October 06, 2004

Lil Sis = No Knitting.

My little sister is visiting me from abroad, so regular knitting entries will resume early next week. In the meantime, I've got a contest for you:

It's a Skinny Rabbit Scarf Contest!

The prize: Two skeins of Phildar Tourbillons, the loopy wool blend yarn I'm using for my shag-rug scarf. Perfect as trim or carry-alongs for scarves, wrist warmers, bags, hats or any other project one's yarn-loving heart may fancy.


To enter, all you have to do is let me know what your favorite scarf yarn AND scarf pattern/stitch are via the comments to this entry. That's it! The contest will be open until Saturday, 10 a.m. CET and a winner will be chosen at random.

Happy scarf knitting!

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Hi Becky! I'm not real big on scarves cause I live in Florida but I loves me a contest! I have knit several *summer weight* scarves from Eros using the pattern I found on this blog:

Have fun with your sis...does she like french food? Hmmm....just thinking about french food (simple stuff like crepes, moules, fromage...) makes my mouth water!

Since I've only been knitting since last Dec, I've only made 2 scarfs. So I don't know if I have a fave....but my current scarf is made with alpaca...so soft and delicious! It's a knotted lacy pattern. I like airy and open scarfs since it doesn't get that cold here in CA!

Fluffa! what a sweet woman to have a contest for your loyal audience!

i love berrocco's plush for scarves for people i love -- i just plain garter stitch these because it comes together to look almost felted.

it's just so soft that i tell people that these scarves are more like blankies for grown-ups.

my favorite stitch for scarves, tho, is the river stitch -- basically where you wrap yarn 2x one row and then drop them the next. my first real scarf was done this way because a LYS sweetie taught me!

hope you enjoy your time with your sis and your darling family.

denise in virginia, usa

My new favorite scarf is from the brand-new book "last minute knitted gifts" written by Joelle, the owner of "Purl" knit show in NY. The idea behind this scarf is color choices. She sugguest using Manos and Kid Mohair together. Choose two different colors that are close togther on the color wheel. The idea of the color work is explain so well and used thoughout her new book. I have done two scarves this way and the results are beautiful. Plus the scarf is a quick knit and chunky and soft. Laurie

I have the opposite of Debi's problem. Where I live, for much of the winter, scarves are worn wrapped around the head about 3 times. We are talking utility, man! So, my favorite pattern is a tube of stockinette about seven feet long, which will not drag on the ground while hanging around your neck at mall. The yarn must be light, and machine washable and dryable, so it is usually (whisper) *Bernat Super Value Acr_l_c*.

i know a lot of people hate knitting with lion brand homespun, but i have inspired quite a few of my friends to make a scarf using that in the faux brioche stitch shown here:


the combination of the stitch and the yarn make for the spongiest, softest scarf ever! i made one for my sister in this neon purple and she gets compliments on it all the time.

Hi Becky...enjoy your visit with your sister! I like Patons Twister for scarf yarn (http://www.patonsyarns.com/product.php?LGC=twister) and mixing this with another basic yarn to add stability and doing a plain ol' garter stitch all the way.....LOL

[So here are two scarves I made with Patons Twister:



I've been dreaming of Debbis Bliss' Cashmerino Aran because it is oh so soft. My winter scarf for last year was made of out of that yarn and using a pattern of alternating rows of k2p2 and k across. I think I'm going to make a different one for this year because that one curled too much even after I steam blocked it a few times.

It's not particularly complicated, but I do love scarves made from a combination of eyelash type yarns - CP Squiggle and Fizz are good together - in plain old garter stitch. Simple but effective! :-)

Having seen the Rockstar and Latifa scarves in person (find them at www.knitty.com), I can tell you they are awesome and you can't beat the nice yarns. But I haven't made either one... so my favorite I have made is the total diva boa at http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/cctq-boa.html, made from Lion Brand Thick & Quick chenille. It's fast and fun and makes you want to toss it around while you wear rhinstone sunglasses like a true 50s movie star. :-)

Well, it may be a bit of a cop out, but my mother just gave me a plain old garter stitch scarf out of Dakeito Diafuron and, I'll tell you what, the lightness, softness, and yet warmth of this scarf is phenomenal. I'm thinking it'd make a fantastic Diagonal Multidirectional Scarf- which happens to be my favorite scarf pattern to date.

I've only ever made 2 scarves myself-- one was done in a stockinette (my first knitting project ever!), alternating green and brown stripes, in Plymouth Encore. The second scarf was done in a complicated lace pattern that I got free off the Internet (I forget which site, though), in Grossa Lana. I'm all for the utility-- simple stitches and wool-- because it gets cold in Philly!

Have fun with your sister!

[Oops! I forgot-- my first scarf was a 3x3 rib, not straight stockinette! Cheers!]

I like making easy garter-stitch scarves out of Bernat Boa -- it comes out very muppety! I made a blue one, and when I was done it was reminiscent of Cookie Monster or Grover from Sesame Street.

ooh...I love Classic Elite Inca Alpaca!

