, I was pretty sure that it was a Yaz song. Then, I read in one of the other posts the band Depeche Mode ... and since some of the members of Yaz went on to form Depeche Mode (the others from the band, if my '80s memories serve me correctly, became Erasure) I started to doubt my guess. I think that I'm going to stick with Yaz, though. I mean, when else am I going to be able to have Yaz be a guess for something?!! :)

Yep, I'm going with Depeche Mode. and it's early DM at that. I used to be hugely into them when I was in high school. okay, and in college, too. I love that color Calmer you're using - you know I'm a fellow Calmer addict, so I completely understand the process whereby you can knit for hours blithely.

Whoa! Definitely in need of more am coffee - read 'blog' as 'song' for your tea blouse. Mostly, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your creativity.

Given that we both have 80's music forever stuck in our heads, I am going to say Depeche Mode. Thanks for that Becky! That song will now be stuck in replay on my internal soundtrack for the rest of the day!

CeCe is rockin'! You go girl!! (Hey, if you are going to flash back, flash with a vengeance)!

Ah-ha! Depeche Mode! Love them. Might have to put on some vinyl tonight. (I'm sure you know I'm not talking about putting vinyl on my body).

Depeche Mode <3 You're such a fast knitter :O

Funnily enough, exactly as I clicked "Post", Just Can't Get Enough started playing on my Media Player. Spooky 0_o

I'm with you. On button sewing and lace cardis, which are perfection--just the right amount of climate control, plus there's something so effortlessly chic and funky about them in a vintage kind of way. There's one from an old Rowan that I'm dying to make, but I won't let myself buy the yarn for it until I've cleaned out some other projects first. Anyway, I'm sure that new Calmer concoction will be divine.

Captain Destructo must have continued growing over the summer, that jacket looks so big!

Calmer is very yummy, I can't wait to see the finished product!

What a great pattern. cannot wait to see how it turns out.

You are too fast for me thought! I have been working on one project while you finished three.

Salud! (i am learning french)

I've been looking at my Cece pattern for a few months now trying to make up my mind. You may have helped me along! Have to finish three others first - but that can be done. I have a long car ride this weekend to Denali Park - the land of my dreams. So, tons of knitting will happen.

Is Calmer like crack? Good thing I haven't started on that habit yet! I have 3 projects waiting to be seamed and have ends weaved long have they been sitting there glaring at me? Too long!

Would gladly sew those buttons on for you in trade for seaming my son's sweater! High school years of working at a dry cleaners gave me good practice of button sewing! Knits look great. You have too much ambition!

Love your blog.
I would guess Depeche Mode.

Oh I love cece. I really want to knit one but I don't think I have the yarn for it...and still on the yarn fast...:(

Wow..that was fast! You will finished with CeCe in no time. That is an awesome pattern! Believe it or not, I have not tried Calmer yet. Gasp!

I knit the tank that was on the cover of the summer Interweave Knits with Calmer, and I LOVED using it! I can see why you're a Calmer addict!

You are such a knitting machine! Don't feel bad about the lack of finishing progress.....I have a cardi half sewn together from june still sitting htere. Or is it May? Either way, it's sad. Just call me slacker chick.

Oh yeah, it's definitely DM. They were my favorite band for many years, and I got to see them once. Even tho I'm a bit of a young'un. And a funny aside, on, someone thought the lyrics were "just can't get it up" "i just can't seem to get it up for you" and wondered why guys would want to sing about that. HA!

I think it's Yaz, from Upstairs at Eric's- is that right? Now I have to look it up.

Oh, how gorgeous! I love the tea blouse. Capt. Destructo will soon have a linen jacket, it looks fab! Stop talking about Bonne Marie patterns, la-la-la-la, I can't hear you. I really wanted to make CeCe, but never found the right yarn, although I didn't search that hard. Perhaps next spring!

oh, calmer sounds so good. i am determined to finish cp's tunic tonight -- it's in cotton-ease, which i am not enjoying. the husband's been grumbling about his promised guernsey...i am going to find a nice, soft yarn for that!

I just listened to that song last night, and I swear it seemed to come into my head just BEFORE I opened up your blog and saw the title.

A friend told me that when she was in university and living in a dorm room, everyone on her floor would, whenever this song came on the radio, open up the door and yell into the hall "dance party!". At which time everyone within earshot would come running into the room, dance madly until the song was over, and then leave without a word and go back to whatever they were doing. I love this spontaneous 3-minute party idea, and want to yell "dance party" every time I hear it now.


I am into lace at the moment too ... along with spinning ... knitting ... oh who am I kidding!!

Depeche Mode, baybee! I was just listening to it in the car today... (Uh oh, I am giving away my age.)

I love that Dave Gahan!!! ;-)

Why it's Depeche Mode of course. One of my favorites. The jacket looks so great so far. I wish my boys would request lovely knits from me. Boo hoo.

The CeCe Cardi is looking lovely Becky. I've been doing a little seaming myself lately and I gotta tell ya...its not my favorite thing to do with the cardi that I'm desperately trying to complete so that I can get on to Jules, another Rowan project. I'm like you...must complete what is already in progress before beginning anew right?

I've come across a few finished cece's in blogland and it looks great, no doubt yours will too!
knitting cece is wayyyyy more fun than seaming *shudders* I soooo hate seaming!

Definitely Depeche Mode. There's a great album out called nouvelle Vague where a bunch of old 80's classics (like that one) have been redone and sung in a sort of Brazillian Lounge Singer kind of way.

It's great!

Okay, I was wrong! You didn't start a totally new project, you were a good girl and started with that Calmer that has been marinating in your stash for at least 2,5 years (it was around when you started Audrey, wasn't it?)and the lovely CeCe. Wise and nice choice, I think CeCe is going to turn out lovely.

And when it rains, youre shining down for me
And I just cant get enough, I just cant get enough
Just like a rainbow you know you set me free
And I just cant get enough, I just cant get enough

Depache Mode - dance now!

Love the Calmer!

There are many worse things to be than a Lace 'Ho.


Calmer in "Coffee Bean" - what heaven! I really love chocolately browns. And Calmer too, of course. Hurry up with the Tea Blouse buttons - it's going to look so great when you model it! It already looks stunning on Gigi. I wish I had your skills with a sewing machine.

I'm knitting my CeCe in the kiwi colour of Calmer. So wonderful! You've inspired me to give her some attention this weekend. Thanks.

You're like an angel and you give me your love...
and I just can't seem to get enough-ah....

You know I know who it is. Depeche!

Now seem that cardi!

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