October 15, 2004

Fabby new stash additions:


Received from Sally as a gift: Aussie/New Zealand yarns! Oh my goodness. I've never seen anything like these yarns, ever. They are are amazingly soft and luxurious to the touch. Rare Earth boucle and 8 ply DK (both dye-free alpaca and superfine merino blends) and a hank of beautifully dyed yarn. These kinds of yarns are begging to be made into a scarf, so that it can be worn often and, as a result, petted all the time. [P.S. The postcard with the sheep reads, "I'm wearing what comes naturally". Hee hee!] Thank you, Sally!

Hello! I'm a Calmer Glutton.

Received in trade from Heather: 10 skeins of Calmer in shade 461. They're picture above with the other skeins of Calmer I have in my stash, and looking at the photo makes me realize that I am turning into a big-time Calmer Glutton with no remorse. I've got about three sweaters' worth right here in my stash, and if you asked me if I'd get even more Calmer for the stash in spite of those greedy three sweaters' worth, I'd say "sssshhhhYEAH, bay-bee!"

Heather also sent some NASA toys for the Captain, and I think it's quite clear that Heather has got big time star status around here. One of the things she sent was a NASA t-shirt, and the Captain immediately pulled it on, arranged all his NASA toys on the table, sat down, and asked me to "take a photo for Heather". [Awwwww!] Thank you, Heather!

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