I have about 4 inches to go on my keyhole scarf... only 3 skeins of lovelyness! TOO SOFT! and the rust shade is divine!

Berroco had the pattern out for a while.

I like mistake rib for a scarf pattern - simple, reversible, yet a little different. I also like the multi-directional diagonal pattern here http://www.douma.net/Karen/knitting/Accessory-Scarves/Multidirectional_Diagonal_Scarf.htm
(Can I have two favorites?)

For yarn? Anything that's colorful and cozy and warm. Noro yarns fit the bill here - I made a scarf of Iro last winter that I love (it went to my mom), and I'm contemplating a Silk Garden one in the near future.

Becky - I just started a scarf using some Debbie Bliss Cashmarino Aran I had left from a baby sweater. The stitch pattern is an eyelet rib. This is the softest scarf I have.

Have fun with your sister!

Personally, I'm partial to funky crochetted scarfs in brightly colored worsted weight cottons. It's cheap and easy and generally pretty quick. For all my love of knitting, I almost always crochet my scarfs. I'm particularly fond of floral motifs strung together with a funky border.
Here's my pup sporting one of my designs

I love to use some fabulous ribbon and a drop-stitch - it's not really a *warm* scarf, more a pretty accessory. :)

Hmmm.... my favorite scarf I have knit so far.... It would have to be the super fuzzy blue scarf I knit for one of my little sisters last Christmas - it was one of my first knitting projects! I knit it on big needles (US 15!) 15 st across in good ol' garter. But the yarn! Oh the yarn! I used Anny Blatt Madone, Crystal Palace Raggedy, and Berrocco Laser FX all together.... Here she is modelling it for you: http://stitch.typepad.com/photos/the_knitty_gritty/img_0636.html

Have a great time with your sis! One of mine is coming down from Boston to visit this weekend, too! Yay for sisters! :)


Becky, your eyes are getting heavy, you are getting sleepier and sleepier....

When you wake, you will send the Phildar yarn to Drew. Not because his favorite scarf stitch is 2x2 rib and his favorite yarn to use is whatever he happens to have around. But because his 30th birthday happens to be on Friday and he would love to have a gift of French yarn from France.

After I count to three, you will wake. 1... 2... 3...

I'm kind of brand-name challenged but here is my recipe for a great scarf.

One skein super super super bulky wool in celery green.
One skein eyelashy yarn with periodic bumps in fall leaf orange.
Size 17 woodies.

Knit together in a drop-stitch, but vary the number of regular garter rows between drop stitch. Example: Cast on 4 or 5 stitches, 2 rows garter stitch, drop-stitch row, 1 row garter stitch, drop-stitch row, 3 rows garter stitch, etc. Fringe is optional.

The resulting scarf is super-skinny but bulky and perfectly irregular and fall-colored. YUMMY!

I like to combine a textured (think boucle) yarn with a fuzzy yarn. Last one I did like this was just garter stitch, but the combination of solid colored texture and coordinating multi-color fuzzy worked great.

Enjoy your visit with your sister!

I've only been knitting less tahn a year, my first project was a Noro yard garter stitch scarf (really a very large swatch) I loved to colors and stripes. My second project was a long ribbed scarf in Plymouth Bulky yarn and since I was afraid I would never be able to do the ribbing worked cross-wise I cast the scarf on length-wise and ran a pattern of K row, P row, K row, P row, then P row, K row, P row, K row. I kept repeating till I got the width I wanted. Much easier. I worked some eyelash yarn of the first and last 20 stitches of each row so the ends are fluffy

I have only made two scarfs ever, but I think my favorite I have seen recently is the Pia scarf from the new Rowan "Big Just Got Bigger." It is made out of Rowan Big Wool Tuft. I haven't bought the yarn yet, but I really want to make this scarf!

My favorite scarf from last year was knit with GGH Esprit held together with Crystal Palace Squiggle, knit every row. It's soft and funky. http://mcgoose.typepad.com/photos/knitting_finished_project/

My current favorite is any nice soft boucle and a garter stitch. I like my scarves bumpy and spongey and squishable :)

Have a wonderful visit with your sister!

My very favorite scarf yarn/stitch combo right now is highly textured wool yarn and garter stitch--just letting the yarn do its thing. My Secret Pal sent me a fantastic yarn from Australia called Flowers and it knit up in less than two hours into what will probably be my favorite scarf this year.

I have some lovely hand-dyed ribbon called Silky Way that is from Knit Happens' own line of yarns. It is just waiting to become a lovely scarf and I think it will be my favorite.

As far as the stitch goes, I'm having a lot of fun with one of my current projects, a punk rock scarf for my boyfriend. I'm randomly putting in twisted stitches, starting and stopping cabling and dropping stitches to make great ladders. I'm breaking all of the knitting rules and I'm loving it!

My favourite scarf... I'm wearing it right now! It's Naturally Merino Fine in fuschia and made into a 2x2 ribbed keyhole scarf. I wear it everywhere...

