July 26, 2006

Welcome to another segment of the Skinny Rabbit Sewing Hour.

I was looking at the lovely items at Anthropologie (big thanks to Silvia and her Tip Top Smock) and these caught my attention:

Details at Anthropologie:

Punch Bowl Halter
Salt Air Blouse
Sea Bloom Shell
Cambric Tea Blouse

Sigh. I love those designs. Very fresh and wearable. Unfortunately, Anthropologie doesn't ship to my location. However, I'm seriously coveting one of those tops and thankfully I'm in possession of vacation time and one year of design knowledge acquired from a top fashion school in France. What does that mean? It's Let's Make a Knock-off Time!

Alrighty, now! Tell me, blog friends: Which design should I make*? It's up to you. I chose different designs on purpose; makes picking one more fun. Let me know in the comments and I'll make the one that gets the most votes because I'm still suffering from lack of desire to knit due to Too-Freaking-Hot-Weather-itis. I will draft the pattern from scratch, look for appropriate fabric and then sew it up without (hopefully) any boneheaded moments. I'll show photos here, of course. Welcome to the Skinny Rabbit Sewing Hour!

P.S. Most of my crafty time is currently spent sewing, but I should mention that I have been knitting a few rows at night, when it's cooler. Still need me knittin' fix, lassies. Arrrr!

*/Disclaimer because my other career used to be, after all, of the lawyer kind: With all due respect to the designers of Anthropologie (who I see are also inspired by runway designs...cool) I am making this knock-off for personal use. I will not resell it, include it in a professional portfolio and/or provide the pattern for it (nope, not even for free) for others to use, etc. /End of disclaimer.

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I really love the bottom left, however, it is the season for sweat. In lieu of that fact, I am picking the top left. Much less chance of sweaty clothes sticking to you, the bottom looks nice and breezy, and if it gets chilly (indoors) you can knit a one skien wonder shrug. Bonus!

My vote is for the Sea Bloom Shell! They're all very pretty though. :)

Hmmm....the top right one looks like a maternity top. The bottom right one just looks sort of Old Navy to me. The bottom left one has that stupid sash but otherwise isn't bad. (Really! One wants a sash around one's waist (or hips) on a hot summer day?) And the halter...eh. So I guess my vote would be for the sashed one without the extraneous sash.

Hurry back with the knitting, Becky! (Whimper.)

(Sorry about the negative comments. It's early, I'm at work and my co-worker is being his usual twitty self.)

Okay, Sarah. You know I love ya, but I'll get back with the knitting when I get back with the knitting. (And tell your co-worker to stop being a twit because negativity in my comments box ruins the feng-shui of my blog.)

P.S. I like ALL the design elements of these tops, so whichever one I make will include all of them (i.e. sash).

The tea blouse! I like the collar and the buttons AND the sash, I found it one of the cool details of it. We have still sun and summer, but lots of nice breezes, making even knitting with superthick Jaeger Extrafine Merino Chunky possible.

I love the punch bowl halter. Happy sewing!

You are too cool! The Salt Air Blouse dose look sort of piratey, matey. I like things about all of them, but I am voting for Cambric Tea Blouse becauase I love the little pin tucks. It reminds me of my going away outfit from my wedding which was made from my grandmother's antique tatted bed linens. Actually the pin tucks mimicked my wedding dress (which belonged to my mom),now that I think about it. Anyway, I can picture it making you look really tiny in a good way. Obviously nostalgia is driving my vote.

Salt Air Blouse! It reminds me of the "hippie" style things I wore in the '70s. :-)

Cambric tea blouse. I think it will look smashing on you, and it's four season wear!

I love Anthropologie designs. Unfortunately, they don't go up to my size. I dearly would love to knock off one of their sweaters. I vote for PunchBowl halter. Probably because I love that fabric!

Because of the ridiculously hot weather here in Europe, I vote for the Punch Bowl halter. Though I really like the Cambric Tea blouse, and would love to see what your take on that one would be. Maybe I should learn to sew....

are you just braggin' at how you can "sew anything?" :) i vote for the tea blouse sans sash, but mostly because of the sleeves (and the name).

