January 03, 2005

A finished Boyish Jacket!

Someone wore a knit jacket for Christmas:

This is the "Look, Ma! I'm standing still!" shot.
[Click here for a view of the back.]
[Don't miss the dancing boy shots.]
[And YES, there are silly boy shots, too!]

Finished project alert! My first post for 2005 is all about my boy and the funky Boyish Jacket that I completed in time for Christmas. [BONUS: Action shot of the jacket at Aunt Josephine's house with one of the toys the Captain found under the tree on Christmas morning.] Best of all: He loves the jacket, and even though I knit it two sizes larger [!], it actually fits. (I think he may have inherited his father's gorilla arms, and his mother's long torso. And from the looks of things, he's got a penchant for dancing while wearing Mommy's knits. Sure wish I could take credit for the dancing, but that goes to Grandma and Grandpa* Rabbit.)

Project details: Design 15 from Phildar's Pitchoun Hiver 04/05 in size 6 years, using Phildar Pegase and 3.5mm and 4mm needles. I used the tubular cast-on for the ribbing, worked a garter stitch selvedge for the edges of the front pieces (where the zipper goes), worked the neckband at double the length so I could fold it inside, and omitted the embroidery. All in all, the jacket was a fast and easy knit. The pieces were completed quickly, but time was invested in finishing, working the neckband, and sewing in the zipper:

[Click here to see a closeup of the outside of the neckband.]
[And don't miss the zipper slideshow!]

Aaaah, sewing in the zipper and sewing down the neckband. The mere writing of that phrase makes my finger ache. I sewed on the zipper, and then folded the neckband inside (which I had worked double the length, as I did for my husband's Manly Jacket), sewed that down on the inside using sewing thread, and then decided to further torture myself by hand-sewing black ribbon to the wrong side of the zipper to hide the stitches. By the time I had finished that I was ready to kick my little sewing kit over a cliff with a flying pirouette, because I had had it up to HERE with hand-sewing itty-bitty stitches using thread and needle. But you know what? After my fingers rested up and I saw how my son was opening and closing the zipper like mad and taking the jacket off so that the wrong side showed while we were at Aunt Josephine's house, I was grateful that I had taken the time to sew that ribbon so carefully. While I don't mind sewing in the zipper itself, next time I may use a sewing machine for the ribbon. And you know that after all this blab, I documented the whole sewing-in-zipper-thing in a slideshow for you, right?

BONUS: As promised, here is a 2Cute4U photo of father and son wearing their matching knit jackets. P.S. Captain Destructo says that his Daddy is his "best friend", because their jackets match. [Awwwww!] Can you stand it?

*Bit o' trivia: My father once won a trophy for best dancer of the Peppermint Twist.

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happy new year, becky!

i can't believe how "old" the captain looks. they grow up so fast! sniffle

may 2005 be the best year ever for you and your family.


Adorable, as usual. He's getting to be quite the charmer, isn't he? Look out little girls!

Happy New Year to the Rabbit Clan!!

He is *quite* a handsome boy - sure to be a lady killer. Especially with the French accent - mon dieu!

The sweater, it goes without saying, is perfect! Thanks.

Bonne Annee! You have to get a photo of father & son together in their cool jackets! Sewing a zipper scares me to bits. But I do love the look of it. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

The jacket is outstanding! The Cap'n looks like he loves it so much. That must please you to no end. Thanks again for the tidbits and details...

Happy New Year!

Wondeful kid, wonderful jacket and wondeful slideshows! Especially thanks for the zipper slide show.

What a cute combo - kid and jacket! The Captain sure is growing up. I feel like he gains an inch in height every time we see him. Must be all the carrots....

Excellent zipper job. The sweater looks maravilloso! The little guy looks adorable doing the retro! Happy 2005!

what a model you've got there! he is just adorable. wonderful photographs, they were a real pick-me-up today. the knitting is gorgeous as always. thank you for the zipper tutorial; my sister and i were just having a fear o' zipper sewing discussion.

the manly and boyish jackets are going to look so cute together!

Love the little Manly Jacket. Question: (if you have time) How did you keep the ribbon from rippling? Thanks for the show!

What a handsome lil man. Of course...it's not just the mini manly jacket! It's dem good genes! gorilla arms or no! (which I have as well...only on women..they are Spider arms...much more femme)

Thanks for the tutorial...I will reference that and my Buss Knitorama manual when I add in the zipper for Rogue. :)

I love the "i'm so bored, mom" pose...Jenna puts her head down and starts snoring really loud to get attention...too cute!


Thanks, everyone! And a Happy New Year to you :-)

You know, I do have a picture of my two guys wearing their matching sweaters [awwww!] together, and I completely forgot about it. I will look for it and update this entry with it tomorrow.

