June 13, 2006

My original "Freeda" doll:

Hey! Wanna adopt me?

Back in February I designed and hand-crafted a doll for the "Frimousse" Unicef project (every doll sold = vaccination for a child in need) as part of a collective fashion design school project. [I first wrote about it here.] All the dolls created have been exhibited for the past few months, and they are now going to be distributed to various boutiques in the city where they will be sold, with proceeds going to Unicef. The school has been given first option at purchasing the dolls, and I have decided to extend that option to my loyal visitors. If you are interested, here is your chance to adopt my original one-of-a-kind creation (I'm not making up another doll like this or distributing a pattern for it), who I named "Freeda*":

Heeeeere's Freeda!

Unicef is asking for a minimum price of 20 euros, which provides vaccinations for one child in need. This is a call to private bids: If you are interested in adopting Freeda, please send me a message with "Freeda doll" in the subject header, and within that message give me your bid (again, minimum is 20 euros). I will send my Freeda doll (along with a "Hand-knit by Skinny Rabbit" label and Unicef adoption card...oh, how fancy!) to whoever makes a good offer and proceeds go to Unicef. This call to bids will remain open until Wednesday, June 14th, 12:00 a.m. CET.

Thanks for your interest, and for participating in a good cause!

UPDATE: Freeda has been adopted by dear Patti of 2boysmama! Enjoy the doll, Patti, and thanks for giving her a good home. XO!

*Details about Freeda: "Rag" doll inspired by Frida Kahlo. Original design and pattern by me. Handknit body in wool/acrylic yarn (will not felt). Stuffed with toy stuffing. Clothing was created and sewn by me using denim fabric and embroidered cotton. Doll is soft and pliable and will sit up if propped against something. Doll measures approximately 16 inches in length (40 cm). And...I think that's about it :-)

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