June 20, 2006

Easy Peasy Let's Cut Corners Tunic. Woot!

Inspired by the talented Silvia and her fabulous tip top stripey top, I decided to pull out the sewing machine this weekend and whipped this together:

This is the REAL stand-like-a-mannequin* shot.

I wore this to school yesterday with some white capri pants.
(So it's a little wrinkled. Oops!)

*In the absence of photographer husband, I am the photographer and Gigi is my model.
Thank you, Gigi!

I used embroidered brown fabric from my very brown fabric stash. (Brown is my new black.)

thumb.jpg There is no pattern for this. I took my measurements, pulled out some draft paper and drew a basic construction. After all the pattern-drafting I do in school and because I was just too eager to put this together quickly I didn't feel like drafting a full-blown pattern using my construction. So! I cut out the pieces using only the construction, and added on seam allowances as I cut. There are only a few pieces so assembly was easy. I measured out the elastic for the neck and sleeves, sewed them into bands and then stretched them inside the neck and sleeve seams as I sewed these seams closed. (In other words, I didn't use a safety pin to slide the elastic through; I held the elastic inside as I sewed the seams closed. Impatience, thy name is Rabbit.) The tunic was really blousy, so to give a closer fit in the waist I topstitched a few rows using elastic thread at the back waistline. The whole thing came together in less than an hour and a half. I like to call it my Easy Peasy Let's Cut Corners Tunic. [Revs sewing machine pedal.]

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Now all you need is a power sewing machine (one of those industrial strength machines) then you can really sew fast! That is a cool top - amazing and nice how quick it was to sew. You go Fluffa w. those cool Easy Peasy tops!
(time to pull out the Bernina - you and Sylvia are such good inspirations!)

Brilliant! And I do love brown. Thats great, I was thinking of making a sundress in a similar manner. I don't think I could whip it out in an hour and a half. I need to learn to draft patterns so I can cut corners and not need to draft a pattern! Ha ha!

You are amazing!

Gigi doesn't seem to do the whack dance shots quite as well as you...

Beautiful top.

One word. Cute.

Another word: tripod.

So, so cute! Brown's a big color in my wardrobe, too. That fabric is pretty awesome. Nice work, Rabbit! I think there might be a sewing machine in my future this year...

As most things in life, it's often the simple ones that look/are the best. Your tunic is very simple in construction but is very effective. Thank you for sharing.

Becky, this is gorgeous. Can't wait for the whack dance shots! At first I thought you had pin-tucked all of that fabric, before I realized it was the fabric's texture; the whole thing looks much more complex than it is. Lovely.

An hour and a half?? That is INSANE!

You always amaze me, and now make me want to learn how to sew :)

Very cute stylish Tunic! I would wear this myself with a pair of white pants....but then again, I would wear anything you make.

That is super cute! I love brown right now. It's great for light and dark skin tones.

As far as finals went, I'm sure they went fine. The best thing is that they're over!


if we send measurements...will you make them?
heheh. looks fabby!!!!!

This is just lovely! I don't know a thing about sewing ... but since you said it's simple, I take your word for it ... simple is beauty, I can tell you!


Fabulous! I love the fabric -so pretty.

That is cuter than a minute! Brown has become my new black, too. It's so versatile!

Very cute...do I hear the sounds of Fluffa's Clothing Line?

Excellent job! As you described it, I could visualize the construction, but not in a million years (maybe two million...) could I have whipped it out like you. I, too, love to cut corners on my sewing, but I'm not nearly as great you as you are!

(Showed hubby your new tunic, and he said that he'd be happy to send me to get a fashion design degree, but not in Lyon because it would be too hard for him to commute to see me. I told him to telecommute from France!)

Time to pull out the sewing machine!

It looks just perfect, too bad that the photograpther husband wasn't home, no dancing shots...

A very nice tunic of a very nice fabric. You make it sound so easy. From experience I know it's not that easy for me. Me no Rabbit. True.

Love it!

Super cute!

Shut up! you made that beautiful tunic in an hour and a half?!? I LOVE it!

You are just amazing. Love the tunic! Hopefully we can se some pictures of you in it :)

That is such a cute tunic! Easy to wear in warm weather too...a long lunch break and you have a top! Crazy!

