April 05, 2004

Bucket hat!

Shall we bucket?
[Click here to zoom on the pretty yarn!]

Bottom's UPWhat is this I see before me? A few skeins of Plassard Grand Large worsted in variegated spring and summer colors, and a Bottom's Up Bucket Hat pattern by Bonne Marie. Looks like the makings of two snappy bucket hats for spring and summer, so it's time to kick off my Bottom's Up Bucket Knitalong for the season. Woot!

Hats are fun; they knit quickly and make for a nice small project when I need a bit of a break from my bigger projects. And they make great gifts! Anybody who would like to knit a hat for spring or summer is welcome to knit along with me and I'd love the company. The roolz of the knitalong are simple: Just knit a hat that can be worn in warm or mid-season weather. I'll list you here and on my sidebar with a link to your finished hat. Finished bucket hat photos for those who don't have blogs will be posted here, if you desire.

Of course, that's not all. I love sharing the yarn goodness, so the one who makes the snazziest warm weather bucket hat and features it in a posed photo that makes me smile will win some fabby French yarn as a prize. Prizes will be awarded on two different occasions: One on July 1 (for hats knit during spring) and another on September 1 (for hats knit during summer). So it's really two contests in one knitalong. Can you stand it? Oui, oui! Que j'adore les laines françaises! Details of the knitalong contest and rules of eligibility are found here.

Let's bucket!

Knitalongers for my Spring/Summer Bottom's Up Bucket Knitalong:

(Those in italics have finished.)
Sarah W.
Wendy - 1, 2 and 3, 4
Nicole - 1, 2
Jenn (Nipper)
Jen's hat
Emily - 1, 2, 3
Sarah S.
Marlena - 1, 2
Katy - 1, 2, 3, 4
Linda W.
Sarah B.
Ann Marie
Liz H
Sarah, Vegan Knitter
Dawn - 1 and 2
Beth S.
Wendy P
Alison M.
Michelle B.
Rhonda - 1, 2
Michelle K.
Judy H.
Kristin F.
Jenn W.
Mindy W.
Allison D.
Emy - 1, 2
Donna B.
Evelyn M.
Eliza B.
Rachel E.
Amanda E.
Knitter Barb
Mai D.
Lisa P. - 1, 2
Kim M.
Natalie B.
Sharon S.
Sara E.
Debbie C
Linh -
Andrea B
Sandra K
Heather M.
Gloria F.
Rossana 's hat: Pictures 1 and 2; description here
Celia McC
Brynne - 1, 2
Michelle D.
Deb W.
April in Kentucky

The Bottom's Up Knitalong CONTESTS.


2 skeins of Grand Large Plassard in the color of the winner's choice or 4 skeins of Phildar Phil Ruban in the color of the winner's choice, depending on availability [amended 06/aug/04...Phil Ruban has just been discontinued and I didn't know this when I posted the prizes]. 2 skeins of Grand Large make a bucket hat, and 4 skeins of Phil Ruban make a sleeveless summer top or halter. Winner gets to choose which yarn prize he/she wants as well as the color.

There will be honorable mention prizes as well: 1 skein of Anny Blatt Victoria ribbon, 1 skein of Anny Blatt Flash ribbon, or 1 skein of Plassard Gioia sequined thread, suitable as a carry-along for a fancy warm-weather necklace or evening scarf. Oh, how FANCY!

The contest is in two parts. One for spring, and one for summer. The prizes apply to both.


In order to be eligible for the prizes (please take note of each rule because each one counts!):

bucket_o_chic2.jpg1) The bucket hat must be knit using the Bottom's UP Bucket Hat pattern or Bucket-o-Chic pattern by Bonne Marie Burns of ChicKnits. You must download the pattern directly and follow it to knit your hat, because it is the pattern I am using for my own.

2) Spring/Summer version only. All cotton, cotton blends, acrylic [gasp!], paper, hemp, etc. as long as it's suitable for warm weather. Plain or embellished, and it can be for anyone you like and in any size.

3) It must be knit between April 5 and June 20 to be eligible for the spring prize or knit between June 21 and August 31 for the summer prize. Hats knit from April 5 to June 20 and winners of the SPRING prize will not be eligible for the SUMMER prize. Hats knit outside of the period from April 5 to June 20 are not eligible in any event. Please sign up before you begin. This is a knitALONG, not knitBEFORE or knitAFTER:-)

Please note: The winners from my Winter Bucket-o-Chic Knitalong are eligible for this particular knitalong's contests! They have to knit a new hat for this season, of course.

4) You must be listed in my knitalong, and participate. If you knit a bucket hat, and then write to me to send me a photo of a finished bucket hat or to send me to a blog entry where you show a finished bucket hat without ever having officially signed up in the first place, I won't consider your photo for the prize. Similarly, interaction is a factor as it's in the spirit of a knitalong; simply sending in a photo isn't enough. For the duration of the knitalong I will post bucket hat entries regularly and welcome feedback, updates and questions, and that will be your chance to share any you have. So please make sure that your name is listed here, and don't be a stranger in the comments of my bucket hat entries because that is going to count, too :-) [Updated to mention: If you have a blog or website, I do not link to it from your name on the list of knitalongers. I link to your finished hat, and only if you lead me to it. Due to the number of people participating, I do not visit all knitalongers' sites in search of bucket hat updates and/or photos.]

