December 13, 2004


Look! Fluffy Jacket Progress:

It's, like, TOTAL fringe-itude, dude.
(What can I say? I got younger brothers.)

I bet you thought I'd gone off and forgotten about my Fluffy Jacket, didn't you? Well, ha ha! I didn't. I seamed the monster (using very strong machine sewing thread; I'd be really whack to seam using the yarn itself), and early this morning decided to start fringing. And you know what? I'm still fringing. I cloistered myself in the apartment and fringed all morning. Why so much fringe? Well, let me highlight a small portion of Phildar's finishing instructions: Fringe is to be added at the hem, the sleeve cuffs, the collar, and the edges of the front pieces in EVERY stitch or EVERY row. [Insert music from shower scene in Psycho.] Every stitch or every row, depending on where the fringe is being placed. That means that I'm probably going to be fringing all day. I expect to see my husband walk in around seven-ish to find the house in complete disarray with Captain Destructo bouncing off the walls and me sitting on the couch still putting on that mad, mad fringe. Hair a mess, eyeballs all bloodshot, bits of fringe fluff flying around...

But it'll be worth it. The jacket definitely needs that fringe to jazz it up. After I seamed the jacket I tried it on as is, and it's very "blah" without the trim. So fringe, I must. Anybody want to come over and walk the dog for me?

In other knitting news, I've got some great stash additions to share, all thanks to my thoughtful online knitting buds. Go on, click a thumbnail:

1) A surprise package from Marie in Wales containing some Colinette Mohair and Colinette Giotto! [Click to see.] I think I'll add the Colinette Mohair to the shawl I've been wanting to knit from last year's holiday edition of Vogue, and the rectangular stole in a simple stitch pattern.

2) Another surprise package from everybody's favorite Mason-Dixon ladies, Ann and Kay! [Click to see.] This one contained some books I've been wanting for a while now: Ann Budd's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns and Everyday Fashions of the Fifties as Pictured in Sears Catalogs. Of all the pattern books I have, Ann Budd's Handy Book of Patterns is among my favorites so I was very eager to get her second book of patterns. And it's no secret that I love looking at all sorts of vintage images, especially ads, patterns and catalogs of fashions, so Everyday Fashions of the Fifties is a much welcomed addition to my books collection.

3) Yet another surprise package from Wendy, containing some yarn that she spun herself! [Click to see.] I'm always impressed by people who are able to spin their own yarn (something I don't know how to do), so receiving beautiful handspun yarn from a fellow knitter is like a treasure to me. [P.S. to Wendy: While walking around downtown I saw a guy selling balloons in front of the Printemps store. Guess who was at the top of the pile of balloons?]

4) A package I received in trade from Froggy, containing Rowan Felted Tweed in "Crush", Rowan Kid Silk Haze in "Heavenly", a sheep tape measure and some cute knitter's cards! [Click to see.] I've got this fab Rowan yarn slotted for a couple of things from Vintage Style, and I really want to start knitting one of them this winter. (It's amazing how a box of yarn can make one totally rethink one's winter project lineup, let me tell you.) Don't let me until I finish fringing my fluffy jacket, alright?

In a word: WOW. Thanks so much to my online knitting buds for bringing in such holiday cheer! [Passes spiked eggnog all around.]

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(I've already had too much of the spiked eggnog)

You are very welcome!! :-)

Wow! You made quite a haul. I can't wait to see the fluffy fringed wonder - it's going to be the coolest. You must have to wear something knitted every day in order to give all your projects equal show time!

Where do you get your seaming thread - you usually use thread and not yarn, right?

your fluffy jacket is going to be worth every little fringe. it's a fantastic pattern and can't wait to see its fluffa debut.

and great eggnog. i just love eggnog and with a spike its even better, yum!

What cool yarn stash,
Your jacket is going to look great all fringed.

Have you ever used Benjamine from La Droguerie? it is used for the blanket in the current Marie Claire Idees.

fringey fluff indeed...

(raises high octane eggnog)'s to the mad rabbit finishing her fluffy fringe.

can't wait for the pics!

I was going to suggest keeping up your spirits by expanding your seaming party concept to fringing parties... but considering the amount of fringing needed for this jacket, and roughly translating it into number of Kirs Royal needed, I must finally advise against this idea.

Maybe intense fringing can become a zen-like experience? I always claim weaving in ends equals meditation if you do it long enough.

Whatever it takes, keep on fringing - this is going to look faboulous!

I feel your pain. I made an itty-bitty poncho and I still spent all night adding the fringe.