I vote for the Salt Air Blouse! It will look terrfic with jeans.

I vote for the punch bowl halter or the cambric tank ... maybe it's because the prints are so vibrant that they catch my eye more than the design ... but it's also so hot here that anything sleeveless is tempting ... both would look fabulous on you!

They are all pretty but I think the Sea Bloom Shell is so you.

I vote for the tea blouse. I love the combination of formality and casualness. You could dress it up or down. My second choice would be the punch bowl halter. But really, you seem to look great in anything so I'm sure whatever you choose will look fabulous.

If one of the tops in a print fabric (Punch Bowl Halter or Sea Bloom) wins, I won't be able to get the exact same print and/or color, but I will try to find a print that is [hopefully] as nice!

I'm going to have to say the Cambric Tea Blouse. It's just adorable and will look smashing on your figure.

I like the sea bloom shell best and the punch bowl halter next. That said, I think the punch bowl halter is, somehow, more you (like I know you?! The you in your blog!). The other two seem drab in comparison (I guess I'm not feeling very white/cream right now), and too drapey/hippy-dippy/shapeless or needlessly fussy.

I totally see you in the Punch Bowl or the Sea Bloom.

Tea Blouse. I like the name, and I love the style, although I think it would look a bit, well, off on myself. On you, it would be fabulous. Sash or no sash, doesn't matter, I think it is more useful with the option. :)

It makes me think "sash on? sash off? sash on? sash off?" in a sing song voice in front of the mirror. ;)

Sea Bloom island...it is so summery. Ahh,summer on a private tropical island.

They're all so great - it's hard to choose!! I'm mostly torn between the Punch Bowl Halter and the Tea Blouse (definitely with the sash -I love the sash!). But I love the sassiness of that halter too... okay. Hot weather, hot halter - I'm going with the halter. :)

You guys are cracking me up! I feel like watching Karate Kid now. "Sash on, sash off." Hehe. And Sea Bloom Island? Love it. Would Orlando Bloom be there? If so, I'm buying myself a ticket to visit.

P.S. What Smokey writes in her comment is true: I don't like things that are shapeless and I prefer form-fitting things or blousey things with a waist. If Salt Air one wins, I was planning on nipping in the waist while remaining true to the cut. I do love white shirts, though. I have A LOT of them in my non-knit wardrobe. (Along with lots of black!)

Delurking to comment - I like the Cambric tea blouse.

Bottom left, Tea Blouse. I vote for an alternative sash in polkadots or block stripes for your piratey days. And a plain one for when you want to be a tea-sipping lady.

I really like them all, but if I had to choose I'd say the Sea Bloom Shell. Oh, and could you make me one, too? :) j/k

I vote for the Tea Blouse. Tres chic!

Tea blouse! Tea blouse!! Can't wait to see what you do with these.

Sea Bloom Shell! It's so cute, and would look very nice on you.

My vote would be for either of the two on the bottom, but I think I'm partial to the sleeveless one, as I love the sort of peplum look at the bottom hem. And that cute shoulder tie. Good luck!

Lovely designs!
I like all of them, but I think the bottom right one (sea bloom?) is the easiest one to wear, especially in hot weather!
I love the one above it, which would be ideal for wearing on a boat (sea breeze, so it's cool, and it protects your arms from the sun...), or to go out in the evening.

I would have to vote for the Salt Air blouse... it looks lovely and flowing and has a little romantic aire. And like the sort of thing you might be able to get more than one season out of (I mean summer and fall). And I do think it would look great dressed up or dressed down.

I like fitted-ness of the Cambric Tea Blouse, too. Sash optional.

I love the top left one! Very flirty.

My vote goes to the Tea Blouse. 1) I like it, 2) I think you'd like it/it would suit you and 3) I'd love to see how it's done!

definitely the tea blouse! you have just the right hips (tiny!) for the sash. punch bowl gets second place.

My vote is for the Punch Bowl halter. Looking at the close-ups, I think the ruffle on the sleeves on the tea blouse seem a little like the designer said "Whoops, I forgot sleeves." The smocking and the neckline ruffle on the halter will not be much of a challenge for you, and provide a nice detail.