So jealous of those of your who have your copies of Joelle Hoverson's new book!

I am currently on a Blue Sky Alpaca bulky kick. I knit up a long skinny scarf in simple 2x2 rib. About 2/3 of the way through I added a 4 inch stripe of a contrasting yarn out of my stash. I love the look and the scarf is sooo soft and warm. It's a great way to use up those stash leftovers.

Hi Becky
I can't wait for winter! My favorite scarf pattern is my own. It's basically raspberry stitch down either side with a big cable running down the centre. I love to make it using Rowan Wool Cotton. It's a bit different every time but always stylish and warm.

Hi Becky ~ For warmth I'm partial to a broken rib, because it looks good on both sides and doesn't roll!
Have fun with sis ~

My favorite scarves are made of manos del uruguay & done in mistake rib stitch-- thick and warm and cozy. My second favorite is to use a drop stitch pattern to show off the yarn-- but somehow it feels less snuggly that way! :)

I've been experimenting lately with some of the slip stitch color patterns in Barbara Walker's 2nd Treasury and the mosaic patterns in the 2nd and 3rd, either in two solid colors or a solid and a variegated.

I'm a big fan of Karabella's Aurora 8.

I am nearly done with a scarf right now that is definately my favorite. The pattern is the ruffly white scarf from Scarf Style. I am making mine with TLC CaraMia--surprisingly soft and smooth with its angora content yet washable--so necessary for a scarf :)

My favorite scarf was knit using the combination of Berroco Suede and Berroco Candy FX.

Mountain Colors cashmere, of course. The Cashmere Lace scarf. Mmmmmm.... soft.

My favorite so far are several scarves I made as Christmas presents for my kids using Plymouth Yarn's Indiecita Baby Alpaca, some in red and others in beige and using Myrna Stahman's book on shawls and fisherman scarves. So soft, warm and so pretty. I have enough baby alpaca for a sage green one and a burgundy one. They might have to be for me....if my kids don't talk me out of them. :)

My favorite scarves are made from any 2 Crystal Palace yarns (esp. Splash and Mikado Ribbon but Deco Ribbon, Fizz, etc work well too). I just do garter st because the furry fun would obscure anything else. I do 2 rows of one yarn then 2 of the other until one runs out.

frankly i wasnt much of a scarf fan for years. the only one i ever liked was a long rectangle of polar-fleece. because my little self cant STAND itchy. however, that was all before clapotis. i'm making mine in some un-named ebay yarn that's hand-painted and 50 wool 50 silk (like the lion and lamb, i believe) and... i will never have a cold neck again! it's silky enough not to bug me, light enough not to over heat, but oversized for snuggle value/

Hey Becky! I'm not sure if I have a fave scarf yarn...I like Woolease (of various weights) if I am doing something with a pattern thought. My favorite stitch is probably basketweave or garter (for novelty yarns)

My favorite scarf for women is to take some slubby wool yarn and knit a whole bunch of stocking stitch. It curls at the ends but I like that.

For guys scarfs I've just discovered the mistake rib stitch. I've been playing around with this stitch and some rowanspun dk. Yum.

Have a fun visit.

Hi, love love love your blog. My fave scarf that I made was with basic Bouclé yarn from Walmart...migth have been Red Heart? Fuzzy and warm for those cold Canadian winters. It's knit lengthwise really long and then you undo the left and right sides to make built in tassles.(this is done by not binding off the first and last 10 stitches or so) Found the pattern somewhere on the web, but can't remember where(oops). The tassle ends always make me think of jellyfish tentacles!

I'm embarrassed to say that my favorite scarf was not only one I didn't make, but it's actually machine-made! It's a virgin wool worsted-weight 1x1 rib, about 7 feet long with a luxurious long fringe on the ends. I love it because the designer managed to blend red, orange, purple, olive green, brown, and two shades of grey into a stripe pattern that doesn't look ridiculous. All of my stripe patterns look like mistakes or the kind of thing Barbie would make -- very Pollyanna. Second favorite is plain stockinette a blue bouclé with multicolored slubs, bulky weight, that a beloved writer sent me as a gift.

I made several scarves last winter for gifts and a favorite was using Online Punta with bigger needles (US 11) and garter stitch. Super easy but the colorful boucle yarn gave a nice effect.

My favourite? By far a 2x2 rib scarf I made from clearance balls (one- or two- and a half balls) of Pingouin Tyrol, a DK-ish boucle. Mmmm-mmm. Soft, cozy, thick, and springy (springy yarn, not springy weather).

My favorite scarf yarn is Rowan Polar (ok well that is my favorite yarn hands down!) and My favorite stitch/pattern is checkerboard. Knit 4, Purl 4 across, Purl 4, Knit 4 across, repeat until done! I love it so much, I'm making another!

My favorite pattern is the Shape It scarf from Sally Melville's The Knit Stitch. I don't have a favorite yarn, though. I've loved it in cheap to fancy schmancy yarns.

