June 20, 2004


Bottom's Up Bucket with a flower!
(I just had to do one, too.)
[Click thumbnail below for wacky model shots.]

Hat número 2 is finished! I used the Bottom's Up version and Bergere de France Bergereine 50% wool and 50% cotton in violet. After seeing all the cute bucket hats with flowers on them (a big SHOUT OUT to Wendy, whose hat was the first I spied with a crocheted flower on it), I just had to be a big copycat and add one, too. I have a straw bowler's hat with a flower on the side of the brim that I bought in Coyoacan, Mexico City, and I wanted to do something similar. So I did! (Putting a little detail on the hat makes all the difference, I've discovered.) This particular hat is going to be sent overseas to my niece, but my son kindly modeled it so we can see how it looks worn. As always, he likes to make wacky faces because it gives him a kick to see them in the camera viewer. Hehe.

The flower was fun to knit. I came up with it myself, and didn't follow any instructions or pattern. It's easy: I knit each petal individually and then used the ends to tie them together. I pulled the yarns through a stitch in the hat and knotted. In the middle I placed a crocheted bobble. The petals are small so the whole thing went very quickly. (Instructions below.)

Skinny Rabbit's Knitted Flower

I'll be doing a few bucket hats for the summer portion of the knitalong, so expect more to come. As for the other knitalongers, we've got some more finished bucket hats! Crissy has finished a Bottom's Up for her little girl. Jaz knit a Bottom's Up and models it in a great shot with the Empire State Building and Brooklyn Bridge in the background [!]. Jillian models her bucket hat (knit in a beautiful peach color and decorated it with a flower from La Droguerie) in a great picture with her dog Boo. Emy has two wonderful hats: a Bottom's Up using GGH Samoa and another Bottom's Up using GGH Samoa and Muench String of Pearls. Eva's brother shows us how a bucket hat can work as a sailor hat. Julia looks like a rock star in wonderful beach BUP. Wow! I like looking at all these hats knit in different yarns and colors.

Today is June 20, so this brings the spring portion of my Bottom's Up Bucket Knitalong to a close. Now's the fun but difficult part: Picking a photo + hat that will get some fabby French yarn as a prize. In the meantime, sign-ups for the summer portion of the knitalong have been re-opened and you can sign up here. Yeah!

For my knitted flower: You can use scraps. I used Rowan Cotton Glace in white for the petals (size 3mm needles) and Rowan Cotton Glace in yellow, DOUBLED, for the bobble (size 5mm crochet hook). You can use yarns in other weights and you'll basically get the same results. Play around with different yarns to obtain wider petals, etc. If you're using a heavier yarn for the bobble, you might want to use the yarn singled.

Petals: Cast on 1 st. Turn work. Knit the stitch. Turn work. Increase by knitting in the stitch twice. Turn work. Knit across. Turn work. Increase by knitting in the first stitch twice; k remaining stitch. Knit 5 rows even. Knit 2 sts together at the beginning of the next row. Turn work. Knit across. Knit 2 sts together at the beginning of the next row. Turn work. Knit remaining stitch. Bind off, then cut yarn and pull through. (Knit as many petals as you want; I knit six for the hat. You can knit more and overlap them.)

Crocheted bobble: Chain 3. Work double crochet three times in first loop on chain. Pull yarn through all loops. Chain one and then bind off. Use ends to sew onto the middle of the flower.

Small print: This flower pattern is © copyrighted to me. Reproduction of the text and/or paraphrasing it for reproduction is not authorized. Further, modifications to the instructions and publication thereof is not authorized. If you make a flower following my instructions and post a photo of it on a website, printed form or anywhere else, please credit the source by linking to this entry (if on a website) or mentioning the URL "skinnyrabbit.com" (if in printed form or anywhere else).

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Do losers like me who failed to finish a hat in the spring section get automatically moved to the summer section?

I love your hat! The little decorative details (flowers, fish, what nots) really make this hat pop. I may just try one of these flowers next time. My sister asked me to make her a bucket once she saw mine. Me thinks I need to learn to crochet! Your son is such a ham! :-D Hmmm...he may be on his way to being a model. Have you seen Zoolander? I like the shape of your bucket. It looks perty sturdy, is it? I need to figure out how to make mine more stiff. LOVE everybody's pics of their buckets. This has been soooo much fun! Thanks Becky for hosting!

Becky, what a great job as always! The flower is the perfect accent. Thanks for the continued inspiration!

Love the flower, super cute!

That flower is so cute. I was wondering how you did that bobbly middle. Very clever. 'Course your son looks adorable in it. I love that hammy age.

Oooooh cuteness! I love the flower :)
I love the long skinny petals. I finished my bucket too - just in time woohoo (I know you've already seen it!).

Love that flower! Thanks for sharing the pattern. I will definitely have to try that. I'll be putting that flower everywhere. What a nice addition to an already great hat!

