July 01, 2004

Hello. I am a yarn trollop.

SOLDES. Magic word, that. The summer sales started in my city on Wednesday, and on Tuesday night I pitched a little pup tent in front of the yarn store and spent the night there, so I could be the first one in the store come 10:00 a.m. the next day.

Just kidding. Actually, I started my yarn shopping last Saturday, because Plassard in Champagne de Mont d'Or closes from June 30 to August 31 and I wanted to make sure that I got some choice yarns before it closed. All of its warm weather yarns were on sale so I went a little bonkers there, and picked up a mini stash of Grand Large, which is a worsted cotton that is very similar to Rowan's ASC. I also picked up some novelty yarn and Tahiti cotton yarn, which is fine gauge and knits up on small needles.

On Wednesday, the beginning of the BIG SALE, I visited Anny Blatt/Bouton d'Or boutique and picked up some ribbon yarns. I also visited my favorite Phildar boutique even though the only yarns on sale are the discontinued ones, and nearly screamed when I discovered that my BELOVED Phil Ruban has been discontinued. I immediately gathered a bunch of it into a little mountain, jumped on top and hung onto it like a crab clings to a rock. Ka-ching! Here's a show-and-tell of my new stash additions [lots of images; clear your cache]:

I love me a bargain, but I didn't get everything on sale. Sob! I picked up some Plaisance and Coton Microfibres and paid regular price for them, because I noticed that the new yarns for winter came so the store is being cleared out of a wide selection of its cottons and I'm just now starting my summer knitting. I also had to pick up a skein of each of the new winter yarns that interested me the most. Those weren't on sale either but they looked so neat and I have no will power. Such a yarn trollop, I am! Here they are:

100 percent guilt-free yarn.
[Click here for a REALLY big view.]

That wraps up the stash enhancement for now. Today was spent fighting the crowds at La Part Dieu mall. No yarn shopping there, unfortunately. But I got cute shoes!

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Oh la la! What beauties! EVERYTHING looks so delicious! I had no idea that the Phil Ruban is no more....that could explain why hubby only brought home 5 when I asked for 10 balls! Man, I wish I can just reach through my screen and touch. That winter yarn looks fun to knit. Happy knitting!!

Discontinue Ruban! Well that's horrible, they better replace it with something even better...

You got some good sh*t there chica, I love the glitzy stuff too. How fashion disco diva are you going to be! ...Stayin Alive...ah ah ah ah...Staaaaying Aaaaliiiiive!

How luscious! I wish I could touch, too ;)

What, no photo of the cute shoes?

I can't BELIEVE all the goodies you got! I'm so jealous. And I just love the look of that new fluffy winter yarn. It's too bad about Phil Ruban, it's a really nice yarn. Stock up, my friend.

Wow wee... looks like you had fun! I really envy your yarn stash... so many gorgeous stuff. I'm trying to get my LYS to bring in more yummy cotton / blend yarns, especially Anny Blatt. I got to play with their sample catalogue and loved the ribbon yarn too. So many colours! I nearly swooned when I saw the amount of pinks they had in their various yarns. I had a mini haul today too... mini compared to yours :o)

I went rue Grenette and only bought 20 balls of Coton n°8 (a sweater for Hubby).
I thought I would buy everythign that was in those little paper bags...

Wow, great stash additions. Your pictures are so great I can really get a sense of the the texture as well as the color. And the colors, just amazing. I am always baffled at how amazing your color combinations knit up and I suppose they do when you start with only the best colors offered.

Great choices!

Becky, I am totally coveting your yarn stash right now. Isn't that is one of the 10 commandments? "Thou shalt not covet thy favorite bloggers yarn stash". *sigh*

I'm such a tactile person that my fingers are ITCHING to touch that yarn. I'll have to go grope the skeins at my LYS tomorrow. Today is Canada Day, so I'll have to live with the delayed gratification.

Thanks for sharing the photos. If there is one thing I CAN appreciate it's someone else's shopping sprees. Retail therapy, it's all about the retail therapy.