Favorite scarf YARN has to be Prism's Fluff, knit in garter stitch, with a few well-placed stitch tricks from my own fevered brain that turn it into a boa. People have begged me to sell them one, but it's strictly about the knitting love.

Favorite actual PATTERN is probably a shadowbox, double-sided / reversible fabric knit with Crystal Palace merino frappe yarn. They have the instructions for it on the Fuzzy Galore website; I think this link will get you there: .http://www.fuzzygalore.biz/patterns/esther.shtml

Two balls of contrasting merino frappe, some really fun knitting, and you have a killer scarf!!

Hi Becky,

So far, I've made 3 multi-directional scarves from Noro Kuryeon. I think the pattern and the yarn are made for each other. I usually don't wear horizontal stripes but in the case of this scarf, the short rows form triangular blocks of color that melt into each other. Just beautiful. (I've yet to make one for myself!)

My favorite scarf pattern is Rachael's scarf pattern - URL here: http://www.yarnagogo.com/good_ole_cabled_scarf/

I have made 2 of these scarves and I used cotton ease for one and wool ease for the other (Lion Brand). I'm a po' college student, so I can't afford those luxury yarns yet! These scarves are nice though - the cotton ease makes for great stitch definition.

Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk (deep red shade) using the Noro cabled scarf pattern from Noro #15. Sooooo soft!

have a great visit with your sister!

My very first project was a long, long cabled scarf for my husband using Takhi/Stacy Charles Baby. I had dawdled for 6 years before truly learning to knit, it was a wonderfully soft merino, I loved doing the cables, and it was long enough for my 6' 7" husband to wrap around himself many times during an especially cold New York city winter.

I have to confess that I haven't used any of the more expensive yarns yet since I'm still fairly inexperienced as a knitter, but I do love Lion Brand's Wool-Ease (lots of HP scarf knitting going on over here). I have a ball of some beautiful hand spun and dyed wool from a yarn shop in Oregon that I haven't used yet because I like to just touch it and dream about what to make of it... maybe that will be a scarf someday. for ME!

I've got about a dozen "dead muppet" fun fur scarves... Not especially warm, but very fun to play with.
For warmth, I'm really liking the knitty.com "Clapotis" I'm working on with chocolate brown alpaca yarn. So soft.

My favourite scarf must be the star rib mesh scarf, found here: http://mary4169.tripod.com/vanitypage/id40.html
It doesn't look like much on the picture, but when you knit it yourself, you just gotta love it! So soft and the lace looks like snowflakes, flowers and stars, all at the same time :)
And then it's easy - even a beginner would catch on quite quickly!


I haven't been knitting very long, but my first scarf project has gotten so many compliments - I am very proud! (Thank goodness the temperature here in Boston dropped a couple days ago and I could wear it!)

I used a Brown Sheep heather grey burly spun and a seed stitch. Then I single crocheted around the edge in a lovely varigated green from Araucania.

Not too fancy, but it looks good and is super warm!

I'm with Tamara. I have all the yarn in my stash to make both the Rockstar and Latifa scarves from knitty. I love the mighty Koigu. My favorite scarf to wear throughout the winter is a long red seed stitch scarf with fringe made from KFI Cashmereno (which I believe is a knock-off of Debbie Bliss).

I haven't made it yet, but I am dying to do a feather and fan stitch scarf out of Crystal Palace Yarn's Labrador. Oooh, that stuff is so amazingly lovely!

For scarves I like Cascade 220 wool.
One scarf I made using this yarn was done in Moss Stitch with fringe added on either end.

Have lots of fun a la Française with your sister!

My favorite scarf is Latifa from Knitty. It was the first one I ever made. I skimped on the ruffles and used Plymouth Turino Silk instead of Garnstudio Silke Tweed and Koigu, so it's not a purebred Latifa, but I love the crispness of it. I think I'm going to do another with the recommended daily allowance of ruffles.


another fun idea for a contest-- and if you ever wanted any scarf- knitting- inspiration, just look at all the suggestions!
After much deliberation, I finally decided on Naturwolle (I'm not sure who distributes this yarn-- I think it may be Muench), but it is a thick- and- thin hand- dyed yarn that comes in tons of glorious colorways. I used the general idea of the skinny scarf pattern from Suss Cousins'Hollywood Knits book, but I substituted stockinette for the rib the pattern called for. I made one for a co- worker and she's worn it so much that it's felting!

Have a good time with your sister-- does she live in the U.S.?

My dream scarf that I need to figure out how to save money for would be made of Great Adirondack's Cashmire. Babies' butts have nothing on the softness of this yarn, plus it's hand-dyed. My colorway of choice would be "midnight." I dream of making a skinny entraloc scarf out of it. *swoon* The store I used to work at had this yarn for about $85 a 100yd skein. I just keep telling myself... someday.

Right now my favorite scarf yarn is Koigu KPPPM & Rowan Kidsilk Haze held together, knit on size 10 1/2 needles.

The pattern is a basic 2x2 rib with garter stich ends. These two yarns knit together give dozens of colorway possiblities.

