January 24, 2005

Stashed out.

Well, the fog didn't bring in Gary Oldman wearing pastry rolls on his head. It didn't bring any sun, either. It brought a string of rainy days, but that's all over now. Today we got this:

photo property of skinnyrabbit.com
So pretty, so cold.
(And it'll be this way all week.)
Yep. Better stay inside and knit.

In other news, it's time for me to show off my recent stash enhancements! From the mail: I got some Peruvian Wool in violet heather to make a Ribby Cardi. From Phildar: I got a sweater's worth of Phildar "Kid Mohair" in Amande and a Kid Mohair pattern leaflet. And from Plassard: I got a sweater's worth of Plassard "Weekend", some Schoeller and Stahl "Punk" [with a name like that, how could I not?], a few skeins of Plassard "Rhapsodie" and a Schoeller and Stahl pattern book for Winter 2004/2005. I foresee imminent re-shuffling of my winter projects lineup yet AGAIN, but I can't help it! Me like new yarn, and me so fickle. And you know that I put together a mini slideshow of my latest stash acquisitions for you, right? Go on...let's ogle the yarn.


I also decided to pull out some of my Lion Brand Kool Wool from the mountain I brought back with me during my visit to the States last year, and bought some ball buttons so I can make the collar from Vogue Knitting's knit.1 mag. I've got everything all set out on a table and ready to go:

photo property of skinnyrabbit.com
Kicky top hat optional.

Cute, eh? I'd like to knit that little accessory this evening because i) it looks like fun to knit, ii) I'm eager to knit up that Kool Wool, and iii) it's freezing outside and my son likes to play in the snow. Send hot chocolate.

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Please tell me you will not wear that hat with your collar?!

love the yarn and the kicky hat! I like the snow better than the fog! that was creeping me out..yikes. I hope The Captain is feeling better.

Hi Becky -
I bought some 'Punk' this fall and made a funky punky scarf for my niece - different and fun.

I will admit I think that model is gorgeous and I think that she looks really cool in that hat and collar. I've been admiring the collar myself and wish I could look that good in it. It's tres snappy. Becky, you'll look great in it.

Oooh, that is so cute! Is that an old mag or the newest? I have to have that pattern.

I'm using the pattern (shown on page 45) from the premiere issue of k.1. Lots of cute things in there. And I agree: I think that the model is too darned cute with that hat. Very clever styling with the necklace under the collar, too.

I will trade you some hot chocolate for some snow. I have total snow envy. Cold weather envy even. We can't seem to get out of the 50s here. xo

what lovely choices! can't wait to see the fo's. and though it is finally cool here and i can wear the clapper, i'd trade sunshine for some snow anytime.

Oooohh snow!!! Hopefully I'll see some soon up at Tahoe in a few weeks when we go skiing! Love the new yarn acquisition slide show! When it's so beautiful and cold outside, there is nothing better than knitting and something warm to drink....oh, and a movie!

i adore that collar and i think the two are clever pairing as well. very stylish. i held out from picking up that mag. must.stay.strong, hee hee.

what a cool haul of stash. wonderful colors! and and beautiful pic too.

Jealous, Jealous, Jealous. I am jealous of the new additions to your yarn stash. Girl, wear that collar, hat, no hat...you make it your own! Can't wait to see it done!

Damn, no elusive foggy Gary Oldman?!?!

Interesting the amount of your stash that is the color of CHOCOLATE.

Hi! I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog! I visit often for new project ideas and info. You introduced me to Phildar and I got my first magazine - Tendances Irlandais - last week. Very fun!

I was thinking about knitting that collar in the lovely Phildar Neige that YOU sent me last year! My neck often gets cold. And hello, but you live in the land of ultimate hot chocolate! If we send anything, shouldn't it be Reese's peanut butter cups? I know you can't get those over there.

Must...not...cave in and buy stuff for a Ribby Cardi! Must finish projects already in the queue. But I know my resolve will crumble when I see how great yours looks. And the yarn is so reasonably priced...but where to put it? I can't wait to see what that pretty Rhapsodie is going to become, too.

I love that neck thingie from Knit.1 also, but have you seen Kate Gilbert's version of a similar 'ruff'? So pretty!

Hope you have your Abuelita chocolate! Inspired by you, I got some Ibarra Autentico Chocolate Mexicano Para Mesa but haven't gotten out the blender and tried it yet; today may be the day. xox Kay

That collar is stylin! You can make the collar and some wristy sleeve things, and a tube top thing and have a total deconstructionist sweater.

Yummy snow, yummy yarn! And I might have to copy you and knit up one of those cute neck warmers... I have a little Kool Wool in my stash!

Love the snow! Over here in London we've just had the bitterly cold wind and no snow.

Dawn :)

good-lookin' stuff you got there! i've been thinking about that collar too (when i can pry k1 out of the baby's hands). enjoy the snow!

