August 26, 2004

Lovely goodies from all over the place!


Lovely Tahki Cotton Classic from Jenny! This would make a wonderful tank, or maybe Polka Purl Dots from IK's Spring 2004 issue?


The Novita Winter 2004 from Finland [!], with the additional treat of a bar of chocolate from Iris! This is the first time I've seen a Finnish knitting magazine and boy, oh boy do my Finnish neighbors got it going on when it comes to knits. Great stuff, and I'm particularly charmed by this saucy sweater. Love it!


This is non-stash related, but too cool to not share. Some fun surprise treats from Heather, including lip balm, candy, freeze-dried ice cream like the astronauts eat, space shuttle toy, a little coin purse (that my son is now using to store his toy cars so he can attach it to a button loop on his pants!) and some goldfish which my son ADORES. My son opened the package first thing and was so excited he could barely stand it. Just for Heather, here are some pictures of his pajama-ed, spiky-haired self showing off his space shuttle. (I can hear him playing with it right now as I type this.)

Back to stash-related goodies, I also received the latest Rowan mag in trade from Carrie, and the Noro Knits book in trade from Sarah. Wonderful things to knit in both! I've got my eye on a few things from the latest Rowan, and the two things from the Noro Knits book.

In short: My online knitting buds ROCK!

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