Where's the shoe picture?
Thanks for reminding me the sales had started, managed to get rid of 2 boys, took one with me and had a root around in Phildar, bought a little Ruban, but no nice pink like yours!
Can't wait to see what you knit with the Plaisance, love the colour.

You'll love that Tricotez Caelin pattern book. I have made several of the patterns from it and they are wonderful! I even substituted a little Bliss cashmerino for one and it is just deliciously sweet.

Looks awesome!

I feel like we've been totally spoiled this week with all your postings.:) I could get used to this posting every other day business...

Sympa les soldes à Lyon !!!Alors comme ça, ils osent arreter le Phil Ruban, les méchants !!!!

Oh my! Becky, just when I almost had myself convinced NOT to buy more yarn when I go checking out some further afield yarn stores in my area, I end up at your site. Now I crave it ALL. Your choices are yummy looking. And you have a wonderful way of describing things that make for pure entertainment. Thank you for never failing to make me smile.

lucky you to find such great sales! none of the LYS in my area ever have a sale. looking forward to seeing some great new knits from you and don't worry you're not alone in not beginning your summer knitting yet - ha!

I think I just ruined my keyboard - I can't get the drool out from under the keys ;)

All things considered I'd say you showed quite a bit of restraint by only sampling the fall yarns, rather than digging into full-blown projects for them, too! Me, I think the stash enhancement for the month of June rises to 6...or is it 8? new projects, so maybe now that you've reminded us that yes, there will still be yarn available in the fall, and yes, we will be coveting that too, I will be able to hold off on further additions until September.

Naahh. But it sounded plausible for a half a second.

I love the image of you jumping on a pile of Phil Ruban yarn. That loopy yarn looks like tons of fun. Maybe a bucket for Captain?

Glad you enjoy my stash addition pictures. It's fun to play show and tell with online knitting buds!

I should mention that I didn't picture all of the Phil Ruban because - get ready for this - I was able to bring home only half of it. I had taken the metro down there and was already laden with stuff, so the good lady at the shop is keeping the other half for me. I go down there today to pick up the rest. I got some variegated blue, some lighter pink and some pale green/blue. Huzzah!

What lovely stash additions! I totally love the red/pink loopy yarn! Can't wait to see what you make with it.

Tu sais vraiment faire les choses en grand! Maintenant, j'ai envie d'en faire autant. Ah! Les soldes!

Hurray for stash enhancement, one of my favorite activities!

Lovely, LUSCIOUS yarns. I like the loopy looking yarns too.

Yarn Sale! Woot! My LYS never has yarn sales. :P You got a great stash going, girlie! Can't wait to see what you'll whip up next.

Those new yarns look really cool - especially the chenille. Thanks for sharing the sales and new stuff with us. It's so exciting getting a first-hand glimpse of all the fabulous yarns over there!

How are you ever going to get any of the other projects done if you keep restocking? Just kidding. Like the others, shops in my not so immediate area usually have their sales maybe (sob!) early in the year (that's January thereabouts) and only one perhaps smaller ones around August to clear out for the fall/winter season (usually pickin' is slim). And it's only the first of July and already?!!!! By the way, it looked quite (by my monitor) patriotic (be it French or American) some of what you've bought. Great haul kid!

If I had a door prize for the most observant commenter, Shirley would have nabbed it. You noticed my patriotic thumbnail!

P.S. Restocking is gooooooooooooood.

Thanks for posting those pics, you little tease. Now I have to wipe the drool off my keyboard! ;)

Congrats on your new stash. Sweet!! Can't wait to see Audrey all done. I saw your striped top on the Rebecca cover. LOVE it!!!

Wow ! Good shopping ! Such great taste in yarn.
I vote to keep the camelia micro,and get more in another colour.Stashing is an art form on it's own,i maintain. :0)

Ah, you've made my day! Love it, love it, love it....such bright colors. That Diamant is, I think, my favorite. No, the Petite Fleur. No, the purple Plaisance... :)

WOW, talk about stach enhancment.
I fear in little old Isarel yarn is scarse so if I want nice yarn I need to shop on line and pay whatever is offered and than add shipping, oh well. I'm amazed that you have different boutique's for different manufacturer's. A whole boutiqe for just one manufacturer. WOW.

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