My favorite scarf yarn: Mountain Colors Goat. I'm just finishing up one with a simple arrowhead lace pattern. A close second? Koigu handpainted yarn with Barbara Walker's Indian Cross stitch.

Hi Becky,
I am just getting around to knitting my first scarf, which is still in-progress; however, I love the pattern, so I wanted to add my two cents worth ;)
pattern: Lopi Lace Scarf from Weekend Knitting
(here's a pic -
yarn: any variation on the word CASHMERE ;)

My all-time favorite is a scarf I made for my mother two years ago. It's dark green cashmere in a reversible lace pattern from my LYS -- so soft and cuddly!

My favorite: Annie Blatt angora/wool yarn in red knit in a "candy cane" pattern to make a fisherman scarf. I made it as a gift and then kept it for my self!
My friends favorite: Eros in garter stitch using size 15 needles. It makes an open stretch "ladder" scarf that amazes non-knitters.

My favorite scarf pattern of the momment is the thrice-cursed scarf that I found at craftster.org, and I'm using Doucer et Soie to make that. I'm also making a 4x2 rib scarf for my sister in manos del uraguay.

My favorite scarf is one made from Antonia from skacel. It was beautiful yarn, so I just garter stitched the whole thing. It is a great scarf!

I love Squiggle carried along with a nice acrylic in a matching color. It is soft, squishy and looks FABOO on any girl out there!

Hi Becky,

Well, I have to say that my favorite scarf is made from 2 balls of Trendsetter Shadow (black multi) and 1 skein Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (cavern). Knit the Shadow and CF together in garter stitch until almost gone, bind off and you have what I call, "Coney Island Fireworks". I named it after my fondest childhood memory of watching the special fireworks show each week during the summer in Coney Island, Brooklyn NY where I grew up. Here's a close-up:

A contest! My favorite. Okay, I've never really entered a contest but I was beginning to feel like a stalker coming to your site all the time going, "I wonder what Becky is up to" and then realizing with a shock that I don't really know Becky. Anyway, I love skinny alpaca and skinny Maine wool in two different colors worked together so they make a bad heather, worked at 4.5 st/in or so in the round for about 30 inches. It's plain, it's just a little scratchy, it's utilitarian and it makes me feel like I could go to Kennebunkport, Maine and get away with it. So Kate Hepburn. I like to unravel enough stitches about 4 inches from one end to make that enormous buttonhole to put the other end through.

My favorite scarf right now is made of some silk Noro yarn (not the best choice, but i realized it was dry-clean only AFTER i knit the scarf..doh) and lionbrand fuzzy black yarn. It's the rockstar pattern from knitty.com.

My favorite scarf yarn is Diakato Diadrey - it's a thick/thin yarn where the thick part is bouce in beautifully dyed colors! My favorite scarf pattern is this yarn knit in a diagonal pattern.

My favorite scarf is really simple. Trendsetter Aurura in garter stitch. It's a novelty yarn, so there is no use with a pattern, IMO

The cutest scarf I have seen and is on my waiting list to do is a scarf made by simple stocking stitch using self striping sock yarn. The Stocking stitch made the edges curl inwards like a tube, but best of all the self striping yarn made it look like a fairisle.
The effect is similar to the Devan sweater from the Knitty.

I don't like wool on my neck, so that's out, but my favorite so far is Bernat Softee Chunky in a 2x2 rib. It's so squishy. Plus, it's cheap.

How much fun is Sister Love!! I have three and we always have loads of fun - so enjoy your time together:)
Ooooh a contest for the scarf lovaahs...
I really enjoy knitting scarves because they brighten up any outfit as well as keeping you nice and toasty on a brisk fall or blistering cold winter’s day.
As you can see from visiting my site I love scarfs!
My favorite so far has been the recent Cornelia Hamilton using Noro Silk Garden. Luscious colors of Silk, Mohair and Lambswool. The pattern was fun! The series of increases and decreases kept this knitter entertained! In an odd way I was so sad when I was done:(
Plus my 2 year nephew likes to grab it and use it as a mask as he screams "I see you" as he peers through the holes! This always makes me laugh.
This scarf is quite an "eye" catcher - many people comment on how cool it is. Maybe a sassy rabbit will too! Could this be a winning accoutrement? Check out the pics

Favourite scarf yarn is 1 strand colinette mercury + 1 strand colinette mohair knitted up in either moss stitch or garter stitch using 15mm needles. It's such a quick win and shows off the colinette colours.

Hi Becky
For me, scarf yarn has to have some mohair content - but not too much - and a rib pattern. My last scarf was made of 1 strand of Rowanspun 4ply and 1 strand of Kidsilk Haze - de luxe! I have chosen a 3 purl, 2 knit Rib, this looks good from both sides.
Greetings from Switzerland, Katia

I liked especially a scarf I made using two different Noro Kureyons and (2 rows of each, alternated) in a K4 P2 rib.

I like cashmere and a pattern of 6 stiches 1x1 rib and 6 stiches seed stitch. I usually use about 30 stictches.

