October 27, 2004


"Fireballhead" (love that name) Kimberly sent over all these wonderful goodies in trade:

It's Christmas in Lyon!

After she sent it, she realized that she didn't send the shade of Cashmerino Aran I had asked for. And even though I loved the shade that she did send and am going to keep it, she offered to send over the other one anyway (with the extra treat of Pop Tarts and popcorn!) because she is a Golden Goddess:

Thank you, Kimberly!!!!!

I love both colors! I'm going to knit GLORIA from Noro Knits, but I'm still not sure which color I'll use because they're both pretty cool. Frankly, the red that Kimberly chose is the one that looks more like what's featured in the pattern book. So if I go with the red, Kimberly deserves full credit because she's the one who chose it.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be stuffing my face with Pop Tarts and popcorn while I pet all this fabulous yarn.

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