Took a class at Stitches East a few years ago from....can't think of his name now - the guy from Trendsetter Yarns.... anyway - he recommended using embroidery floss for seaming. It's very strong, comes in tons of colors. Have you ever tried that rather than thread or yarn?

Cool yarns, all of them! And the books.

And perhaps a kir could help the fringing? Isn't fringing equal to seaming party... Looking forward to see the finished fringjacket! And please, don't tell me how many hours you have worked on the fringe, or I'll change my plans for the yarn!

Well, it looks like I could very well pull an all-nighter to fringe this bay-bee. SEND CAFFEINE. (Preferably, in the form of chocolate. Hee!)

Re embroidery floss: I use embroidery floss for bigger-gauged cotton knits (you can see in my gallery), but I prefer to use thin wool yarn or strong machine sewing thread for thick knits with wool content, like this one. I feel that it "behaves" better with the main yarn when washed, because embroidery floss sometimes grows or expands (which is why I don't mind using it with cotton knits).

My mother actually uses embroidery floss when she stitches up projects. She swears by it and I don't think you could change her mind that it is the best suggestion. I was at a buyers convention in Atlanta one year and took a class where they suggested unwaxed dental floss for the strength issue.

Good luck fringing, you have my sympathy. Though it is going to be worth it.

I am wiggling in my seat, waiting to see this jacket!

You have the luckiest mailbox ever! :)

Oh you are a lucky rabbit - Totall deserved though! That fringe is fab baby!

Ooooh, very fluffa indeed! That jacket's going to be so cozy. Can't wait to see it all done.

Oh, fringe. How exhausting it can be. But you fringed your sister's poncho, so you are experienced. Too bad we can't all come by and help!

mmmm kidsilk haze! isn't it the best?

Oh that jacket is going to be *so* worth it when that fringing is done! Maybe some spiked eggnog and a few chocolates would help make it a fringing party!?

That jacket (and the ribbed gray ski sweater) were enough to make me buy that issue of Tendances, but then the thought of all that fringe has made me skitter away from actually knitting it. Perhaps eventually I will be brave enough to undertake such fierce fringe...

You make the coolest stuff. I haven't been around here lately so I came by to check out what you've been up to. You get so much yarn from people! I can hardly find patterns that I like enough to knit-I haven't even knitted a sweater yet because I can't find one Iike. BOO!! But keep up the good work! Love it!

On the fringing: better you than me.

Mmm. Eggnog.

I'm hooked on "skinny rabbit adventures". High quality site in so many ways. I also appreciate how you share tips and warnings of your knitting adventures. Thanks.

One last thing "how do you do it?" you must get that alot. Its amazing how quickly and how perfect your projects turn out. You are THE knitting diva!

your new fan!

Wow, you got some great gifts there, lucky.
Can't wait to see all the fringitude in it's glory.

Um, Ms. Rabbit, didn't you JUST buy that fuzzy green yarn? Your willpower is daunting. I'm just patting myself on the back for having gone TWO WHOLE WEEKS without buying yarn. Really making an effort to get the WIPs down to single digits, and new yarn doesn't help. This plan is doomed, of course, but should last another few weeks and any progress is good...

Every stitch or every row... blimey! That is indeed a fierce fringe. But you know it's going to be worth it - can't wait to see the finished dancing photos!!!

So much fringe! But worth it I'm sure - I'm looking forward to seeing it finished. Oh and what lovely stash additions!

I see you managed to tame the curly beast long enough to tackle the mane! Sewing thread? That's one I haven't tried yet. Perhaps some champagne is in order after all the frigin' fringing is done? Sorry I haven't been around of late, I'll try to do better.

This is going to be some real fluffy fringey goodness...I'm checking daily because I don't want to miss the slideshow!

Happy fringing! I can't wait to see the jacket once it's finished. Glad you liked the Colinette!

It took me all day to fringe my harlot poncho, so I can't even imagine the time commitment that you have ahead. Good luck and godspeed!

seeing as I've fringed for the very first time this weekend, you have my sympathy, still it will be ever so worth it.

Hi I have read your blog but maybe it is the first time to leave comments....I know what pattern is "last year's holiday edition of Vogue", for I loved it and it was the reason why I am now knitting a Colinette's AbFab kit in French Vanilla shade with a shawl pattern!

First time comment, long time reader!
I really love your fluffy sweater! I can't wait to see it complete. I loved it soooo much, I had to go and order the Mag. I just got it today and love so many patterns in it! I took french in high school and college, but that was many years ago! I'm going to try to translate myself :)
I have been knitting about 4 years and I really admire your work. This is the blog I read first. You are a great writer and knitter!!

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