After work this morning, I'm going to the fabric store and finding some lightweight cotton for a top of my own - finally the weather has cooled down (a little) here in California (I didn't wake up gross and sweaty!)

The chambric tea blouse! I love little cap sleeves and the pin tucks along the front.

Cambric Tea Blouse...not only would it look wonderful on you....the sash is kinda pirate-y looking =)

Cambric Tea Blouse! Cambric Tea Blouse! Not only is it very cute and would be cute on you, but the crowning reason is it is "poufed of sleeve and prim of shape". Hehehe!

Who said that I don't like a challenge? Bring it on :-)

I like the teeny little ruffle on the sleeve seams of the Tea Blouse. It's is something else that makes the shirt interesting...without elements like the ones it has it would just look like a regular shirt, and I'd rather buy an ordinary shirt instead of make one.

Hi Becky, I like the Sea Bloom Shell for your Summer sewing. The 'under-bust gathers and the little side bow are fun details, plus I like how the bottom sort of a-lines out.

Ah, that's too hard of a decision. All of them would look great on you. If you already have a lot of white and black in your wardrobe (and who doesn't?), I'd suggest the Sea Bloom Shell. It's versatile, fun, flirty and definitely summery. And it has some color to it. (I like them all though!)

Sea Bloom Shell!!!! Tea blouse is just too fitted for hot humid weather. You go speedy!!

Salt Air blouse. Although, really, I would rather see you make whichever one you will wear most :)

I vote for the salt air blouse. So summery!

I think you would look fabulous in the cambric tea blouse. :)

One of each! Ok, really ... the Cambric Tea Blouse. I love the pin tucks and the neckline. Nice to see a little lawyer action once in awhile - it's ingrained, just like breathing.

Definitely the cambric tea blouse!

I vote for the tea blouse. I'd make it myself, if I knew how to sew.

I'm partial to the cambric tea blouse. I probably wouldn't add the tie, myself, though if it were made with a contrasting fabric and paired with a skirt of the same contrasting fabric it might look pretty schnazzy.

Oh Anthropologie, how I love thee. I had to delurk to put in another vote for the Cambric Tea Blouse. It's so perfect for you, with or without the sash.

I like the name "Punch Bowl Halter" ... but I like the design of Salt Air Blouse most.

The punch bowl top! (Good for a rabbit "happy dance"!)

The Campbric Tea Blouse is my favorite - unfortunately it looks like the most challenging one as well! They're all really nice though!!

i know it's hot, but i LOVE the cambric tea blouse! so pretty and versatile! i think it would be so flattering on you. :-)

They are all pretty darn cute, but I am partial to the Cambric Tea Blouse-really cute, and I can see it on you already. I kinda like the sash. Can't wait to see the winner and the finished product. Seeing a lot of people sewing on their blogs is making me want to sew clothing-just what I need is another project! Have fun.

#1 Sea Bloom Shell; #2 Cambric Tea Blouse

Now that these are on my radar, I'm chomping to make that a pacific sea bloom shell of my own...

I think the Punch Bowl Halter would look teally cute on you! And cool to wear in the heat.

It's all about the Tea Blouse, baby! So feminie with such lovely details - it's the way to go.

Ooooo......Cambric Tea Blouse, definitely. It's very vintage and beautiful!

I especially like the Sea Bloom Shell. It will sew up so quickly...you will be able to choose another top...and make that one too :o)

Happy Sewing.


I'm all over the Punch Bowl halter. It rocks.

Sea Bloom shell all the way baby! It would be a nice and cool top in the crazy heat.

I vote for the punch bowl halter. You look great in halters!

Punch Bowl halter -- absolutely!

I like the bottom right design. It's good for the season (though it could be over soon-I think someone cleverly mentioned a one skein wonder though, so this would prolong the wearability).It has a nice flattering cut to it and I love the the punchy bright but not obnoxious colors. I also like the little random bow on the strap there. Too cute.
The bottom left was a close call

Absolutely the Cambric Tea Blouse. Its advantages include letting you escape the heat a little bit with fantasies of fall wear, being absolutely flattering for your figure, and having 1,001 intricate and interesting little touches that are 100% Skinny Rabbit.

