May 05, 2004

A little distraction can be good.

Say it with me now: "Ooooooh!"

This photo of Colinette yarn - recently added to my stash - is here to distract you from the fact that I am bored of knitting sleeves, and have pretty much put all major projects aside while my sleeve-knitting batteries get recharged. The single rose prop in the photo is provided courtesy of my three-year-old son, who brought it home to me after visiting an open market with his Daddy on Sunday morning*. I think it charming that he brings flowers to me, and usually obtains them himself by repeating "flower for Mommy, flower for Mommy" to flower vendors like a caffeinated parrot.

I have thoughtful Marie of Space Craft to thank for enabling me with this lovely yarn by ordering it and sending it to me in trade**. I received it yesterday and, quite frankly, can't stop staring at it like a love-struck fool. (Do you want to see a closeup of this yarn? Sure you do. Click here.) As soon as my honkin' big 15mm Addi Turbo circs come in and I finish up some current projects, I'll be knitting this yarn into the wrap featured on the cover of Vogue Knitting's Holiday 2003 issue. The very thought makes my palms all sweaty and I feel like running around the room in circles from excitement. I've been wanting to knit something using Colinette for a while, but it was seeing someone else's enviable stash that pushed me over the edge, thank you very much. I won't name names [cough::Wendy::cough], but seeing photos of someone's yarn stash can be enabling.

Marie was also kind enough to include a gift of Colinette hand-dyed chenille [drools helplessly] in the package. Marie rocks my knitting world. And any suggestions on what I can make using this yarn are welcome.

Speaking of chenille, I may have taken a break from my trip to Sleeve Island, but I haven't completely stopped knitting:

This was my quick break from the sleeves.

I knit a flower washcloth from Weekend Knitting, using the Crystal Palace cotton chenille everyone's favorite biologist sent to me in one of her yarn care packages. What a fun little project! I have a hank of this yarn in green and I'll be knitting another flower this week. Meanwhile, I headed over to my favorite store that sells provenšal products and bought some handmade soaps from the south of France. I'll be sending them together with the flower washcloth as a gift to my Grandma.

*Mommy, of course, had stayed behind. Mommy is a lazy person on weekend mornings.

**Fact: Trades with knitting buds make me feel like I get presents in the mail.

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Hee hee, the 'cough wendy cough'bit made me giggle. Now where did I read that before? :-) Enjoy the Colinette! It looks most huggable.

I've been dying to make that wrap, but have been buying the Colinette here and there, rather than all at once.

I've never even wanted a poncho in my entire life, but reading Wendy's blog now has me practically foaming at the mouth for one! Though the one I'm planning will be more like the one you made for your sister, I already purchased a healthy quantity of brown ribbon yarn.
So, in short, you calling Wendy an enabler, I think, is like the pot calling the kettle black!

What a beautiful yarn! I love those colors, fit my taste perfectly. I'm looking forward to see them as a finished product.

Gee I thought I saw that flower pattern before...wait it was also in Interweave Knits. I made mine with a plain cotton yarn but looks great just the same. Though the petals were rather tedious. What a great gift to make and send with handmade soaps (seems like you can find them being handmade almost everywhere these days, that is if you look for them - the soaps). Both handmade! Not hinting around, I wouldn't mind getting such a gift. Thanks for showing the pic!

My first reaction was ooooh. I went through a major Colinette phase and knit 3 throws and some scarves. I have the yarn for another throw in my stash closet but am waiting for the cooler weather. If I can muster up the courage, I want to knit yet another throw to donate to my son's school. It is beautiful yarn and yours is gorgeous. It is a pleasure to knit with.

Your Colinette yarn is fabulous! As are your son and you new design - I love it!

Glad to return the favor! Heh heh heh.

Love the colors of your Colinette! It'll be beautiful knitted up.

That Colinette's going to make a beautiful wrap! The flower is so cute! I recall you suggesting it to me a while ago- it got put on my list. Seeing the finished product definitely bumps it up the list.

Captain Destructo is so cute. Now I have the image of a caffeinated parrot in my head. Hee! Hey, if it works... ;)

That yarn is so nice looking. I could almost feel it on the computer screen.

Mmm...the Colinette looks so luxurious. I can't wait to see what the wrap looks like! That hand dyed is gorgeous too...what rich colors!

And what a pretty flower. Your son is sweet and thoughtful, just like his mommy!

I currently have a very very full stash that I am trying to use before buying more yarn. The Colinette is not helping at all, let me tell you. I love that Vogue wrap - who doesn't - but had been spared having to buy Colinette by the mere fact that thte LYS where I work doesn't carry it at the moment. You are seriously weakening my resolve. To get even I may have to photograph my stash in its entirety and post it up in a drool gallery (TM) to torture you. (I can do this - Moxie downloaded a free thumbnail software package for me so I'll soon be back in the biz of picture-posting - what a sweet boy!) There are consequences for your actions, girlie! Why don't you just be a good girl and start your Charlotte or something? xox


c'est fabooooo!!!!!

Lovely Colinette selections. Glad you liked the Crystal Palace chenille. The face cloths are a fun little project and do make nice give aways with a bar of soap or a sachet.

Lovely! I have that wrap pattern - I just fell in love with how sophisticated it looked - not to mention warm and cuddly.
Your little man is quite a cutie! How sweet that he thinks of what will make his mom happy:) Adorable!
I have toyed with making that washcloth - I just might have to put one together. French soaps - ahh the smell of lavender - yummy foaming lather on a soft chenille cloth! Heaven!

That Colinette looks so decadent lounging there like's saying "look at me, touch me..." I don't know if I could wait for those huge needles, just stick two of the kid's Tinkertoys in the pencil sharpener and get going...

Thanks for the encouraging comments, everyone!