The hat looks really great, and the model is so cute.

oh my god, that is the cutest hat I think I've ever seen in my life.

Oh no! It's over already? My hat is done (as of last week - yay me!), but I don't have a pic. Can I enter in the Summer and recycle my hat and turn in a pic with my cousin modelling it?

Love the modelling pics with your son - he's quite a character!

First time commenting here :) hello everyone! I love the flower becky. I was just thinking that would look great embellished on a scarf. Just a thought.. :)

Your boy is such a cute lil' ham! That bucket hat looks really nice and love that flower :o) Great job as always, Becky... you continue to be my source of inspiration!

Love the flower! And the bucket itself looks lovely :)

Lovely hat ! The little flower add spring/ summer smell to it.

Love the flower! Such a classy, sassy addition to your bucket! Maybe I will add one to my pink bucket - or to the summer one I am working on now!
As always - an excellent job!

As always ADOREABLE kid.
How do I sign up for the Summer one? I started mine, just have not had the time to update my blog or take a picture.
I love the flower!

That hat is fabulous. And the flower? Just great :)

what a wonderful hat! and the flower is the best...i think i need to start one.

Awesome hat! I love the color (and the model of course!) Can I sign up for the summer bucket-a-long?

The daisy really makes your bucket hat special! Thanks for sharing your pattern with us :) Your son is such a funny little guy--hee hee!

Lovely hat and colors! The white makes a nice contrast to the purple and yellow. Your niece is going to love it!

oh oh oh oh... (bouncing in chair behind desk - hoping rest of office doesn't notice my excitement)the flower! It's the perfect little accent for Knitty's Daisy sweater I'm working on for our friend's baby. I didn't want to embroider it with daisies, but I didn't want it to be plain either! Inspiration! Yay!
Merci Bucket! Tee hee.

Becky, thanks for adding me in at the last second. I am very proud to have made it in under the wire! This was a totally fun hat to make. Bonne Marie has such great designs and it's so super of you to draw our attention to them. For summer I may have to make a BOC instead of a BUP just to enjoy the whole spectrum. I love your addition of the lovely flower, too. I've been thinking of going in that direction for the summer, but this particular BUP spoke for itself. Can't wait to see the next round!

Hat, hat, hooray! It's just perfect.

How adorable! I love it!

LOVE the daisy!!!!

I love your little flower, it's so delicate. I am going to try one to attach to a wrist band. I'm convinced that cute things on my wrists will distract folks from all of my mosquito bites :)
Have a great day!

Oh, Becky, that hat is too fun! And your guy shows it perfectly in his typical crazy style (my 4 yr. old dd loves his photo shoots!)! Thanks for sharing your flower pattern! I look forward to giving it a try. Love it!

Wow! Your son is adorable!!

Cute cute CUTE flower! Little embellishments make the hat sometimes, don't they?

Personally, I think this pattern knits up perfectly as a kid's hat.

Too damn cute! And how much do we adore Captain Destructo?!

THANK YOU for such encouraging comments! And I'm glad that others like the flower. It was fun to construct. And please note Anne Marie's cool idea: Knitted daisy on a wrist band. I like!

P.S. Whoever signed up for the knitalong needn't worry if they haven't knit a hat for the spring portion. Remember, it's only the CONTEST that is divided into two parts, not the knitalong itself. Obviously, if you haven't knit your hat yet you won't be eligible for the spring contest. You'll just get automatically pushed over to the summer contest.

Great hat! Love the little flower. Thanks for sharing the instructions. As always, wonderfully fun kid pics. He's such a ham! ;0)

Love the daisy! It's my fave flower, so I'm sure I'll be utilizing your little pattern in the near future. Thanks for a great knitalong - what fun!

oh. right. there was a deadline... :\ Well, my hat was done weeks ago, but I didn't have a "cute" pic of it until last night. Thank you for hosting a fun fun fun knitalong. I loved seeing all the buckets!

I absolutely LOVE the little daisy. It balances out that blue/gray (on my monitor) very nicely, and is JUST the right size.

The hat is purple (and that's how I see it on my monitor). Some browsers show colors differently.

I have a question. I am knitting in the round and have cast on one row. Should the side that "grows" as it where be facing the inside like ushual? It feels like I am doing the rim from backwords or something.. maybe I am thinking to much..

Princesa absolutamente hermosa del oh de los cubos!!!

Just stunning - the little flower just puts that lovely hat into the hall of fame for chic & FUN!!! So very FRESH!!!

Here's an idea - Any chance of us giving a "reader's prize" for the best bucket photo? It would be fun to vote - there were so many great pictures. I'd be willing to Paypal a donation of $5 your way for some extra French yarn. Maybe if a couple people were willing to sponsor it we could do a popular vote. Could be fun....