Plus, I can't wait to see it with vintage jeans, high-heeled mary janes, and perhaps a fitted velvet jacket for outdoors.


My vote is for the bottom left little capped-sleeve number with the fabulous pin-tuck-looking business and the buttons. Enjoy the break from being a school-girl!

I was first drawn to the see bloom shell for the lovely colors. (Why wasn't I drawn to the reddy/pink? What wrong with me?) So I decided I really should look at the basic design and shape, not the color which you won't exactly duplicate. But I still like the sea bloom, so that's my vote.

mmmm.... I love the punch bowl and Sea Bloom...
because they remind me of pill box hats, big divorcee sunglasses and dry martinis with extra olives...and all trimly tailored, and Jackie O. Tres retro...Love it.

I vote for the Sea Bloom Shell. I like the shape, but not the fabric so I think it would make a great knock-off. Great project!

The tea blouse, most definitely. Gorgeous, and it will look great on you, and be wearable for years to come.

I love Anthropologie but it's a bit expensive. They are great for inspiration. I vote for the Sea Bloom shell...but that's probably because I love the fabric! It reminds me of vacation...sigh.

Punch Bowl Halter. But I'm partial to halters.

Sea Bloom Shell. Wonderful for hot weather, and when it's cooler, a knitted sweater will be perfect overtop. Or a knitted shawl...

I vote for the sea air blouse but I also love the cambric tea Blouse. I think you should do both of them:-)!


Cambric Tea Blouse! Cambric Tea blouse!! I love it. I'm fascinated with your pattern drafting skills, I have to say. I'm looking forward to seeing you make whichever one you choose!

Cambric Tea Blouse or Punch Bowl Halter-- LOVE the colors.

Cambric Tea Blouse! I mean it. :)

I love that style, Anthropoogie keeps reworking it and this time it's a bit tunic-y. Great transition into fall.

I LOVE the one on the bottom left. Classic with a twist and would be gorgeous in a light batiste cotton maybe with a tiny swiss dot pattern. All white or off-white. It would also be absolutely stunning in a red satin. I'm going have to go pattern digging myself (no pattern drafting skills, sigh, so jealous).

Cambric tea blouse! Cambric tea blouse!
That design jumped out at me right away.
Very understated and elegant.
And you could make it for a lot less money than what you'd pay at Anthropologie.
More fun too.
Bon idee!

Cambric Tea Blouse! Definitely!

Punch Bowl Halter & Cambric Tea! There's nothing at all wrong with the other two but I adore the feisty look of the Punch Bowl halter and the tailored look of Cambric Tea. ANY ONE of these would look marvelous on you, but would the Cambric Tea be more worthy of this vacation knock-off sewing adventure? Methinks so. (And as long as we still get the whack-dancing and close-up shots, you simply can't go wrong)!

I really like the Punch Bowl Halter, but my favorite is the Cambric Tea Blouse. It's all cutesy-Victorian, which is all the rage right now. The slightly poofy cap sleeves, the little buttons, the pintucks! Ahhh, it makes me want to go try on things at the mall to see if I could actually pull off this look. =)

I like the Sea Bloom best. The Cambric seems to be the favorite so far. It's nice (esp. in yellow), but I have a top like that from Zara that isn't quite as wearable as I'd like it to be. The stiff pintucks combined with the deep vee (and my own so-so posture) cause the mandarin collar to sort of ride up and annoy my chin.

There's an Anthropologie near my house that I go to once in a while when I feel the need for something feminine but a bit quirky. I'm not surprised you don't have it where you live; the ersatz French-flea-market aesthetic would probably be utterly risible in its country of inspiration.