Beautiful!!! and it wouldn't make me look pregnant like those smocks. ;)

Love the idea of revving the pedal. Heehee. I'll imagine that next time I'm at the machine.

now i know i have to take sewing classes. i want to learn to be like you ;)

that's smashing! and with white capris? aren't you the shit! such talent :-)

WOW! No, really, WOW! When I sew, I definitely must follow the instructions. No freelancing here. So impressive how much you've learned!

Great tunic! Congratulations on the speed and no pattern!!!

Une heure et demi sans patron ... ?! Waouh...! Le résultat est parfait !

Well, it's gorgeous. You did a fantastic job. And that's saying something, because I don't "do" brown shirts, but I want this one. (I especially love the embroidery detail.) All those design classes really paid off! j/k

Is there such a thing as being too talented? Beautiful work!

I love it! Brown is the new black, I agree.

Oh it is so pretty! It is amazing that you could do that so beautifully in such a small amount of time! I guess you really DO rev that pedal!!! :)

I love it!! I really need a sewing machine...

Cute, cute, cute!! And I can so see you doing the whack dance in the white capri's in my head!!

So cute, and I too am lovin' the brown these days! So, are you ready for Project Runway? I started watching that show last season and can't wait for the new season to begin...it's the little things in life:)

ooohhhh I sooo wish I could sew! Its beautiful, love it love it love it! You rock Becky

dude. I want one. It's so funny how us crafty folks will whip something up in a minute and it looks like a store bought piece. Fantastic. I'm on a sewing/jewelry'handbag making bend now because-dare I say it- it's too hot to knit. lol.

Oh little top, how do I love thee...

Most incredibly cute!!!! Very nice work--I give you an A+++

this is super cute!

You are... The Amazing Fluffa!

Wow ... you must have alot of time on your hands, or you are just a super achiever! I knit,sew, am raising my daughter solo, work a full time job, own a home w/a yard, manage a vegetable garden and can't find the time to sew, knit or garden like I want and when I do, I become the "Mad Scientist!" Seeing what you do makes me scratch my head in wonder and amazement. You go GURL!!

Oui oui! Brown IS the new Black and you wear it well -

Such fantastic fabric - and the design you chose is just perfect - BEAUTIFUL!

That is awesome! I love the color, the fabric and the design. I love seeing knitters who sew.

An hour and a half? It takes me that long to get my sewing machine up and running... Truly amazing! As for the tunic, I love it!

Hey, that's snazzy! (But I wouldn't expect anything less!)

Sigh. You are amazing and that top is gorgeous. I'd love to be able to sew as well as you do.

That is soooo cute! I know what you mean about the brown in the wardrobe. It seems that lately every time I buy something I buy it in shades of brown, beige, tan...you get the idea! So I started a simple lace project in cotton candy pink! Hopefully a wrap. But so far I have frogged it 3 times!

Adorable!! I don't think I could sew a garment of any sort in that short a time. *bows to the master* (um - mistress)

Wow, that tunic looks great, Becky! Looks like something I would buy for myself! :)

2 stylish! love the fabric, and it looks so perfectly dress up/down -- very nice work.

So inspiring! I was thrilled with myself because I managed to sew a button back on my favorite jacket. Yet again, my horizons are expanded at Chez Skinny Rabbit. Teacher? Thy name is Rabbit!

Amazing...how you do that so quickly. It is very chic! You are just so talented in many levels.

wow. Can I go shopping with you so I can show you something, you can say "$50?? You can make that yourself!", and then you can handmake clothes that look better than the original? Or be the original??

C'mon, this could be fun. I have great ideas ;)

Once again, I bow to the rabbit. Easy Peasy??? Yeeahhhhh right. For YOU. If I had tried to one-two-cut-sew-wear-it-out - people would have run to call the funny farm to come take away the woman who obviously had escaped.

It's a gorgeous top - you did a fabulous job!!

That tunic is absolutely gorgeous. I can't believe how talented you are. Keep it up and soon you will be showing your first collection in Paris. Love it.
I have finished a bag for you. I will send it next week.
Take care

So not fair that you are this sickeningly talented! I'm. Not. Worthy.

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