August 13, 2004

Ooooh, how FROU-FROU!


Freshly added to the stash: Some fluffy Phildar Cecilia. Vintage cardigan, thou shall be mine! (I'm all about the cardigans lately. I can't help it. They're just so PURDY!)

New mags I've just gotten:

1) VK Knitting, Summer 2004 issue courtesy of the ever-thoughtful TAMARA, who sent it just because. [Gracias, Tamara!] My favorites: The "Just Peachy", a.k.a. "Goddess" tank, Bobby Summers's lacy v-neck and Gayle Bunn's halter. Huzzah!

2) Phildar Hommes Automne/Hiver 2004-2005. Much, much nicer than last year's, which I didn't even buy because I found the designs to be...well, I just didn't buy it. This year's edition is much nicer, I think. I've got a few possibilities mapped out for Monsieur Le Hubby. He deserves the knitting love, too.

3) Interweave Knits Fall 2004, thanks to KRISTEN, who sent it because I showed a yearning for it. [Merci, Kristen!] Boy, oh boy. Nice stuff in there. I find Annie Modesitt's (one of my favorite designers) Sideways Spencer very charming. I also like Shirley Paden's Tuck and Lace.

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