Note by Becky:

Interesting. The only people in France who dress in the French-flea-market aesthetic are in films like Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulain or in a couple of quartiers of Paris where ex-pats live.

tea blouse! tea blouse! I love it. Reminds me of some old Byron Lars shirts and dresses I have, all twisty and reconstructed looking. I would make the sash in a contrasting color, like pink blouse/brown sash or brown blouse/turquoise sash, just to take it further away from the original. Or do the sash in an airy knit, add some beading and use it as a scarf later on. can't wait to see what you decide on *whispers* tea blouse. lol

I really think the punch bowl would be cute on you! And in a hot color like that one. Really tropical.

I think the tea blouse would be absolutely adorable on you.

I love the Cambric Tea Blouse! Can't wait to see whatever you make though.

The Cambric Tea Blouse. This is the one that caught my eye straight away.

I vote for the Salt Bloom Shell. I think it looks cool and confortable. I think the Punch Bowl is too low cut. The Salt Air is too poofy around the middle. It's kind of poofy everywhere. You seem to wear close fitting clothes. The Cambric Tea Blouse is pretty, but from the pictures i've seen of you, you have a long body and the sash will make it seem longer and your legs shorter. But I could be wrong.


Note by Becky:

Well, let's put it this way, Kat: You've never seen me in person; the pictures I post on my blog are taken by my husband who is, incidentally, *taller* than me. It's a matter of perspective.

So, yeah...you could be wrong :-)

P.S. I like low cut!

I like the Sea Bloom Shell. That colour of blue really cools it down.

Bottom left!!!
So gorgeous!

I vote for the Cambric Tea Blouse. Why? I like the neckline, and the tuck details. I also think the shaping on the sleeve is bad-ass.

I vote for the Punch Bowl top; however, due to my very poor dial-up quality pictures I cannot see any of them very well. Take that into consideration. Also, it is hotter than blazes here and anything with sleeves, cap or not, seems too hot to me!

Sea Bloom Shell!

Oh, I really like the punch bowl and think it would look simply smashing on you, dahlink!

Punchbowl Halter - b/c it's a halter and it's red and it's got a great name!

Hrm. I think the Salt Air should be right out (definitely maternity style), but the punch bowl or Cambric are totally cool looking (in two completely different ways).

I can't just pick one! I vote for top left and bottom right. Both would look so cute on you.

I am so in love with the Cambric Tea Blouse! I could so see that on you! Any of them really, but the Tea Blouse is my favorite!

Tea blouse! Tea blouse! The pseudo military look is very chic right now, the sash is a lovely feminine feature and the cap sleeves are too cute!

I'm voting Salt Air Blouse.

Cambric Tea Blouse all the way. It suits you perfectly.

The cambric tea blouse is my most favorite, but really I love them all. You can't go wrong. I say make all 4 of them! Bwahahaha!

I vote for the Cambric Tea Blouse! Too cute!

I know it's freakin' hot, but I vote for the salt air blouse. You just discovered anthropologie, eh? You are in for a treat. Their sweaters are amazing in the fall. If you ever decide you want something, I work very close to one of their stores. I'm more than happy to hook you up. Oh, even better - keep an eye on their sales - they have deeply discounted sales that would make shipping to France more than worthwhile. xox,

I say go for the cambric tea blouse. The sash and pin-tucking are such great details! (Especially the sash, as it has such swash-buckling connotations!)

Definitely the Cambric Tea Blouse. It looks so elegant and summery fresh at the same time, and it will look great on your tiny figure. Have fun drafting and sewing.

Sea Bloom Shell. Perfect for the weather you're having I think!

My vote is for the Cambric Tea Blouse! I just love pintucks...

Boy! Any time you post about buscuits or brown yarn, I'm the first to post, but whenever you're running some kind of contest, I'm sure to be #114. Hmph! Anyway, the sea bloom shell gets my vote. Because I can just sea you in it... Even though I think the tea one will win. Which would be fine. I can also tea you in that.

Ok, definitely Salt Air because I can probably wear it my whole pregnancy.

OH! Wait! You're sewing for YOU! Oh, my goodness, my mistake. ;-)

For you, I most like the Sea Bloom Shell - you are sassy like that.

Cambric Tea Blouse . . . in whatever color your heart desires.

I think that you would look amazing in the Punch Bowl Halter - it would look lovely on your frame.

