February 28, 2005

This just in: Skinny Rabbit suffers another Bonehead Knitting Moment.

Last night I happily bound off the sleeve cap of the SECOND sleeve of my Salina sweater, and this morning I thought I'd kick off my Monday with an entry showing a photo of both triumphant sleeves bathing in their own ray of sunlight. Well, there will be no sunlight for these sleeves because the second sleeve is naughty:

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do...
[Wanna see them both? Click to zoom out.]

Yes, yes...I know. I noticed it right away, too. The second sleeve is smaller than the first sleeve. Why? Because I unwittingly knit the entire second sleeve using size 3.25mm needles when I was supposed to use size 3.75mm needles. Of course, the first sleeve was knit using the correct size needles, 3.75mm. But when the time came to cast on for the second sleeve I grabbed the wrong needle, cast on, and knit through in complete and hopeless ignorance of my mistake. Which, of course, resulted in a second sleeve that is significantly smaller in both width and length compared to the first sleeve. YES, it's noticeable. And NO, I'm not going to attempt to block the dickens out of it, stretch it from here to Sunday, pin it to kingdom come, chant mantras over it or anything similar in the hopes it'll magically grow. I'm going to add this mistake to my list of Biggest Bonehead Moments in Skinny Rabbit Knitting History and knit the second sleeve all over again. No, no. I insist. And that's the end of the Salina sleeve incident.

But higher powers know when I need consolation. A surefire way to yank me out of the knitting blues is getting YARN all the way from Deutschland:

Snapshots! Snapshots!

Seeing all that yarn spread out on the table for breakfast makes me want to run around the room in circles from excitement. GGH Scarlett in ice blue, GGH Samoa in pink, Rebecca 29 in English and Lang's Fatto a Mano No. 151 (in German with French insert). [Thanks to Alison from Virginia Wool for enabling me with this yarn!] So much to gush about I don't even know where to start. So how about some snapshots of it all?

[Free yarn plug: I regularly receive messages from people who want to know where, where, WHERE did I get the GGH yarn to knit my Rebecca cabled top and Apricot Jacket. The yarn and mags shown in the photo above, and the yarn used to knit the Rebecca projects shown on my site, were obtained from the same place in Germany: Rike's Wollmaus. This supplier has had a permanent link on my links page ever since I received my first order from them back in 2002. They are very friendly, have great prices, deliver promptly, and have special-ordered things for me (i.e. they obtained Rebecca 29 in English when I asked about it AND let me know via email when it came in a couple of days later). Plus, they include a small packet of gummy bears in their packages which makes my sweet tooth happy. And now you know where I get my Rebecca fixes. End of free yarn plug.]

Stash in the mail is almost as good as a big box of chocolate truffles. And that, my friends, is why I kinda don't mind about having to knit the second Salina sleeve all over again.

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Bummer about the second sleeve; lucky that you compared them before sewing them up though :)
Don't think I would have checked and this is why I like visiting your blog. Apart from giving me the courage to rip when necessary, I get tips to keep my blunder level low ("blunder lever low" that's a good one! I love typing like I'm all optimistic and stuff! har har).
Gummi bears DO help brighten the mood :)

You always knit the most beautiful things and have the most sophisticated tricks to really make them look polished. Thank you for showing the otherside, it gives me hope that I'm not as much of a blundering idiot as I thought.

Just love finding a new post from you, Becky. You are such an inspiration - helps me face mistakes and take on challenges. Your enthusiasm is contagious - thanks!

boy, i have done that sleeve trick before and it isn't fun, but like you said some stash will make you forget all 'bout it. lovin' the yarn and your pics. i was actually thinking about that low neck ggh soft kid too. wondering if i could pull it off. and i'm equally enthused about rikes, but hey, i didn't get any gummies. what's up with dat, lol. love your links back to knits gone by. i remember them and knew exactly what would be popping up and still loved seeing them again. take care!

Ouch, not fun to realize a bonehead moment. The sleeves do still look great, even and neat. I like the colour you have chosen. And what is better when feeling blue than more yarn! Beautiful blue colour on the ggh!

Becky, you have the most exquisite taste in sweaters. That ice blue number is To Die For. Can't wait to see it on you. Have fun with the yarn!

And you have my condolences on the sleeve fiasco. I'm glad to see you're taking it well. Just jump in and you'll have it reknit in no time.

pauvre salina! the good news is that you noticed this size difference before you started seaming...that would've been a ginormous bonehead moment. nice additions to the stash!

I have to say...while I sympathise with the sleeve-ripping in your future, I do take some comfort in the fact that you (gasp!) made a mistake. Your knitting seems so flawless and lovely. Nice to know you're only human too! ;^)

I can almost feel the softness of that mohair through my monitor. Gorgeous.