My favorite scarf of the moment is Wendy's (wendyknits.net) great fan and feather pattern using America's Alpaca Landscapes...The yarn is incredibly soft and the pattern is easy, but rewarding in its pretty end result!


I have only made one scarf, so there is not a very big variety to choose from! Handspun creme coloured wool, spun by my friend Elizabeth, and a lace pattern.

So far, the most *fun* scarf has been a Squiggle/Fizz combo from Crystal Palace. No need for fancy stitches, just garter.

Knit One, Purl 1 Ribbing for my Ribby Ducky Scarf with the Black Duck from helloyarn.com is my personal favorite yarn for a scarf thus far-so lovely!

Hmmm... so hard to choose a favorite! I like skinny yarn on big needles in seed stich... easy, lacy, very pretty. My favorites have to be Filatura di Crosa Zara (softest yarn *ever*) and Inca Alpaca (or any alpaca, really)... I used them on size 13 needles. Yay for scarf season approaching!

my favorite scarf is the vertical striped scarf that i made for my friend laura... i used acrylic (ewww... j/k) but it turned out really nice!! soosoo proud! :P

My favorite scarf thus far is one I made with a handspun wool -- the cutest combination of pink, purple, and white. My roommate bought it for me as a gift. It would probably use size 10 US needles, but used 35, making a very long, very wide scarf. It can be used as a wrap, but I ususally fold it in half and use it as a big warm scarf. Strangers compliment me on it all the time!
Recently, I took a play break between big projects and make a little scarf (2.5 inches wide, maybe 2.5 feet long) to wear at work during the day. I used Rowan Calmer (oh, calmer. i kees you. muah.) and an eyelet rib. Fun to knit, very cute scarf.

I like to use Lionbrand Homespun for my scarfs. I made up my own "boa-satyle" scarf. You knit 1 row, then you insert the neddle as if to knit, bring yran btw the needles, wrap around your fingers, and slip them thru the stitch. then you slide this new stisch Back on the left neddle and insert, wrap, and draw thru AGAIN. You do that across the row and the knit one row. It's pretty simple to do, but hard to explain.

Great contest! I was thinking of using a pattern written for that yarn for a scarf in my fuzzy Cat yarn that I got in Germany.

But my favorite yarn I've used for a scarf was Debbie Bliss' Cashmerino Aran. And I LOVE doing side to side garter stitch scarves.

Have a great visit with your sister! :)

Hi Becky! I love what you've chosen for your shag-rug scarf. For me, I like scarves to be delicate and long. My favorite one so far was made using Wendy's feather and fan pattern and Diakeito Diarufuran -- that stuff is absolutely delightful.

Have a wonderful visit with your sister! (Have you taught her how to knit?)

Hhhhmmmm..... fav scarf pattern.... It's got to be garter stitch but with tons of stitches cast on and only a few rows so you knit each row along the whole length of the scarf. Do this with size 7mm needles and Noro Cash Iroha. It's fab!

Have a great time with your sis!

I love something shiney like a strand of rayon, comliment it with a strand of kid mohair, and perhaps a corresponding boucle, and use a drop stitch pattern, and it's soft and shiney and drapes really really nicely!

Favorite scarf yarn = Rowan Kidsilk Haze in a Feather and Fan pattern:
Cast on 46 stitches.
Rows 1-7: Knit
Feather & Fan pattern:
Row 1: Knit
Row 2: K5, P36, K5
Row 3: K5, K2tog (3 times), YO K1 (6 times), K2tog (6 times), YO K1(6 times), K2tog (3 times), K5
Row 4: Knit
Continue in feather & fan pattern until desired length
Last 7 rows: Knit
1 ball makes a nice, warm scarf that's lacy and soft as a cloud!

i love love scarfs and wooly coats, but where do i live? southern california! d'oh. right now my favorite scarf pattern would be a thick/thin yarn like colinette point 5 or rowan chunky print done up in seed stitch to show off the texture. add some fringe and you have a great scarf to wrap. i also like plain old rib on scarves with colorful stripes.

hope you have a great time with your sister!

My fav scarf was knit in the round so it formed a long tube. I then joined the ends of the tube with fringe. I used scraps of burgandy, green and blue aran weight wool. I basically changed the colors and patterns at will. It made a wonderfully warm scarf for my sister to wear to her son's football practices.

Well, here comes me: my favourite pattern is I mistake rib "2 knit 2 purl with a twist", it can be seen in the book The purl stitch by Sally Melville and yarn is made in Czech republic, called Diana and it is 80% wool and 20% acryl, soft and warm.

I love the Annie Blatt scarf kits - angora and ribbon yarn, with a simple drop stitch pattern.

Too many entries already but I can't help but share the last scarf I made as a contestant. The last scarf I made was using Angora Super (Anny Blatt?) and therefore has somewhere created a very skinny (naked, probably) rabbit. Not only that, it's very FLUFFA. Oh wait -- I mean FLUFFY. There are no words for how soft it is, either. The stitch I used to take advantage of this FLUFFA, oops I mean FLUFFY, scarf was the Wave Stitch, that uses varied counts of dropped YOs to create peaks and valleys between rows of garter stitch. About.com calls it "seafoam":

Enjoy your time with your little sis!

