June 28, 2005

Is it hot enough for ya?

It's too hot* to knit, so I've been playing with my new sewing machine. What better thing to make when learning how to sew? Skinny Rabbit says: Pajamas for everyone!

Pajama bottoms for the boy:

"The Dash likes."
(That's what he was saying while running in place.)
[What's that? Another VIEW?]

This is my very first sewing project on my grown-up sewing machine. I used Simplicity pattern 6931, and picked a crinkly lightweight cotton in an irregular motif with threads shot through it because I had no idea that bad boy crinkly fabric would give me a heck of time at pinning the pattern down and cutting out the pieces without breaking up the motif. The observant may notice that YES: My anal-retentive perfectionist self cut and sewed up the pattern pieces in such a way so that the motif would remain uninterrupted at all the seams. [Thank you, Manual Pratique de la Couture, my sewing book reference.] I'm really proud of these pajama bottoms because they came out pretty darn good despite the one boneheaded moment in the beginning where I accidentally sewed the pants leg together so that the seam was outside instead of inside. And doesn't my boy look all comfy in his little homemade-to-fit pajama bottoms? We think so, too.

Summer pajamas for the man:

[Click here to see the whole outfit and some sewing views!]
Fresh out of bed on a Sunday morning.
(So they're a little rumpled.)

I sewed these pajamas using Simplicity pattern 9900 and a lightweight cotton/elasthene blend. I'm really happy with them because I learned how to sew in facings and sleeves smoothly, and finish off curved narrow hems neatly without having any boneheaded moments. When my husband put them on (he wore them right after I finished them) he said, "These are really well-made." [Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!] Most welcome praise, especially after all that pressing of seams, hems and facings. [Note: Patterns should come with a disclaimer that reads, "Thou shalt have an iron and use it often while sewing this pattern. Kick on the air conditioning or pray for rain if temps are more than 90 degrees outside."]

And that's not all! I've been getting snail mail treats from my online buds. In honor of my new sewing hobby, Mrs. Pilkington sent me some vintage sewing patterns (with the added bonus of my favorite chocolates!) for some cute pillow toys and travel games, Maud in Finland sent an assortment of dried Mexican peppers, dried pozole and pepitas that will be put to very good culinary use, sweet Patti sent me a load of retro candy and some fab American magazines, and multi-talented Nikki (a friend of mine since since 1998 who has actually seen the first webpage I ever had...aahhhh!) sent me - get ready for this - the most adorable crocheted RABBIT, a crocheted scarf in Debbie Bliss baby alpaca and a cd jam-packed with tunes from the eighties. And for his first outing, we took Monsieur Rabbit, a.k.a. Pierre, to the open market in La Croix Rousse to pick up some treats. Which means, of course, that there's a SLIDESHOW for you! Click to see:


*It's also too hot to wear anything other than a bikini. So I put together a summer layout for my site! [Check it out and make it into my site's skin here. If you have a problem loading any elements of the new skin, make sure cookies are enabled, clear your cache, hit refresh or open my site in a new browser window.] As always, I have my longtime and talented friends to help me with this kind of stuff: I want to give a big thank you to my good friends Elise for all the retro chick images she sends me to use in my site designs and Nikki (one and the same) for previewing and cross-browser/platform checking. Who loves ya???

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Pierre Rabbit is awfully adorable! And way to go with the pajamas. Someday when I have an actual house to put it in, I want a sewing machine... But come on, it's never too hot to knit! There's always Rowan Calmer!

aw, i miss sewing! your pjs turned out great. did you make some for yourself too?

that bunny is too darn cute. :)

I LOVE the new skin!! It's perfect for summer - quite refreshing. And I'm so impressed with your sewing skills...the pajamas look fabby on both your men. :)

Pierre is adorable (and so is the Captain too)! And welcome to the sewing world! It can be as time consuming as knitting, did you know that!

Will the next picture be of Becky in her new, spiffy PJs?

Why doesn't it surprise me that your sewing is as perfect as your knitting? :-)

Your men are lucky to have you!!

*Excellent* job for your first sewing machine!!

Wow! a pajama part-ay! Sweet! I love the material you made for cap'n..that is the best summer weight material...

Very cool...look for your little package tres soon! :)
I love pierre...adorable

Of course,the pajamas look great! I especially like the TEXAS coffee mug!Is that your hot weather talisman?

Jeez, Becky, come on and give us mortals a break! You live in France, you have the world's most adorable boy, you knit like a dream and now you sew like a pro!

My mother sewed most of her life and I had lots of adorable little girl clothes but you know, one of the outfits I remember the best was a pair of summer pajamas she made for me in yummy light cotton. The material was white, with roses woven into it with a slightly shiny thread and then little smears of pink and blue over the flowers...as though you smeared a little blush or eyeshadow. They were so soft... So you haven't just made the Captain some pajamas, with any luck you've made a wonderful memory.