Re the non-rippling ribbon [very good question, Chris!], I think that the trick is to sew it in by hand because I've been told that sewing in zippers/ribbons by machine sometimes causes rippling. First I basted the ribbon - which happens to have a folded edge along the length of it - to the zipper, and then I used very tiny stitches to sew the folded edge of the ribbon to to the zipper. This way, the stitches didn't show as they were hidden in the fold. I did all of this without stretching the ribbon. It took a long time (as long as sewing in the zipper!) but I think it was worth it.

Happy New Year to you and your men Becky! Captain looks dashing in his jacket. My fav pic is the back shot where he 'coyly' looks over his shoulder at the camera. He may have a modelling stint in his future.

What exactly is 'basting' in regards to the zipper? It looks very professional (as usual) - well done. :)

Oh - perfect timing!!!! I'm just finishing up the neckband on my daughters sweater (Debbie Bliss 'Sam') that will be finished in much the same way - zipper installed and neckband turned down to the inside. This will be my first attempt at a zipper in a sweater - lucky for me I also have the Big Book of Knitting and Book of Finishing Techniques, but somehow I think seeing your slideshow will be of more use to me... I'm beginning to worry I won't be able to find a zipper to match (sort of teal green called Mallard) - did you find yours in a local shop or online?

That jacket is awesome! The perfect choice for your hip little man. Great job. :)

Happy new year, Captain Destructo!

Fab mover ! Fantastic jacket.

It was just HEROIC the way you sewed in the zipper and THEN sewed ribbon onto it.

Good finishing is always worth it. (Must remember that myself.)

Proud to know you!!!!!!! oxox Kay

The jacket looks great - and Captain Destructo is looking very grown up of late!

*waving arms around like Lost In Space robot* "Warning! Warning! Future-Lady-Killer Alert! Everyone get back to the spaceship! Warning! Warning!" :o)

ok now the sweater is fantastic and the zipper slideshow is very helpful and encouraging as i want to knit at zipper in the near future and though you commented that it was not an easy task your photos make it look very inviting especially with such magnificent results.

but what takes the cakes my dear and the pie i might add are those photos of captain in action. what a boy! so cute and charming and a snazzy dancer too. guess its in the genes. bravo!

and i agree with above. my he's growin'. what a handsome little guy! i'll be anxiously awaiting the sweater x2 photo. i was lookin' for it, hee, hee.

That sweater really looks him look mature;-)
What a great dancer, and not a bad sweater either. I have yet to tackle the dreaded zipper. I need to pick up those books.
Thanks for the New Years Gift of all those slide shows.

Cool little man :) btw. thanks for the card :)

Once again, you've outdone yourself...!! I just love all of the information you give about the how-to stuff! Thanks for that! And oh, could your son be any cuter??!

p.s. I started a website! It's in the beginning stages, but it's a start :) I hope you'll visit--

Cool job on little Boyish Jacket! Looks like he like likes it! I'm joining the others to say I appreciate the zipper slideshow. Perhaps you might add it to knitting tips (if it's not already in there I haven't checked recently)? I don't have Wiseman's or Buss' book. I'll have to check that out.

Your son looks adorable in his jacket - fantastic aeroplane too!

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Oh, of COURSE you had to sew in a ribbon lining for your zipper. Give it another few years and once the Captain is off at Lycee you'll be writing "Fluffa's Guide to Couture Finishing." Save me an autographed copy, o.k.?

And warning: the next five years will go even faster than the first five. My ten year old nearly made my heart stop the other day when he told me "after all, I'm almost a grown-up"...

Thanks, everyone! As promised, I just uploaded a photo of the Captain and his Daddy wearing their matching knit jackets. It's linked to a popup window at the foot of this entry.

Re zippers: With my very first zippered project, I waited until all the pieces were knit before looking for the zipper. I had a really hard time finding one in the right length and specifications, so I never finished the project because my son grew out of it. (It's a blue hooded vest. I tried knitting it again a year later - this time getting the zipper before - and successfully finished it! The second one I finished is linked in my gallery and you can see it from there.) Now whenever I knit something that requires a zipper, I get the zipper at the same time I get the yarn or right before I start knitting the back and front pieces. That way, I can be sure it'll be the right length. I always get my zippers at my local mercerie, or directly at the Phildar boutique if I purchased the yarn for the project there.

P.S. I do the same thing for buttons, too. I'll take a skein of yarn or a swatch, and search out buttons before I knit the buttonholes or buttonbands.

LOVE the father and son shot - what handsome fellows in their matching jackets! And thanks for the clever zipper and neckband tips. Happy New Year!

It's the cute little feet in the two-color socks that slays me. And the DadNMe photo is adorable too. He looks like the kind who actually doesn't mind being tickled. Wait...the Captain, not the Dad. I would never, ever, ever consider tickling another knitter's uh...well...

