October 25, 2004

Fluffy chocolate yarn. Oh!

Pet me! Pet me!

Saturday morning was spent at my local Plassard boutique [ka-CHING!], and I made out like a bandit: 10 skeins of Plassard Flore in a beautiful light chocolate color. Kid mohair/wool blend. It looks like cotton candy, and is so soft and fluffy I could have sworn it purred at me when I picked it up. This bunch constitutes the last of the skeins in this fab color currently stocked at the store, so if you happen upon a Plassard boutique in Champagne de Mont d'Or and wonder where all the fluffy chocolate yarn is, a whack rabbit went in and took the last of it.

(Incidentally, I did buy more yarn but I'm not showing any of it because it's all gonna be presents. What? Doesn't everybody start their Christmas yarn shopping before Halloween?)

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