Anyway...good job. Cute pjs.

Great job on the pj's :D and the new skin is very cool.

Yummy brunch! And those are fantiastic pj's! Is there anything skinny rabbit can't do? You are so talented!

Those pajamas do look super cool and breezy!

And I love the Pierre Rabbit slideshow! It reminds me of the Flat Stanley project some kids were doing around here.

Stay cool!

Your new skin is perfect for summer with the bright colors. Nice pjs for the men in your life... did you make any for yourself?

Thanks everyone!

I haven't sewn any pajamas for myself, but there is something in the making.

P.S. I'm impressed by Trixye's keen eye of observation: That is a Texas coffee mug the hub is holding :-)

Super cute jammies! I need a sewing machine!

All the sewing brings back memories of watching my mom do it while I was growing up. She made me some wonderful things. I've never been bitten by that particular bug, but it's fun to see all the wonderful fabrics out there. I particularly like the one you used for your hubby's PJs.

Aw, man! Reading this post reminds me of the woeful flannel pajamas I have half finished in a box in my closet. I haven't even unpacked my sewing machine (and I have pattern and materials for a really cute bucket hat, too).

Thanks for the inspiration, Becky! I think I'll be unpacking my sewing machine before the week is out!

how cute! such a wonderful summery post! looking forward to seeing many great sewing projects from you. hmm... sunday brunch looks awfully delicious!

I'm nearly shocked to see all the sewing on your blog! However, not at all surprised about attention to details, ironing of the seams, matching up of the pattern, etc. That's the same kind of stuff I'm used to seeing in your knitting :).

Pajamas! What a great idea! I just got my first grown-up sewing machine last weekend (inherited from my grandmother). I haven't touched it because I'm intimidated. It was my grandmother's black cast iron Singer (it's about one day older than dirt, even though it does have a plug. I'm sure it was the first plug ever invented) which not only was used by my grandmother, but was the machine my mother learned to sew on. I hope I can live up to it's history!

I will buy pajama patterns and fabric today. Thanks for the inspiration!

Everyone needs jammies - even skinny rabbits - where're yours? The boys' are super cute - you're quite the seamstress. Pierre is adorable and I'm jealous of his market experiences. I really like the summer version of your site.

OMG ... Le Roi des Melons is killing me ... LOL!
Les hommes in your family are the luckiest people in the world ... they not only get to wear hand-knit garments, now they have hand-made pajamas! BTW, "pajamas for the whole family" ... where is yours?

I am *drooling* over your oh-so-French brunch - oh the jealousy! I can't wait for my trip in August!

for a first sewing project those jammies rock! and i love the slideshow of pierre at the market. and the new skin is just too much fun--gotta start breaking out the mojitos just to read fluffa!

I can't figure out what I like best about your last post...the PJ's, the perfect sewing, the new skin, the brunch, the slideshow......Fantastic! Maybe I should dust off the old Singer and have another go......Hopefully not sewing my finger into the fabric again....
Seriously, you are a talented person. I can't believe how easily you pick things up.

Woooohooooooo! Great JoB! I just had my mom's sewing machine serviced and I'm getting ready to do some sewing myself! What an inspiration! I'm a beginner too and can't make anything more than knitting needle cases and tote bags! Love hubby's PJ's and the fabric you used!

Wow, I'm very, very impressed with your first forays into grown-up sewings! Those jammies look great, and the Captain is SOOO cute, as always. I've been bitten with the sewing bug of late, and made a cool but imperfect knitting bag. May have to rip it up to fix it...

Girl you are way too talented!! Look at those PJ's they are perfectly sewed!!! Hubbie and the Captain just look so cool!! I love the new skin!!

I love the cutie pierre rabbit..what a fun time he had with the captain :). Good job with the sewing!

amazing job! beautiful work, i can see that the pressing paid off. love both fabrics. they both look so cool! i have got my machine working again, so skirt city, here i come! (i hope.)

Great sewing projects!! Can't wait to see what you'll make for yourself.

Thanks for sharing :)

Love your photos. I need to make sleep pants for Hbomb as well. He's been wearing oversized t-shirts to bed and needs some propper PJs for when we go camping.(-:

The Captain looks adorable at the market with Pierre. He makes the same faces as Hbomb!

OH! also, LOVE the new skin.

Great job on your first sewing projects! And the Rabbit slideshow RULES!!!!

You're good with that sewing machine. I love all the pjs. Are there some in the works for you? Pierre Rabbit, so cute!