I came across this fabric on ebay and thought of you and your sewing frenzy. I simply adore it.

[Just to be clear I didn't have it in mind for the Punch Bowl Halter.]

(Link edited out)

p.s. you don't have to publish my comment. I just wanted to give you the link.

oh they are all beautiful! but the cambric tea blouse is jumping out at me! I love the bold pattern,though. and I'm a sucker for anything blue or green.

Ooh, I like all of them! But my vote goes to the cambric tea blouse... love the pintucks, the sleeves, and the neck. I think it will look great on you!

I love the Cambric Tea Blouse it would be my first choice, however the Sea Bloom Shell is very very cute. Happy Sewing!

It's tough choosing just one out of the four, I can see why you're leaving it up to your readers ;) I'd love to see any of these but my vote goes for the cambric tea blouse. Happy sewing!

I like the Tea Blouse or the Sea Shell. They both look very fluffa like to me.

Current status: Cambric Tea is pushing ahead, with Punch Bowl and Sea Bloom running neck and neck for second place!

(Doesn't that sound like an announcer at a horse race?)

Sea Bloom Shell: I'm sweltering in Western Canada and just can't stand the thought of sleeves, even cute little poufy ones.

Cambric Tea Blouse! I love all of your sewing content on your blog. You are branching out in fantastic ways. Can't wait to see how your design career blossoms as you continue on through school.

You pushed me out of lurkerdom...Cambric Tea Blouse say I, with the halter top coming a close second.

cambric tea blouse, please!

I vote for the Cambric Tea Blouse

I vote fot the Punch Bowl Halter... cause its so freakin' hot!

Sea Bloom Shell! So pretty! I also like the one in the red at the top left.

My vote is for the Cambric Tea Blouse :)

I love the back of the punch bowl halter and think it would be a smashing summer top, but if I could sew well I would make the Cambric Tea Blouse. I have an irrational attachment to handkerchief-weight cotton and pintucks.

I would go for the Cambric Tea Blouse; I'm a sucker for pin tucks. I when I do them, I do them hard-core: press in crease, stitch, set stitches, press over to the direction required, measure and press in next crease, etc.

Les deux blanches !! (celle à manches courtes sans la ceinture, et en voile de coton, s'il te plaît...)
Moi, c'est pareil : question tricot, c'est l'électroencéphalogramme plat, tuuuuuuuut....

salt air blouse, no contest.

I vote for the punchbowl halter. It is bright and beautiful. Can't wait to see your version of whichever one you end up doing!

sea bloom and cambric tea are neck and neck for me...make 'em both! heh heh.

Hmm, this is a VERY clever way to delurk me, you talented Rabbit. I'm torn between the punch bowl halter and the cambric tea blouse. I think the tea blouse looks like "you" more, especially in white. So maybe in another color? The green one on Anthropologie's site is pretty niiiiice. (I am a sucker for green.) The halter is more summery, for sure, and if you choose a more Rabbity fabric I think it'd be great, too.

So in short, choose a beverage: punch or tea?

Tough call, I like them all... But, I'll vote for the top left- I like the little heart-shaped neckline. I think that it would look really cute on you.

Then you should make the bottom too- save the top right for fall time sewing!

I love the Cambric. Plus, you look really fit in your "Dancing like a Fluffa" Shots and I think you'd look fantastic in it.

My vote is for the Punch Bowl because you can pull it off (and I strongly feel that when people are capable of wearing something well - and the item is not grotesque or an abomination - then they should definitely do so.)

I do think, though, that you should try the Salt Air Blouse because it's beautiful. It's just not necessarily super-hot-summer practical.

I vote for the tea blouse. You know, we all love all the things you make...the good news is I can't sew so there is no way I can put this on my 'to-do'list! Make the sash, wear it with sometimes, sometimes not!

You would look great in any of them, but the Tea Blouse is my favorite!

Salt air blouse, bay-bee! It's beautiful and you will look awesome in it! Can't wait to see your interpretation of whichever design wins!

Punch Bowl Halter!

your constant creativity and complete lack of fear on making ANYTHING is truly inspirational. oh - and i really like the salt air blouse!