Hi Becky,

First, I want to thank you for providing the errata for the Jacke in Apricot pattern! Your tip was also very helpful.

I put a halt on knitting Salina myself because I did the same exact thing with the sleeves. Argh.

I love design #38 in the new Rebecca as well...ever sine I did a sweater with sleeves knit front-to-back I've been seeking out more designs worked this way. I wonder if it would be too funky (or pointless) to try and knit it in wool...

Ouch! Ah well -- this is another reason to knit both sleeves at once on the SAME SET of needles hehe. Sorry about the error :-( Congrats on the yarn, though! There are about 1000 things I want to knit from that rebecca mag. It is so wonderful!!!! The problem is that I'm not sure where to order a body like the ones the models have. Then maybe I could actually wear the things I want to knit from that mag :-D

Welcome to the Bonehead club - glad to know you're not infallible :0) You could always grow a third arm ??? Gorgeous colour anyway.

On another note, I am going to be in close proximity to the only Phildar stockist in Scotland over Easter, so what would you recommend ? I can feel my credit card itching ....

That is truly a bummer about the sleeves - especially since they're on such small needles! But I have no doubt your finished product will be as beautiful as yours always are. Love the new yarn! Can't wait to see your Rebecca ice blue cardi - you know I'm coveting that one too. :)

My sister just told me this morning that Rebecca was now being printed in English. I often love their patterns and am just thrilled. Of course I would have known this sooner if I would hav read the magazine I mailed to my sister in which she took the former information.

Anywho, I enjoy your blog, and I enjoyed today's post, it's nice to know others make mistakes as well.

Oops you did it again! Well, I just had to reknit a sleeve cap meself because it was too short. Doesn't help that I hate the yarn I'm using! I can't believe cotton yarn are everywhere already! My brain is still in winter mode since I haven't finished a winter project yet. Love looking at your yarn & patterns! Soon it will be hard to resist knitting tanks and tees!

Becky - great post - love the yarn, especially since I am on a lent 'yarn diet' - it's been hard and I did fall off the wagon to get a skein to finish my first sweater (the black one I knit twice!!). I can't wait to see the beautiful phildar green cardi... did you ever find out about the leaflets at the store??

oh no! Still it's all about the process. I'm glad package 2 has arrived!

Ooh...I'm loving the new Rebecca (though I am partial to all things Rebecca.) :) I'll be picking it up right away.

I can't wait to see the Salina. I've been lusting over it for a long while. I bet it will look fantastic on you when it's done! Since we all are so anxious, maybe you could try stretching one arm? It might be quicker than knitting a second sleeve. :) :) You're one lucky bunny...keep up the good work!

Oh, I'm sorry about the sleeve. Thanks for fessin' up on the blog -- sometimes I don't always own up to my *big* mistakes on my blog... :)

It still looks wonderful! And what yarny goodness you've got in that GGH! I just love me some soft cotton.

Oh, poor you! At least you didn't start seaming and THEN notice.

My daughter picked out that same shade of the Blue Sky for a Baby Bobbi Bear. I think the pattern is finally on the way to my LYS, so hopefully we can start soon. That yarn has got to be the softest cotton I have ever felt...and I don't even LIKE cotton!

You are not alone! I too have knitted sleeves of different sizes! I am currently in the middle of re-knitting a set of sleevs, only I'm being smart this time and knitting them together. Much less hassle!

I also love getting yarn in the mail...am anxiously awaiting my Poesie from Elann...can't wait!

It's all good...you're still our knitting goddess...boneheaded-ness and all.
I LOOoooOOooOoOOOove that Apricot Jacket...seeing your finished project I definitely want that to knit that next.
It's so beautiful!!!!

But, knitting that sleeve for the third time will just be so...fun. Yeah, that's the word. Fun.


Bummer about the sleeve. :-( At least it's not as bad as having to knit a sleeve 3 times because the gauge just keeps changing & you just CAN'T get it right! :-)

I'm glad you are so into your workouts now. I bet you feel great! I wish we could work out together!

Bonehead moment? Oh, I've got a ripper (ha!) for you: I was happily seaming Muppet on the weekend, and had just set in one sleeve. Turned it around to admire my lovely back stitching when I noticed that I'd sewn the sleeve insideout. And the worst of it is, I've been a sewer for years.

If there was an Oscar for biggest Bonehead moment, I think I'd be thanking the Academy right about now.

Oh dear ! Oh well,we all have our 'all down,get up again' moments. ;-]
Gorgeous new yarn.

