May 13, 2004

Sung just like Julie Andrews, but tone deaf.

The hills are alive, with the sound of needles clicking...

It's swatch-o-matic chez skinny rabbit! As I'm about to complete my husband's ribbed sweater I have officially declared myself Able to Swatch for New Projects. Above: Phil Ruban and Estelle Young Touch Cotton. Love 'em both. They're very long swatches because I decided to just test out various needle sizes and types at the same time. I worked a purl row on the right side to indicate when I started a new section using a different-sized needle. [Hello! I'm too impatient to bind off and cast on for a new swatch.] Thus far, it looks like Addi circs win the gauge contest on the Phil Ruban, and bamboo circs win on the Estelle Young Touch Cotton. Yep, new projects on the horizon. The very thought makes me want to stand up on this chair and dance a happy little jig in front of the computer.

While I was busy swatching for new projects, some bucket hat knitalongers went off and finished some more fabulous hats! Maggi models her proper topper, Eileen knit a Bottom's Up bucket in luscious brown and adorned it with a flower, Jessica models her sassy blue Bottom's Up hat in Sugar 'n' Cream, and Amisha shows us her very cleverly-embellished Bottom's Up bucket. Snazzy! It's all very inspiring. I'm feeling the itch to start my second bucket hat this weekend. How about you, fellow knitalongers? Anything at all you'd like to share? And don't miss latest bucket hat knit by Bonne Marie (shown on her May 13th entry), along with some useful tips!

More knitalong news: We've got way over 100 people listed in the knitalong now. Wow! In order to keep it all organized I am only signing up people who comment at the entry linked HERE, and no other entry (including this one or any subsequent bucket hat entries). No more email signups because, well, I was getting too many via email and it's easier for me to add people to the list who comment at this entry as I have to republish it in order to get new comments show anyway. Further, I am closing comments on each bucket hat entry after it has been up for a week as I am publishing bucket hat entries weekly, so there is no late commenting on older bucket hat entries. Oh, and one other thing: Once you sign up, and if you have a blog, I will not link to your blog. I am linking to finished bucket hats only. As I am unable to visit everybody who is in the knitalong to search out finished bucket hats, please let me know when you've finished if you would like for me to link to it, and send me the direct link to the photo or entry where the photo is featured. If you don't have a blog and would like for me to link your photo, please send me only one and make sure it is no wider than 450 pixels in width. That way, I don't have to do any editing to it. Thanks, and keep those hats coming. They're looking very good!

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I have all necessary supplies for about five more bucket hats. I have to start my next one soon, since I'm making it for a birthday on May 23!

I also enjoy seeing everyone's finished buckets. This knitalong has been such fun, I can't wait to join more!

Bravo! I haven't started my BUP yet. Sigh... I am knitting my buns off trying to get other summer goodies finished. Diva starts preschool in August and I have the urge to get going on the fall knitting too!

Love your swatches... whatcha makin'?? ;-)

Love how you knit your swatches. Great for comparisons and nice buckets pic/links. Saw some great links I didn't know about.

Mine is finished, and blocking. Maybe it'll be dry tonight and I can snap some photos!

So many buckets! I will start mine sometime soon, I have the needles now. Mmm that looks like more chocolate ruban! What will it be?

It's so nice to see everyone's finished BUP creations. My BUP that I finished about a month ago sits alone in my knitting bag. I was too embarrased to post pics on my blog. I loved the side and the crown - but the brim is HUGE!!(the doubling up on the cotton did not help it). When I put it on, it looks like one of those hats from "Fat Albert". He, He. I did finish a cotton bucket o chic which I love and wear often. I just have to ribbit my BUP and tweek the brim!
Back to scratch! Thanks for the pics and the reference to Bonne Marie's BUP & Tips!

Bucket. On the list. After I've wrestled Licorne Alice to the ground.

finally found the yarn I want to try out for the summer bucket, will get going on it in June --- I think I'll still be within the deadline! yikes, how time flies!

Well...who knows when I'll get to knit something for me or my I have another baby to knit for...I am happy for my cousins, but this one was a surprise...but June is at least 3 weeks away, so maybe by than I'll be ready.

It's a swatching party! I love that's so rich looking. Thanks to your swatching inspiration, I swatched some Schoeller Stahl Santa and Phildar Falaise today. I think I actually like swatching! It's almost exciting to see what the lovely yarn you've been fondling is going to look like knit up. Once those are cast on I'll actually have 3 sweaters on the go (4 if you count a little doggie sweater ;) Yipee!!! Now I just have to get around to digging out cotton for my bucket hat!

Oh Becky, my bucket fell into the frog pond. le sigh. It just didn't look good.

I pulled it out of the pond, dried it off, and started over - this time with a bottoms-up-bucket, which I think likes the yarn better.

Your post inspired me not to give up! ;-)

Why, is that Young Touch Cotton I see? Could you perhaps be planning to knit up, *gasp*, the yarn that I traded you for the Muppet Pimp Coat? I'm all a twitter! I've been waiting to see that sweater design for lo, these many months! Guess I'll have to be satisfied with the swatch for now :-)

There very same, Alison! I'll be recalculating the row gauge by a smidgen, but I'm definitely going to be knitting it with this yarn. Woo hoooo! P.S. The yarn is lovely to knit, and the fabric is so drapey and glossy. You chose well!

Jen: I "cheated" a tad. I used my leftover chocolate brown Phil Ruban to swatch, but the new project will actually be knit in a lighter caramel color. Caramel, chocolate...I've got a sweet tooth!

Everyone: Thanks for the news on your buckets. Please don't feel rushed; knit leisurely. We've got through summer!

Oooh I love that tangerine-ish color... very fun! I think I'm going to make myself a bucket hat... probably on the three day drive to Mexico... I'm thinking... purple! Eeee!

Wow, your long swatch idea ROCKS! You're a knitting genius!! I'm totally going to do that next time I can't get gauge the first time around . . . 'cause I hate all that casting on and binding off too. :)

Great crop of bucket hats! After reading Bonne Marie's notes, I may have to seek out some Cotton Ease and give that a a slightly more muted color ;-). mystery! I can't wait to see what the yarn will turn into! Everyone's buckets are so amazing! I finished mine last weekend. I'll have to get a photo of it this weekend when it's nice and sunny. I plan on making a few more for friends and family this summer! I love this bucket along!!!

oohh... i really like the knitted flower as bucket hat embellishment. i wonder how difficult that would be to do? i have some white cottontots in the stash that might be good for a second bucket, but it needs... something. btw, i also thought cottonease was great for buckets! not too hard on the hands (especially after the brim is done), & keeps its shape.

I wish I'd read those hints before I knitted my buckets - I'll just have to knit some more now :)

That long swatch idea is awesome! I am definitely trying that for my next project. :)

I have to say that swatching for new projects is probably my favorite knitting thing to do!

Whew! Finally finished my BUBOC I've nicknamed "Gilligan", AND was finally able to give it to my mom, and get pictures of it on her head. Please see my May 19th post on my blog ( for pictures. The "official" knit-along entry photo and caption is the one with just my mother and the Steel Magnolias quote, but I just HAD to include the ones of my nephew...he was just too cute about it