October 11, 2004

Yarn and Tarts. Oh!


Oooooh! Received in trade from Tiffany: Rowan Plaid in Lavender Mist, Vintage Style, Art Fibers' Sheepish and Sage, some Addi Turbo circs and Crystal Palace circs, and Pop Tarts! The yarn, needles and books are heading for the stash. The Pop Tarts are going in my tummy. YUM.

The yarn: The Art Fibers are in gorgeous chocolatey tones with a hint of red/purple. Maybe a scarf? I have ten skeins of the Plaid, so my project options are wide.

The Vintage Style book: Aimee, Elise, Jolie, Magnolia, Joy and Salina are my favorites. If I were to knit one of these for myself, I think it would be Joy. (Love that collar!)

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