That collar is way cool! What will you wear it with? Can't wait to see the Kool Wool knitted up into a beautiful "kool kollar."
Perfect buttons! I love reading your blog--it is an inspiration to keep knitting . . . and to keep adding to my own stash. When we were in Lyon last March, there was a heat wave, do you remember it? We had such a great time it made me want to move there! Actually we might for a few months in 2006. Keep those pictures coming.

Ooh, fun stash enhancements!!!! Thanks for the slide show! And if there's anything you want from the US lemme know and I'll shop for ya!

Enjoy the Ribbi Cardi; it's fun, quick, and the Peruvian is at times delightful in its ease in stockinette. I never had such an easy time seaming! I love mine! I see that you bought purple, are you doing a one tone or did I miss the second colour?

I was just looking at that collar pattern this weekend and thinking about how fun it would be (and practical, too!). I can't wait to see how yours comes out.

You have a lovely, long neck, and you will look great in that collar, Becky! I just ordered Kate Gilbert's design, the Elizabeth collar.
Cold, eh? It was -23C here last week, with windchill of -34C. I won't be crying for you, Argentina. LOL.
If you have a kid who loves playing in the snow, my advice is: get some snowshoes!

I LOVE that pattern!! I've had it open on my desk to that page since I got that Vouge K1. Post it pretty please when you finish it. I think I will start it on my next day off.

You sure are going to be busy! I love that mohair with all the passion of a recent religious convert. Used to be really scared of it - now, can't get enough of it!

Cute! I wish I could find a sale for some calmer. I decided that I don't like my patton's decor and I will not be using it for my self. I think I'd like to make Mariah from Calmer, but that's pricy.(and I'm not supposed to be shopping for yarn right now)

Durn that collar is the coolest thing since sliced bread. And I'm wanting that hat, too! I've got a short hair cut and my head is COLD in this cold weather! I'm here in Bristol, England on my first trip to Europe from the U.S., wishing I was seeing Paris, too! Can't wait to see the finished object. Loved your arm warmers, and wish you'd post a pattern!

That collar defintely has my attention! I'm very annoyed with wrapping scarves around my neck and trying to keep them im place at the moment.
Can't wait to see it knitted up!!!

I can't wait to knit the Kid Mohair: I hope to start the "cache-coeur" this week-end! I'm in love with this colour Amande, though I usually hate green... And I couldn't help buying some kid mohair in blue/grey as well. I'm so weak!
The variagated Plassard yarn is so yummy... I should "faire les soldes" .Presently I feel like buying some bulky yarn like Plaid because I was so frozen this morning at work that I kept dreaming of a big big sweater!
Oh, I'm in in love with your son's jacket: he's so cute. Père et fils, quelle jolie photo!

Stashed out until...when? Like, February? I actually think you showed restraint at the sales. I guess it helps that they discontinued Phil Ruban, eh?

I've got a ribby waiting to go too; it's really tugging at me (what IS it about ribs?) but I'm kind of thinking I should finish a different (already started) cardigan (or two) first. "Um, no honey, I HAD to start a new project. You see, the rabbit in France started hers, and..." Uh-huh, yeah. Better come up with a new line for that one!

Oh my. You make me hyperventilate with all those goodies. Musn't go to the LYS, musn't go to the LYS, .. musn't .. go

Love your blog !
Discovered your link on Touche-à-tout !!
Bravo - I will keep on reading

Yes, great collar, from another short haired, long necked one! Will have to try it. I've also enjoyed Marnie MacLean's "Baby Boa"--yes, sometimes, I just want the neck warmed without the bulk.

I've enjoyed your blog for some time. Thank you!

Love your new stash enhancement! I especially like the kid mohair and was wondering if it's a good yarn to knit for a newbie like myself? Been thinking of ordering Phildar's Aurore and was wondering how it compares?

What lovely stuff!
That punk stuff looks fantastic. Can't wait to see what it's all destined to become :)

Love punk! I also think that collar is tres punk as well!

love the colors of your new stash enhancement.

I've got that Punk slotted for a project that I hope to get to before the end of winter. It's calling to me, big time. But the call of the Kid Mohair is even stronger. I want to knit a "cache-coeur" (Laetitia is knitting the same one) and if the cold weather continues I may put a couple of things aside and knit it up so I can wear it.

Re Kid Mohair for a beginner: I think that Kid Mohair is easier to work with than Phildar Aurore. Phildar Aurore is much finer in gauge and comparable to Kid Silk Haze in gauge and appearance. Slippery, slippery! It's not fun to rip out either. If you'd like to use it, couple it with a soft wool or wool blend...

The fab k.1 collar: I was thinking of wearing it with my v-necked sweaters that leave my neck bare. I agree with Kathleen: It'll be a nice substitute for scarves.

P.S. to Evelyn: I'm all about the ribs lately, too. So snuggly and flattering. If you start your Ribby Cardi, I'll want to start mine, too. (I was hoping for mid to late March, maybe before. I hear it's a smooth and quick knit.)

are you capable of knitting anything ugly? Thought not. Love the kid mohair and you look way too cute with your collar on.

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