July 21, 2004

I love me some stashy goodness.

She gleefully announces, "Yes, there's more in the bag!"
[Click here for an obscenely big view.]

I love me some stashy goodness! Lots of Phil Ruban in variegated light blue, solid green-blue, fuchsia, red, coral and purple. Somewhere in Contres, there's a knitter wondering what happened to all the Phil Ruban in her local Phildar boutique. When I went into the boutique, the Phil Ruban wasn't on sale because the saleslady did not know that IT HAD BEEN DISCONTINUED. I was the one who announced it to her. [Hee!] She checked on the computer and discovered that it had been discontinued, so she put it on sale right then and there. Good for me, because all of the good colors were still available as they hadn't been put on sale before I got there. Score!

The book was an extra treat. Thanks, Marta!

Also added to my stash: some GGH Java from Marta in Germany, who sent it in exchange for web work. (I had been planning on doing the pink cardigan [Jacke en Apricot] from Rebecca 27 ever since I saw it in the mag that Athena sent me back in May.) I received the Java about a week before I went on vacation and was able to swatch it while in La Loire. It's a really nice yarn; light and airy.

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