November 25, 2004

Hello. Me so spoiled.

The day before my birthday I went into the yarn store and bought THIS:

It's so craaaaaaaaazy!

Phil Peluche in chartreuse. Neat color, eh? I ordinarily wouldn't buy a color like this or knit something in a color like this for myself, but for the past 10 years I've always worn black during winter. And black. And more black. Oh, and lots of black. Did I say black? Well, all in black. In an effort to try to liven up the winter wardrobe a bit (although I refuse to let go of my black coats and black boots no matter WHAT) I spontaneously grabbed this furry green yarn and said, "ring it up!" I feel so wannabe punk.

And look at what Jackie sent me as a gift:


Some beautiful Morehouse Merino so I can make a "Clapper"! [Okay, it's really called "Clapotis". But once Silvia called it the Clapper I can't call it anything else. Clap on!] Isn't this yarn a looker??? Big bonus: I got this fab yarn on the morning of my birthday! Talk about perfect timing with a perfect gift. And that is why Jackie is a golden goddess.

But that's not all! I've also gotten some other neat stuff: Carolyn gifted me with the Interweave Knits Winter 2004/2005 (she always keeps me posted on what everyone's knitting over there...thanks so much, Carolyn!) and Lisa sent me some Hello Kitty stitch markers when I admired the ones that she had. And this morning I just received Stitch'n Bitch Nation as a gift from Janet! (It looks like a great book; the designs that most caught my attention were the crocodile mittens, the bunny hat [!], the "rag" sweater and the sweater with the velvet bow.)

Thanks, ladies! :-)

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