You continue to impress me daily. The picture of your "men" just makes me smile the biggest smile ever.

SO awesome! He is a doll, and of course the jacket is great. The silly boy shots are worth a million. Happy New Year!

Feliz Navidad Becky!!! Espero que hayan pasado unas fiestas maravillosas. Les deseo lo mejor en este nuevo aņo.

That father-son picture is unbelievably cute. You've got some cute boyz there.

Whoa, did you read my mind??! I just got a zipper in the mail TODAY and was planning on sewing it in tonight. I was kind of dissatisfied with the last zipper I tried, so your tips will definitely help!! Thanks, as usual, for the great advice and cute photos~!

Awww, the Captain is such a little model. I bet he's going to become a model, he loves it so much.

The matching sweaters are adorable and I love that your son calls your husband his best friend. Too cute.

Gorgeous ! - both jacket AND boy :0)

oops - sorry ! Didn't mean to dis your hubby - he's very cute too !

AWWWW...the "best friend" bit was too sweet for words. Ditto what Kay said, re: finishing and glad to know ya!!

Happy New Year!!

Wowsa...the jacket is fabby, and the boy looks great in it! You are so right about the finishing...but yikes! I can never make myself do it. I will think of the Cappy dancing around in his Jacket next time I want to just give up on finishing something well.

Father and shot is too, too sweet. What a stylin' family!

What a handsome sweater for the Captain! I have been reading your blog for a few months now and enjoy it immensely. I especially appreciate all the technical/finishing notes you include with the great pictures. Have a great new year!

Wow Becky! I've only been on holidays for 2 weeks and you've accomplished so much! Great looking men you have there and your fluffy jacket is gorgeous too!! Happy New Year to you!

I to am amased by how much older he looks, must be the haircut.. esh he's getting tall!

Very nice. Thanks for the zipper instructions. I've never done one, but I'm about to start a cardi that I'd like zippered. They intimidate me. Partly because I don't know what sewing backstitch is. I have no idea how to hand sew.

Um, your captain is looking older, I do say. Maybe somebody else said, I haven't read all 50 comments, but I'm saying, wow. Your boy's getting bigger.

Happy New Year! I love your fringed jacket.

I'm just stopping to say hi since it's de-lurker day. You make me want to knit again, your stuff is so cool. :)

Sweet little man, awwww. Handsome big man, too. "Best friends", how adorable.
I wish the boys I knew were still little (or "young", as my indignant nephew insisted at the age of 3) - there are such cute, cute designs nowadays for small people.
I love your tutorials, Becky. I do my neckbands completely different nowadays, thanks to your instructions.

Wow! What a fantastic photo of Father and Son!

Captains sweater is very cool. What an adorable little model he is! Fabulous work Becky.

Hi Becky! Your guys are just too cute....your son is just a little man!! You may have inspired me to get that cute little sewing machine....my dirty little secret is that I always take my completed sweaters to my dry cleaner to have the zipper installed....I HATE to hand sew........you did such a fabulous job on that zipper, though, I may need to change my tune.

Super cute! The shot of your husband and the Captain is priceless. Also, thank you for putting in your zipper slideshow. I have two zipper projects coming up, so seeing your technique is very helpful. Thanks for sharing your projects with everyone!

fantastic photo of captain destructo and his daddy! very cool shot.

Hi Becky, Laura here. New to knitting. I've been following your blog for a few months now. Your knitting is truly inspirational...:) You come up with gorgeous stuff. The fluffy jacket you did was the coup! Happy 2005! I've learn quite some from your blog. Thank you.

I cannot believe how quickly your son has grown! That is an adorable jacket. (I was sure I posted, but maybe I only dreamed it)! Anyway - the father/son shot is wonderful too. I hope you have a family portrait somewhere of the three of you all dressed in your wonderful knitwear!

It's so so so so SO coooooool!! IF I could knit the same for my DS.....but his mummy is drawning in other WIPs....anyway, conglats for the coolest boyish jacket ever!

Awwww, he is such a sweet boy! I love the photos.
As always i'm in complete awe of your exquisite workmenship. Such patience and devotion. Thanks for the card also. I hope my package has arrived by now.

Happy New Year! Captain Destructo is as darling as ever and that shot of the two of them is heartmelting.

Very nicely done!

Thank you for the kind words! And I always love hearing from new/first-time commenters. Welcome :-)

that is fantastic!!!
are you going to make one for yourself now?

REALLY late comment here - very new knitter - 5 scarves, working on 2nd poncho - 'bout ready for a sweater. I LOVE all the knitting blogs - such a COMMUNITY. Your little guy is so sweet - I have a 4yo grandson who may get a jacket like that for Christmas - guess I better start now and do a size 6. Really - great info here - so wonderful of you to share it with us all.

That boy is seriously cute. I like his style. I like his jacket too.

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