Becky-- the blue sky will make a PERFECT summer tank for you! :)

Good sleeves are hard to come by these days. I understand your woes...I am working on a sweater that will have three sleeves also. Eesh. But oh my fibery goodness, aren't you spoiled? And already planning for spring and summer knits - how organized of you, Becky!

oh, i'm so sorry about that sleeve! i am in complete knit-sympathy right now. i realized today that i was knitting my intarsia pattern backward. :( i've taken bonehead knitting to the next level.

gummi bears, though! now that's a remedy that i believe in! and the stash enhancement looks very good.

the finished salina will be gorgeous.

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one with a "Bonehead" list. Only I'm not as daring as you, mine is private.(-:

Stash yarn in the mail. So goodie goodie good.

Yesterday I came home from crappy work day and said, "And I didn't get any yarn in the mail. Wah!" And the hubbie said, "You just got yarn yesterday!"

Oh. Um. Yeah.

Sorry for the sleeve but you will fix that "en moins de temps qu'il ne faut pour le dire"!! and salina will be beautiful I am sure! Your blog is great, I can't wait to see what you will knit with this yarn.

So sorry about your sleeves! A sinking heart kind of moment I think. It will be fabby when it's done though.

And thanks for the cilantro/coriander stuff. I can buy the leafy type coriander here which does look like flat leaf parsley so I'll go with that!

I am so sorry about your sleeve! I have done that with the back of a sweater before, only catching my mistake about halfway up......rip rip rip. *sigh* Your knitting is so beautiful, though, and I know you'll have it fixed in no time.

I think new yarn PLUS gummy bears would cure almost anything.
I can't wait to see all this knitted up!!

I'm not sure there isn't a piece I have ripped out entirely at least once on this baby sweater I'm doing. Last night it was the neckband. This morning, the sleeve-to-shoulder seams, twice. ARGH.

It took at least a couple of oatmeal raisin cookies to console me.

OUCH! I feel for you. Can you hear me crying from here? Good thing you caught it before sewing. Sigh. The consolation prize looks wonderful and I can hardly wait to see what you knit with it.

That really sucks about the sleeve. I've done that myself, only I actually knit it too big due to my rush to start the project. I didn't measure the guage accurately and ended up with a sock that was HUGE. I'd still like to get your mailing address as Easter is almost here and all the best candy comes out this time of year. If I pick up some to send to you, I can give myself an excuse to get some for me:)

I'm admiring your nicely shaped (rounded) sleeve head. How do you do your bindoffs at the top?
Mine look like little steps (very ugly) and then, of course, they are a pain to sew in. Appreciate any tips. BTW your work is gorgeous!!! Noreen

bummer ~ this definitely calls for an oven puffed pancake in exchange for reknitting. i'll trade you one for your salsa fresca!

ps. i actually cast on for salina a while ago, and then got distracted by other things. whack sleeve aside, yours looks bee-yewtiful so far -- it may be just the inspiration i need to get back to my own.
now if i could only finish something without being motivated by the progress of other knitters...

A girl after my own heart--look at all of the pinky goodness for your pretty cardi! I can't wait to see that one all knit up :) Sorry about your sleeve, Becky... I know something like this will probably happen to me soon... I am notorious for that sort of thing :P

Hope all is well!

OH I just love new mags and yarn stashes! What great colors!!
I have always wanted a Rebecca mag but never have come across them... until my visit with my dear friend in Utah and Yippy skippy.... I found one. The same issue as a matter-of-fact. I am already knitting the skirt in the picture you showed. And that green sweater you are going to knit first, I can't wait to see how it turns out. I want to knit that beauty so bad, but I think I'm too rooky to go for that one. Good Luck! I know it will be fab!

Thanks for the words of encouragement! I don't think I have to tell you all how frustrated I was when I pulled that sleeve fresh off the needles only to learn that I had messed up BIG TIME. Venting here helps. (And to get a glimpse at other blunders, new readers can look at my tips page! Read it and weep with me :-))

Noreen: The sleeve cap looks so nice and rounded because shaping is done by gradual decreasing at both ends. But I have knit sleeves where shaping is done by binding off groups of stitches, and I've discovered that slipping the first stitch of each row helps avoid that "stair step" effect.

i got no gummi bear love in my rikes magnus package...wahhh. :) But I got my schtuff! :)

Sorry about the sleeve. When it's bad...redux!

Ah,well...two right sleeves are better than one wrong, correct? I can't wait to see your finished sweater...I'd love for you to see my Salina that I completed yesterday...after having the cat unravel several inches of the back so that I could re-knit! It's a beautiful sweater, and I love your color choice. Have a wonderful weekend.

How's the new Rebecca?? Lots of great patterns?

I've been knitting with GGH Samoa too. But, for some odd reason, the yarn gets all twisted and ugly, esp the strand that my right hand is holding onto. (Dunno what I'm talking about? There's a photo of its twistedness on my page.) Is there something wrong with the way I knit?

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