Silvia's comment made me laugh so hard I think the windows in the room rattled. Silvia, don't tempt me. The kid's got tinkertoys in the next room and Colinette beckons in all her hand-painted glory. The trollop.

P.S. to Julia: We want the drool gallery!

Gorgeous Colinette! That wrap is going to be fabulous! I'm so jealous of the provencal hand soap...I love that stuff!

OOh Becky just gorgeous. I am so tempted after seeing all of this Colinette too. Don't tell hubby but I have a little side trip planned to Wales and the Colinette store when I am home in the summer myself. Not long now...

Your Colinette yarn is gorgeous. Keep on the good work on those sleeves! You know it is kinda like Survivor, it is tough but every once in a while they get to read a letter from home. You even get a better deal: you get to play with some fab' yarn:D

hehe...the thought of you running in circles makes me giggle. the orange washcloth looks great...i'm working on a "mauve" one myself. hmmm, thank you...looks like i need to make another trip to the yarn shop...after seeing your photos, my fingers are twitching for new yarn, which isn't always the easiest to find here in hawaii.

Good gravy. Between you and the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival ladies, I'm spent from envy. :-) Enjoy!

Don'tcha just love to lay your yarns out and just LOOK at them? Of course you do. And *we* love to look at them with you!

At least you never have to knit more than two sleeves per sweater. The husband said I should make him THREE socks instead of two, in case he loses one. The husband was told he could sleep on sofa. ;-)

Nice haul Becky! What did you have to trade for that, a kidney??? :)

Really beautiful yarn, can't wait to see you knit it up! I have total Colinette envy! Enjoy!!

Isn't it AMAZING stuff! I love those colours as well, really very pretty. Have you been petting the yarn? It's fun just to look at it and stroke it I think!

Pretty, pretty yarn! Love the face cloth! Seeing yours makes me want to make another & another & another...I've found them highly addictive.

the wrap is going to be very beautiful, sophisticated & cuddly all at the same time! I just love those daisy washcloths -- Interweave had the pattern in the winter issue & I knit some for Xmas gifts -- really fun. Your cuttie son will love it in the bath!

OOOOOOoooooooooooh! OOOOOooooohhhhhhhhh!
Beeeeeeuuuuuuuutiful yarn!
What a co-inkydink: last Sunday I went out and bought a bunch of (=bag full) assorted yarn to make myself a summer wrap. AC is the bane of me during NYC summers. I picked lime greens, with some pink thrown infor umph. I'm going to do it in a wavy-stripe-pattern. Now, of course, I have to go dig out that VK 2003 and check out the Colinette wrap. And guess what? This morning I took the (lime) Crystal Yarn chenille with me on the train to pet it and to make me think of the arrangement. Now I know what else to make with it ...

You win today's blog award for Photo Styling....nice flower/yarn combo!

Glad you liked the yarn! Nothing like hand painted Colinette. And no, Becky didn't have to swap a kidney for it! :-)

ooh- second from the right please, I want that one .. oh no wait, it's not a shop window is it ? ... what the heck, I want that one anyway ! Beautiful yarn - practically edible !

Oooooh! What lovely yarn! I'd be staring at it like a lovestruck fool too.

What amazing colours. My yarn stash is starting to dwindle, which is either a sign that I am far too productive with my knitting and I must re-evaluate my time or my husband's frequent "Hww's the yarn store going?" comments are squeaking past my woolen hearts and effecting my keen shopper's eyes.
Here's a question for you. I have been deperately seeking Schachenmayr Nomotta Manga yarn in bright orange to finish 1 1/2 sleeves of a sweater that I accidentally underestimated amounts for. Now, I can't find the bloody stuff anywhere. I have even brushed up my German to search german e-bay and online stores. Is this a brand they carry in Lyon?

My sweater, from Philadr's Automne 2003, sits and taunts me. I've toyed with making into a cap sleeve sweater, but I'm not sure I could pull that off.
I'm off to the huge New York Wool Festival in a few weeks. I'll keep my eye out for some amazing yarns and maybe we can talk trade if you by chance see any Magna laying around.

The yarn looks yummy. The rose is delightfull!
I do the shopping on a bi-monthly basis w/ hubby and son in delightfull markets like in France though, just a big old supermarket.
Weekwemds for me are both lazy and hard work, as hubby is the lazy one that always sleeps in, whilst I turn into Cindarella! LOVE the wash cloth, if you knit them smaller you can sew them on a garment like an appliqe I think.

Wow, that Colinette yarn is lovely! Yummy yarn. I think I am feeling like a poncho is in my future now or at the the very least something using Colinette yarn. And love the wash cloth. Such a cute pattern.

Lovey yarn....(drool puddle forming)
I've made a few of those flower washcloths, they are so fun.

Love the yarn, Becky, just love it. And, I absolutely love that your boy thinks to bring you flowers at such a young age. You, my dear, must be doing something right!

You lucky Girl you! I loooooove those colors and I really love that VK wrap! And I have been dreaming of making some of those flower dishcloths forever. Yours is beautiful. :D

wow...I love the Colinette colors. I'm going to continue my shawl in Monet colorway soon...

Wonderful yarn! I love it!

I'm making the same wrap! ( I think I may have told you about it already) Colinette yarn is rare and expensive materials would be approximately $300.00 Canadian, if I could find it all! So, I've been buying one hank at a time as I find it. Vogue has all the names of the yarns mixed up, so I'm not following the materials list exactly, but close. I couldn't wait to start it and have 3 waves sitting, waiting on my Bryspuns until I find the next hank. I've been toying with the idea of starting a blog....maybe I could host wrapalong!

Wow, you've been busy :o) Love how soft the yarns look. BTW, my mum crocheted (is that the correct word?) a similar looking flower pad thing. Cute!

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