Cambric Tea Blouse - you'd look fab in this. and it has that French sophistication about it, don't you think?

Definitely the bottom right.

Another vote of Cambric Tea Blouse!

I love the Sea Bloom Shell. I may knock that one off myself :)

Cambric! Tea! Blouse!

It would be lovely on you, and it's also enough of a challenge to be fun to make. And possibly even educational!

I think the halter or the cambric blouse will look great on you. Depends whether you want to sew something bright and casual or feminine and slightly formal.. =)

Current status: The Cambric Tea Blouse pushes even farther ahead with Sea Bloom in second and Punch Bowl in a very close third. Salt Air, though very romantic and feminine with its neckline that reminds me of a gauzy fichu over the collar of a 1790s day dress, is in fourth place!

[I still sound like an announcer at a horse race. Hee!]

only one! only one!!??! that's like taking me to the Wonka Factory and saying i can only choose one treat before I get to steppin'! :( I think the one that is the absolute cutest and will look the cutest on you is the punch bowl halter.

:: crossing fingers ::

I love the Sea Bloom Shell, I almost bought it myself from Anthropologie. If you ever need anything sent from here to you in Europe I am happy to do it for you. Please take photos of your creation and ensembles when finished. I canÕt wait to see

My vote is for the salt air blouse. That is a wonderful design. I think if you make a knockoff its yours. It can be a Becky!!

Its been way to hot and humid here as well Becky. We did have a little break from it last week when we headed to the seaside though.

Margarita weather non??

cambric tea blouse. It just looksso stylish! I think you can totally pull it off. The others are very nice, but are missing something... (in my opinion). The Tea Blouse has something different and special about it.

(now, this is coming from the girl that struggled with her outfit this morning and is wearing jeans and a zip-up hoodie) :)

tea blouse all the way! Tis pretty and I think a bit more original.

I love the salt air blouse. It makes me want to say, "Aaaargh matey!"

Top left, red surplice. That looks most 'you' to me. You've got the perfect form for it, too! They're all great - you've got impeccable taste :)

We're still hugging our a/c, here. With luck it'll moderate for Stephanie 'Yarn Harlot' - who I'm going to go see tomorrow in Ann Arbor!! Yipee!

I really like the look of the upper right but agree with others that it could look a bit maternity-ish.

My vote is for the bottom right which looks, to me, the most like "your style" (if I've gained any insight into what that is from reading your blog for the last year or so anyways.) Plus I think you would love picking out a bold print for the fabric, whereas the others are all kind of basic.

I have to vote for the Punchbowl halter. It will be perfect for the sweltering heat at the end of summer. You could also match it up to wear with Crinkle for sultry Fall evenings.

I pick the top right corner top,I love it(its something I would make) but the left top corner is coming a very close second!

I'm really liking the design lines on the SeaBloom Shell, which are obscured a lot in the Anthropolgie version by the print. they're all nice, but I think the SeaBloom just looks nice and cool and pretty.

My vote is for the Punch Bowl Halter. I think it would be very fun and flattering for the end of summer.

I vote for the 'salt air blouse' - perfect for summer, fall, spring - great with jeans and everything else.

I like the Sea Bloom shell best - nice clean lines. What fabric are you going to use?

I really like the tea blouse! It's unique- I haven't seen anyone wearing anything like it.

Sea Bloom shell! It's fresh & fun, just like its (potential) wearer! Not so sure about the tie on the front strap, but it's growing on me...

Aha ... I must rate them; one being first choice and 4 being last, as they are all nice blouses/shirts.
1. Sea Bloom - reminiscent of the 70's which was my most favorite era ever. Funky/cool/classy/sublime.
2. Punch Bowl - nice design, subtly sexy.
3. Salt Air - also slightly 70's with a contemporary flair.
4. Cabric Tea ... I'm not feeling that thing on the hip; strikes me as a little out of place.

Alright, since this hasn't closed yet, I'm putting my vote in for the Cambric Tea Blouse. I love it!

Oui, oui for the tea blouse!

Cambric Tea Blouse!!!

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