Lovely PJ's...I"m going to make some fabby stuff too...as soon as I figure out how to do the following on my new machine:
1. Reverse.
2. Make a bobbin.

I guess I shouldn't mention that I hate almost everything that I sew for myself. Maybe this time will be different.

Becky, those jimjams are amazing! It reminds me of when we went into hospital for the *horror* birth. I'd made two pairs of flannel pjs for myself in VERY bright fabric, and the poor hubby ended up wearing them every night because we didn't think to pack any for him (that would be because he wasn't meant to stay in hospital with me for 7 nights!). Each morning the night nurses and the day nurses would have a little meeting, and the first thing on the agenda each morning was what jimjams my husband had been wearing!

And, as I'm sure you know all too well, pressing is of the utmost importance when sewing. In fact, sewing = lots of ironing time!

Can't wait to see what else you make!

Welcome to L'Atelier SkinnyRabbit! All those PJs are so cute, but none for you? You a nudist, or just when it's over 90?

Congrats on all that sewing! You mastered your new sewing machine so quickly! It is too hot to knit here right now, so I feel your pain!

And, I love that mini cardigan! How adorable!

You sew well, Becky. Even the facing looks so straight and neat. :) And, of course, I also can't wait to see your new pjs or any other yummy projects you have in mind! Your new skin screams "Summer!"

Gosh that brunch sounds fantastic! I forgot to comment the other day that I love your sewing machine! The design on it is terrific! I love to sew as well. I enjoy doing all sorts of great finishing details, too. That's what makes it special.

So glad your package arrived safely!

You are SO talented! Very impressive attention to detail for your first projects, but of course I'm not surprised :-)

I love this skin! Ces couleurs acidulées...mmm c'est l'été!

Cool pjs! Welcome to the world of sewing!

Love the new skin! So very summery, reminds me of melons, imagine that!

I feel SO much cooler in the new skin--thanks Rabbit! xoxo Kay

Wow, you got right on that! I love the PJs you sewed for your boys. You are making some for you too, right? :)

Very cute new skin--almost too hard to decide!

Awesome! I really have to convince my hubby to let me get a sewing machine.

Summer lovin'
Had me a blast

Love your site! So pretty!
Cute jammies!

You know that I simply adore you for posting that slideshow, don't you? xoxoxo

P.S. Please tell Ms Opine Bovine I've missed her and the Zesty Weasel.

Great job...Becky the Seamstress!! I used to sew soooo much. My fave was Flannel Pajama pants for me & whoever wanted them. Very easy! I also did Polos shirts, shirts with buttons, colars & plackets. When I think back, I can't believe I even sewed that hard & detailed stuff. No more for me...well maybe PJ bottoms. ;-)

The sewing! Yipes - is there nothing you can't do beautifully??? No, really - Great Job. I'm impressed! And the slide show! Pierre is just adorable. But the Captain with Pierre in the market? Priceless. Dede's melons! Had me laughing my a** off at work!! And last - because of course the best IS for last - the new skin is perfect for summer - sunshiney-goodness :)

So true about the ironing! Sewing time (at least at my house) is really equal parts actual sewing (40%) and ironing (40%). The other 20% is spent pinning, cutting, ripping out stitches, and meditating on the often cryptic directions.

The PJs look terrific!

Thanks for the link to Threadbared.....OMG, I've almost killed myself laughing!!!!!!!

Wow! The PJ's are gorgeous!!! I'm also really impressed that your husband lets you take pics of him in his PJ's--(I have a hard time taking a picture of my husband wearing a scarf! lol) Very cool!

Yay!!!! I couldn't wait for you to hit that sewing machine and tempt me towards a new hobby. Great call with the pajama bottoms and hubby jamas, they are keeeyoooot!!

Your hubby is so cool for letting you take pictures. Look at you sew! Professional as always.

A good iron is essential for sewing. I have a Rowenta and love it. Don't know if those are only in the U.S.

Great new skin! ;-) Very sunny.


Sewing!!!! You make it seem so cool, so fun, so easy. (I know better that it is not necessarily so fun or easy!)

Love the Boy and Man PJ's....AND the new skin. I changed it for summer!!

I am so envious of your brunch! And I love the new skin...c'est tres ete!

How inspiring to see how beautifully the pajamas turned out. I've been thinking of sewing abit too.

Gosh, you are mega talented. I love all those retro looks but Grayscale twist is still my favourite. PJ's look super fun and comfy.

I love the hubby`s PJ pattern! It`s sorta retro. Did you make any for yourself? The cheese & jambon looks soooo yummilicious! I just saw cheese at the Japanese grocery store. I was so tempted to buy some - need my cheese quota filled, ya know! But it looks like they have been sitting on the shelf forever and it`s prohibitively expensive.

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