January 15, 2006

How do you knit your H20 hat?

I present to you Wee Egghead in H20 Hat:

How I knit my H20 hat:
In workout clothes with Colinette 'round neck.
(We're just too lazy to wind our Colinette into balls, slappy.)

P.S. I've also got a picture of my Wannabe Snow Bunny Ski Hat and Scarf. (Pretend that I'm wearing a white snow suit and that there's a snow backdrop when you view it. You can also pretend that there's a guy wearing a snappy winter hat and stubble on his chin sitting next to me on a ski lift, only instead of being called "Pierre" he's named "Monsieur Le Hubby" and has been married to me since 1996.)

So! As you can gather from the photo above, I'm knitting another ChicKnits H20 hat using Colinette in Cream Tea. [Cream Tea closeup here.] These H20 hats are like chips; you can't stop at just one.

What else? In spite of the fact that I didn't sleep more than two hours a night from Wednesday to Friday thanks to a big project due I still managed to knit High Energy Knit Jenny's Jo Sharp yarn which is JUST SO FABULOUS how could I not knit it? Jenny sure knows how to pick the good yarns. Here's a preview of what's to come:

An almost finished object.
You know what this means, right?
I get to buy some more yarn. Muwaahaaaaaaa!

All that's left to do is weave in some ends. Looks like there's another finished object on the horizon soon! Which is good, because it allows me to justify the fact that I went to my local Phildar boutique on Saturday morning where I went whack making unnecessary yarn purchases:


More of that fluffy Myriade and some Phil Eponge, both in pink-y beige. I'm a sucker for the muted colors this season. They're the ones that I wear the most so they're the ones I'm knitting the most.

I've also done some fabric stashing. The BIG SALES started on Wednesday, so I decided to head to my favorite fabric boutique in La Croix Rousse for some fabrics. I bought a few meters of a pinstriped gray cotton (for a shirt project we'll be starting in school this month), brown embroidered taffeta and gray satin. There's also some washed denim and a speckled beige wool/polyester blend that I have no idea what I'd use for, but snatched up like a greedy seamstress because the price was nice. I love me a bargain.

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Great stuff, love the colors of everything you have purchased and made. I had been wondering if you had been doing any sewing (or had time to).

Oooo, I like the look of the new Phildar yarns.

Cute, cute! I love hats - cold weather's much more bearable with one on. If only my hair were longer, I could flirt like Bonne Marie & flip my hair! :o)
What a gorgeous icy blue that Jo Sharp top is! Oh, and that fabric, ooh, la la.

That H20 hat is incredibly cute!
Married 10 years? Wow! Feels like a long time ... but you still look like 25!

I've gotten lazy with winding hanks into balls too, even though I have a ballwinder and swift. Sometimes having yarn draped around your neck just feels nice....

Te entiendo: yo ya llevo cinco "2-hour hats"... y haré más.

Aprovecho mi ataque de "unlurking" para informarte de que he montado un foro para tejedoras en español en:

El resto de la web no está listo aún, pero la lista de blogs en español ha crecido muchísimo últimamente:

Un saludo desde Madrid. Y feliz año 2006.

Cute hat!! I"m glad to hear about the fabrics...I was wondering if you had been doing any sewing!
I can't wait to see that mystery project, the yarn looks incredible and the blue is amazing!

Look at you with the yarn around your neck! What a great hat too :)

Great Hat! M. Le Hubby is very kind to let you take his photo. My Le Hubby is camera shy...

Glad to see your hitting the sales.

A bientot

Colinette looks like luscious yarn! Also, thanks for the introduction to ChicKnits- I am seeing a Cutaway cardigan in my future...

Ah, love the hat, I just went and bought the pattern as I have some point five to churn through and I've been meaning to make myself an easy hat.

Thanks for the recommendation!

Seeing your production of multiple hats lately inspired me to knit a few of my own. I finished one, but not before discovering that I'm allergic to alpaca. Oh, the horror! *Pets the alpaca yarn and sighs.*

That embroidered taffeta is gorgeous!

I would so dive into your stash if I weren't trying to keep my own under control. I've had quite the willpower with it lately.

I'm so jealous of your phildar opportunities (hard to find in California)! I can't wait to see what beautiful fo you make with it.
I love your blog so I thought I'd delurk myself. :) Good luck with the new projects!

You look so cute in hats! I stopped reading at the stash-enhancing section. Just couldn't take it....I'm so jealous! :)

Now we know how you can be so productive, no sleep. Not sure it would work for me, I love me some sleep. Take a nap woman!

I love the look of the H2O in the Colinette. No bragging intended, but my neophyte spinning has a lot of that thick-thin look to it. I may just have to use some to knit that pattern.

Thanks for the tip!