Hope you're having fun wiht your sis!

My favorite scarf is one I'm working on right now. It's Manos del Uruguay in the 114 colorway and I'm using a reversible brioche-like stitch that I sort of made up (I'm sure someone has "made it up" before, but it was new to me!)
CO 19 stitches
Row 1: knit
Row 2: *K1, K1 in the stitch below* to end
Row 3: Slip1, *K1, K1 in the stitch below* repeat to last 2 stitches, K1, Slip1
Repeat Rows 2-3 until done.

It would probably be easier to just cast on an even number of stitches, but I like the slip stitch edging.

My favorite scarf to date is a feather and fan scarf knit using cherry red 100% alpaca. Soft, Supple, Yummy!

... have fun with your sister. :)

Hi! My favourite stitch is the two by two rib in something hunky and chunky (like Fleece Artist big thick and thin stuff) On broomsticks, no less! Gotta love it! My second most favourite is 5.5 mm needles and laceweight yarn and knitting stockingnette for miles-makes a really beautiful scarf/wrap.

I just made a rib stitch scarf with doubled Lion Brand self-striping ? sock yarn I think. Pretty, and warm.


I like the Moebius scarf for the sheer nerdiness of it all! Also, you can customize this any way with different stitches, etc.

It has been great seeing everyone's responses! My first scarf was a 2x2 rib in (red/black lumberjack twist) Wool-ease from a Lion Brand scarf pattern from the back of Vogue Knitting. (The one referred to above with Jellyfish tentacles!) It was fun to work up.

My favorite yarn is alpaca and to stray away from safety, a future pattern would be a lengthwise tangerine scarf: www.straw.com/cpy/patterns/tingle_deco_scarf.html

I just finished a scarf (birthday gift for my mom) out of Berroco Softy. I cast on approx 150 stitches on #10s in red. Then, because I'm a newbie, I simply garter stitched about 10 rows, changed to black and did another 10 rows. It is SO soft I want to keep it for myself.

Becky, I love your blog! My friend Shelby (of Karmic Knits) told me about your site - and I loved your Apricot Jacket so much that I've ordered the pattern for myself... can't wait to get it! As for scarves, I am a recent devotee of Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande - I just finished two Christmas gift scarves from it, one for my husband and one for my mom. It is thick (knits on 10 1/2 -11 US needles), oh sooo soft, and looks beautiful knitted up. And it comes in lovely colors too. And as for favorite stitch pattern, I am very into the one I just finished, which is the DNA Cable scarf from last year's winter issue of Interweave Knits (the cabled pattern forms a double helix) - it's so cool! :)

Classic Elite Lush and the Casual Formal Reversible Scarves from Interweave Knits!

I live in foggy San Francisco and there is nothing I love more than scarves!! My current favorite is one I just knit for myself, and plan to make one for my mom for christmas. I knit it using rowan polar yarn and I love the pattern from stich and bitch, with the 1x1 rib and a hole in the middle to keep it from flying off your neck!! Mine is in orange and I hope to make my mom's in green!

i like to use crystal palace merino frappe in st. st. but with increase at one side and decrease at the other s it's diagonal...

i love your blog, esp. the links at the side! i've seen so many interesting things!

DEFINITELY--Rockstar from Knitty:

Because people pet me when I wear this one! OH yeah baby, I'm a rockstar now.

Well, for us broke, white trash folks, only the Harry Potter ( aka "Wizard") scarf pattern by Red Heart, knit in their finest acrylic, on a pair of cheapo aluminum needles will do. If you're gonna do something, do it right I say!

I LOVE me some debbie bliss super chunky cashmerino and it looks AMAZING in seed or moss stitch!!!

Machine washable and amazingly soft... truely the best!!!

ooh la la!
while i am a fan of the snuggly winter scarf (i've actually been accused of french leanings by my once-living-in-paris friends for the fact that i'm never seen sans scarf after october. but my all-time favorite (for the next two weeks at least) is a scarf made for my mom out of manos cotton stria (pink, of course), out of feather and fan lace on large guage needles. it's incredibly soft, drapes beeee-yewtifully, and the subtle varigation with the lacy stitch makes it always fun to look at (to say nothing of knit).

Oh, what lovely yarn! ^_^

My favourite scarf yarn is good ol' plain cotton... it makes a perfect not-too-warm scarf for spring and fall. I created my favourite scarf using just garter stitch and a very open gauge. It creates and interesting knotted pattern without a lot of effort. Quick and easy to knit - good for beginners and impatient types. ^_^

I am such a simple girl but my favorite scarf yarn is Lambs Pride Bulky and I love stockingette stitch scarfs. They are very simple but they're so beautiful and the stripes and patterns that you can make with the yarn is really cool. I'm just a plain jane.

