August 11, 2006

Little Crinkle pieces all in a pile.

Crinkle is blocked and ready for a seaming party this weekend, bay-beeeeeeeeee!

It's time for a seaming party!
[Throws confetti all around.]

I'll admit something - and if it sounds like bragging to some, well tough luck for them - about my knitting: I knit at a very even tension and because of that and the fact that I i) usually swatch before knitting with a new yarn and ii) measure while I knit I rarely have to block my knitted pieces "to measurements" or otherwise stretch, slap or spank them 'till they get to the correct size. When I pull my pieces off the needles they're already at the measurements required. But! This doesn't mean that my pieces don't look all rumpled and crumpled with edges wildly curling, because they usually do. And THAT is why I like to block my knitting. There's nothing nicer than seaming a pile of crisp knitted pieces. Ahhhh.

Gratuitous blocking shot for you.
P.S. Like my cutesy beach towel?

Crinkle's blocking story: Crinkle is knit with 100% mercerised cotton; machine-washable at 30-40 degrees celsius. So, I wet-blocked the machine way. And by this I mean that I put Crinkle's pieces through the gentle rinse and spin cycles of my washing machine, placed them all on my towel-covered do-it-yourself blocking board [click here to read about my cheapo blocking board] without stretching, and pinned some of the edges to tame some of the curl. Voilą.

So! Seaming party at my house this weekend. And that means that I should have a finished Crinkle by early next week. (Still have to get the ribbon, though. Must remember to do that.)

And in sewing news...

(Doing this is so much more fun when there's no deadline to meet.)
P.S. No, that is not THE blouse on my mannequin.

Drafting of the Anthro top pattern has leisurely commenced. I'm also throwing out some rough sketches of my own designs in my designer sketchbook (pictured in Crinkle pieces photo at the top of this entry), and I'd like to sew some of them for myself before school starts because I went off and took the pledge to not buy myself anything for two over months. [!] Still, I like clothes and I need a new Fall wardrobe, and all that jazz.

Have a good weekend! If you're seaming something as well, serve yourself a cocktail and join me in my seaming party.

P.S. In knitting mojo news, I received my copy of Rowan 40 in the mail early this week and HELLO. It's fab-u-lous!

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Is there such a thing as tension envy?! Can't wait to see Crinkle all done up and pretty!

I should mention that my even tension tends to go bye-bye when I'm knitting at really big gauges. I'm a clumsy knitter when it comes to chunky knitting!

Which Anthro top did you pick? Did I miss the announcement or is it a surprise? Have fun seaming :)

You go, girl! I made my own blocking board too! I used a 4'x3' acoustic ceiling tile ($3 at Home Depot), made a grid with a Sharpie, covered it in lightweight plastic, and voila! El Cheapo strikes again! Plus, it's incredibly lightweight and easily stores behind my china cabinet.

It looks a little bit like the tea blouse...

I, too, am having a little seaming party as we speak. Thank you for the mini blocking lesson, as I have yet to do much of that and need to learn how. Have a good weekend. Crinkle looks great.

The first time I heard about blocking was when I stumbled upon Bonne Marie's site (ChicKnits - the first knitting site I EVER saw [2000? 2001? I can't recall] and the only one that inspired me to start a knitting blog instead of posting about my knitting on occasion at my old blog) and came upon this tip:

Before I saw that, I didn't even know what blocking was. I'd just start seaming, fresh off the needles. But once I tried blocking, I didn't want to stop. Thank you, Bonne Marie!

Yay! I love seaming party! Cheers! And I love that catty beach towel too! Look at those paw prints! Aarrgh!

I totally need to re-up my subscription to Rowan! I forgot about that...

I am so looking forward to seeing your seamed up Crinkle! yay for seaming parties!

Seaming and blocking are in the air this weekend!
I just ordered my very first lace blocking wires, for the stole I'm hoping to finish in the next 2 weeks. So your post is very encouraging and inspirational...and love the cat beach towel!

Becky, I posted a query on my blog today about the relationship between knitting and fashion, and if you have time to take a look, I'd love to know what you think! You seem to take inspiration from the fashion world for your knits.

Have a great weekend!

i want to cry at how your mannequin is looking longingly at the landscape. but she has no hair to throw down to her prince, so she'll forever be inside. come to think of it, though... she has no head either, so she's got bigger problems than a lack of fresh air!

hope you are doing well and le hubby is recovered enough to put you on a pedestal.

I was in 6th grade (I think) and my mother thought Bugsy Malone was too violent for me to see, even though all my friends were going! And the advent of HBO, I remember it well (at the same friends' houses, bien sur, not ours)!

I haven't forgotten your p'tit cadeau. I only hope your margarita season will outlast my procrastination.

Can't wait to see Crinkle!


Oooo! Can't wait to see it all seamed up and modeled!

Seriously anticipating your finished Crinkle and Anthro blouse! ;)

Have you finished seaming yet? Bring on the Crinkle!

I will be making the Cambric Tea Blouse (or at least my version of it), but what you see on my mannequin is not it!

Oooh, I love the beach towel.

Well, okay, I love Crinkle, too. And I am dying to know what ribbon you end up with.

Becky, you should see me...I am attempting to construct a lining for a knit bag I made for my daughter! You would be laughing your socks off at my unwieldy attempts at making with the sewing machine. Pattern? What pattern? Who needs a pattern?! It is true guerilla (or should, in this case, that be gorilla?) sewing. It's going to look god-awful, I expect, but it'll have a zippered pocket and a firm bottom. So we'll see. Boy, I could sure use your help!

The view out of your window looks lovely. I am trying not to spend for a month and so far I have failed every day out of the week. It is so hard. I tell myself it is ok to go to the fabric store or op shops, I am just not allowed to go to my favourite boutiques. Doesn't work bc I spend a fortune in these stores. Right that's it - no more for two months from today????
Have a good day!

can't wait to see u in Crinkle!

Oh, how proud of you that you are going to sew up your own wardrobe! I enjoy doing that except I can only do so with pre-made patterns!!!
Have to check out the new Rowan...I am knitting a pattern from their vintage knits book & I love it!! Wish I could have joined you for the seaming party- but I only have about 3" of the back done!!!

Crinkle looks gorgeous. And I have to admit I'm a bit jealous at your sewing skill--being able to make yourself fabulous clothes instead of buying them. Go Rabbit go!

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