Just like chips... bahahahahah! I love it!

Oh, so someone is having a 10 year anniversary this year, hmmm?

Cute hat. I'm tempted.

I've lurked for a while but decided it's the new year, thus time to comment. I've loved seeing all your fab knits and dancing shots. Can't wait to see the new stuff this year.

I love the H2O Hat Becky!! It looks adorable on you! The Snow Bunny Ski Hat & Scarf are gorgeous as well, but then I think the model deserves most of the credit. I'm thinking "Monsieur Le Hubby" is looking very dashing indeed. Your new stash is looking fab and I love your color choices. The fabric looks heavenly. Can't wait to see what you make with that.

Becky---I love the H2O hat! And the color for the next one is downright dreamy. The fabric is gorgeous---I don't even sew and I'm imagining all sorts of things I'd sew with it.

That pic is so funny of you knitting from the yarn around you rneck. Classic! The mohair creation, we can't wait to see. And fun new yarns, yay!

I love reading your blog! Thanks so much for the great ideas. I clicked on one of your items in the right column and found something I love but it's in French! Is it possible to get the "shoulder warmer" pattern translated into English? The site doesn't seem to have an English option. Thanks for any help.

love the hat...and photo.

Hello, I read your lovely blog but never comment. I was so inspired by your H2O hat photo that I purchased the pattern. I would like to purchase the Colinette yarn but am unsure about the color. You mention "cream" but I don't see it on their web site. Was it peaches 'n cream? It looks very creamy in your photo and that's the color I am looking for. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks for providing such a beautiful blog.

I love the hat! So cute! I wish my "leboyfriend" looked good in berets like your "lehubby"... but his head is so freakishly big!

have i ever told you your husband is super cute?

Thanks for the compliments! And I'll be sure to pass the ones for the hub to him. They'll make his day and encourage him to continue posing for photos. Hee hee!

As for the Colinette Colorway, the label reads "Cream Tea" and it's shade number 144. I don't know if it's still available from Colinette; I've had it for about a year.

I'm glad to see others are knitting this hat, too. It's a good way to do some stash-busting :-)

You are both so ADORABLE! May all your dreams come true in your next wedded year of bliss...

That little H2O looks like a fabulous puffy celestial cloud came and crowned you the ultimate Snow Princess...

So Lovely, my Dear...

Your H20 is fabulous! and so is the snow bunny ensemble. The Cream Tea, however, has me *drooling* -- those colors are amazing.

Yay for fast fabulous knits!

love the h20 hat -- everyone has such a different take on it, and they all look great. and the ski bunny ensemble is to die for.

so jealous of your stash...

Love it! awesome. comfy, easy breezy covergirl...

man. I've overhelped myself to your stash...but I can't help but look!


love the hat, love that you're so into knitting the next one that you've got the yarn around your neck, and love your ski stories!

I recently knit a similar hat with a local yarn similar to colinette but more drastic in thickness (and a silk/wool blend) and made two. The first one ended up with all the thin parts together, so a crazy spiraling effect happened (I'll have to post some pics of this on my site soon). The second time I added 2 stitches and it turned out much more even.

love your stuff!

Hi, I really like your blog I've found it to be entertaining as well as informative (great links and tips). I've only knitted for a short time and I'd like to know if all long time knitters can multi-task like you? I can hardly take my eyes off the project, much less read a book or work on the computer! You're great, keep up the good work and happy 10th:)

I love the hat. And all the other stuff. I need to venture into something mohair, but I am a little scared. And I have so many UFO's it may have to wait.

Oh, Beige Becky, the creaminess of all your knitted goodness is making me drool.

I, too, have made the H20 hat, but me thinks I made it on too small needles. Jamie has co-opted it and I feel the need to make more in some chunky yarn I have in my stash.


Oh, I am so curious as to what your secret knit is! Looks yummy-yummy... Like spun sugar! :)

No, my new knit is not going to be a hat, even though I could surely use a new one, considering the very cold and SNOWY weather we have here.
It is instead intended to be a cardigan of sorts. I saw this picture: [http://www.supersebbe.com/omlott.jpg] you see, and thought "I can do that!". Not sure I can though... It's very experi"mental"... Not sure I'll ever live to finish it. But I will tryyyy!

And that's that. :)

I have two lots of Jo Sharp mohair waiting for inspiration to hit- eager to see what you have created. I'm also eagerly waiting to see how Whisper turns out-I've just finished mine and am not thrilled with the collar seam. A rabbit finishing slideshow is what I need!

Oh I love that hat! And the fluffy garter hat, too! And that yarn is making me drool!

Oooh, lovely fabric!
I tried the H2O hat, but mine did not get those super-cool bumps that yours has where the thick parts of the yarn clump together. Oh well- next time!

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