I love the Noro Silk Garden and the free Multi-Directional scarf pattern.....

Hi, Becky. My favorite scarf to wear is a surprise to me. It's a totally different use and version of a dead muppet yarn.

I knit up Gedifra Techno Hair on 2mm needles in garter. This yarn is a very long eyelash of extremely light and soft microfiber on the tiniest of central threads. Knit on 2's into this dense fabric, it makes the softest, most cuddliest thick false-fur that you'll never want to take off. I make it in a narrow 3" width, since there's no way you could fold it in half lengthwise, it's so thick.

The reason this is such a surprise to me is I'm a total 'all-natural-fiber-all-the-time' freak, and I can barely stand to touch, much less, knit with just about any novelty yarn. I was making 26 scarves last year for family gifts, and had picked up a couple balls of novelties for the youngest female recipients, and ending up not giving this version away because I absolutely wanted it for myself. Believe me, this one's nicer than my previous fav of a cabled Trendsetter Kashmir! And much cheaper. sigh. Ok, my secret's out, and yes, I'm embarrassed to have admitted it.

Hiya Becky! Just ordered some Alchemy Synchronicity to knit Clapotis (from Knitty) and it is divine and oh so soft and supple and the color variations just oh so subtle.

The cabled scarf pattern in the "Knitting Made Easy" magazine, knit with Cascade 220...although I'm planning to make one with some alpaca yarn, which should be very soft and snuggly.

My favorite scarf is Colinette Fandango in stockinette stitch. Beautiful colors an oh so soft!

Hope you're enjoying your visit with your sister, Becky!

I've made just a few scarves, but my favorite one was the Feather and Fan lace scarf that is on Wendy's website. (Thanks Wendy!) I made it as a birthday gift for a very dear friend of mine and she loved it. I really liked the yarn I used for it, but embarassingly, I can't remember what it was...I think it was by Plymouth and it was a 75/25 acrylic/wool blend, but I can't remember what it was called. It was really pretty, it was variegated with blue, purple, green and teal. So pretty!

I've given away all of my favorites and don't usually keep record of how I knit them or what I used, so it doesn't take long for me to forget. But I do remember this one: http://buttershug.com/index.php?p=243
2x2 rib using plymouth flash and red heart light & lofty
It's one of the few scarfs I've been hesitant to give up.

Lately I have been really into Lion Brand Kool Wool (quick knit, soft, and oh so affordable!) and the fabulous "Ribbed for Her Pleasure" pattern out of Stitch and Bitch. Ribbed scarves are so great for winter.....

That yarn is awesome! I can't wait to see your scarf creations! And have so much fun with your sis....

Hope you are having a fabby time with your sista' and not getting into too much trouble.

I couldn't resist putting in my two cents for fav scarf. My favorite scarf of the mo is:

Reversible Lace Ladders Scarf

It looks so delicate. I think it would look lovely in a soft mohair. Hmmm, maybe my next project!

My favorite scarf to make and wear has been the multidirectional scarf in Noro Silk Garden (86, I think...reddish-orange-brown.) It was fast and fun to knit because the coloration of the Silk Garden kept one knitting "just a little longer" to watch the color distribution.

I LOVE your scarf! (I too, live in black turtlenecks in the winter.) Does anyone in the U.S. carry Phildar yarn?

The contest is now closed (Saturday, 10 a.m. CET). A winner will be chosen at random and announced on Monday.

Thanks to everyone for playing along. I'm very inspired by everyone's suggestions and creativity.

Have a good weekend!

Well…since I'm knitting my very first scarf right now, I'd say it's not fair for me to enter. All I can say is, that I imagine I would like a really soft type of yarn that is warm also…nothing scratchy unless it goes over a turtle neck.
That being said, right now I'm making a scarf with Noro-Silk Garden, though it is slightly scratchy, it's lot's of fun, since it's making stripes and you just have to keep on knitting to see which color will come next.
Have fun with your sis…I only have 3 brothers and have always wanted a sister. (mind you, they are fun also)

wow, that yarn looks YUM...MY! i don't have any prize worthy scarves, but that yarn made me want to knit one!

My personal favorite scarf yarn and pattern don't go together! I love to use eyelash yarns to create fluffy fun scarves - but if I'm using a smoother yarn, I almost always do mistake rib

My favorite scarf is Jaeger Chamonix in limoges with seed stich and the first/last few rows in the pale blue chamonix with pretty tassles.

mmmm. Fave scarf stitch is mistake rib - it's 2 sided, and enormously scrunchy and elastic. As for the wool - anything superchunky and decently smooth. I used my own handspun, but that nifty super-chunky nepalese stuff would do just fine, or Nundle's 20ply wool. Yum. Here's a pic: http://monnsqueak.blogdrive.com/archive/66.html and a link to the wonderful Nundle woollen mill in Australia http://www.nundle.info/nundle/shop/detail.asp?qid=49&cID=35&s1ID=&s2ID=&s3ID= mmm mmm! Yuuuuu-mee!