5) You must submit a photograph of the bucket hat, either post it on your blog AND point me to it via the comments in my latest bucket hat entry or via e-mail, or send the photo (one only, no larger than 35k) to me directly via e-mail. The bucket hat must be fully photographed on the head of the person for whom the hat was knit. If you feel the need to go incognito, wear shades. But no mannequins or alternate models! I am giving a prize based upon what I deem to be a snappy hat AND photo. Witty captions help, too. Originality is a factor. Frankly, photos that amuse me greatly will get extra points because there's nothing I like more than knitters who are so happy with something they've knit that they let it show in a photo.

Please note: These rules apply to the contests ONLY, not to the knitalong.

The knitalong officially ended on September 1, so sign ups are closed.

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Well, what excellent timing! I went out on Saturday and bought 2 balls of calmer - blue & cream - to make a stripey bucket so I'm all ready to go!

OOH ! Tempting, tempting but I'm just not a hat person - maybe a child-sized bucket for one of the girls ? Or is that against the roolz ??

Yippeee! Count me in. I just took apart an old (commercial) cardigan that's a silk-linen blend. Sounds perfect for a spring hat, doesn't it?

How can I not participate??!! Sign me up! I wanna Bucket along!

I'm in! Bucket me baby!

Yes yes, I want to make a springy-summery bucket hat. Already have the pattern, and several yarns I could use. :-D Please count me in!

All over that! Oh yeah! Maybe I can get the girls to dye cotton yarn instead of Easter Eggs!! so many options.....so much yarn....and countless step-kids nieces and nephews to knit for. How will I ever decide?!

I was just thinking that I need a new hat for the spring. Count me in!

Sign me up! I just pulled out my yarn last night and it's staring at me on my desk. I haven't figured out my stripe pattern yet. Now I have to get moving.

I love bucket-o-chic. I am in!

Woo Hoo! Buckety goodness for us warm weather girls. Count me in.

I'm very very tempted......I'll think about it! I can't buy any more yarn just now, surely not! But it looks like quite a quick and fun project. I like the yarn you've got anyway, it's very pretty. :)

Oh what fun, I am going to go raid my stash right this minute! I can't wait to see what everyone else uses.

Yeah! Count me in!!!

Count me in! Can this hat be for the Diva? Now that my hair is short , it's too "fluffy" (wavy, curly...) to wear a hat.

I would love to enter. I just finished off a wool bottoms up for the end of winter, and I am ready for spring. Count me in. Thanks.

Oooh, love those colors! If I needed any more incentive to make a bucket hat, this would be it. Thanks for the cool knitalong and contest. You rock! :)

Can I bucket? You betcha!!
Count me in! I have just the special bucket in mind!

Always a sucka for a knit-along - you can count me in 'cause it sounds like fun!

I'll bite. No suitable yarn. Sigh. But I'm back on the yarn-buying wagon. So if you want to spend my money, you Lent-Yarn-Dieter you, just shout!

Sign me up too please! I bought the pattern as soon as it came out but have not knitted it up. This will be just the incentive I need!

I have a bottoms-up that I've started - and desparately need to finish. Can I join the knit-along? It's OK if I don't qualify for the contest - I just think I need some outside pressure to get this thing finished! :-)

OMG!! I am just finishing my first spring bucket. It's actually my birthday bucket (today is my b-day!). Count me in, I have two other colors I want to use for buckets. Yippie!!!

Very timely! I just bought the bottoms up pattern, just have to find the right spring type yarn to make it up in. I'm in :-)

Please count me in! I'll try my first bucket for spring, then!

Yay! I knew I could count on some of you for the company. It's going to be a blast...I have a few other fun things planned, too.

Heather and Rose: You can knit the hat for anyone and in any size. The pink yarn is slotted for a hat for my six-year-old niece, as a matter of fact.

Claudia: I'm sending you an e-mail, my dear :-) (P.S. ONLY ONE MORE WEEK TILL EASTER! Soon I'll be yarn-diet free!)

Of course you're welcome, Katie. Anybody who wants to knit a hat for spring or summer can join in on the knitalong. The contest rules are something else entirely. But maybe you might consider knitting another version later on in the season so you can be eligible for the contests? [I'm such an enabler!]

Chelee: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! [Throws confetti all around.]

Soooo tempting! What to do? What to do?

I'm in. My first knitalong - can it get any better?

Button, please, Ms. Becky! I need another fashionable link to sit next to Audrey....

Okay, I'm going to bucket along again, and this time, I'm going to make a fabby hat. Please add me too! Yay knitalongs!!

I'm in! I've been waiting to do this, and you have provided the perfect opportunity. What's one more WIP?

yeah, i love bucket hats, the cotton sounds great for summer.

I would like to participate as well! I will be using the regular ol bucket o chic hat pattern since I have not purchased the new one yet.

Yeah, I am so there! I've been meaning to knit one for my mom... I only need to measure her head before I start. I am so excited.. This is my very first knit-along! Woo hoo!

I won't be able to knit along on this one (just a little too much going on this spring), but I think that blue Plassard is definitely yummy and I will definitely be peeking in every now and again to see what pops up. I've seen Bonne Marie's models in person -- the Bottom's Up pattern is definitely a great one!

Ooo, count me in. ;o) All I need to do is figure out who needs a hat...

My first bucket,,,and my first time with dpn's,,,could it get more exciting than that? Count me IN!!!

Count me in! I already made the winter BUBOC, but I have yarn for one to match my spring coat as well. This will be a felted version. Happy to be disqualified, as winner of the prior contest; anyway, I'm expecting this one will not make for such a cute pic. Still, I'll knit along!

Theresa: How about summer? This kind of project would make a great in-between project for those big ones you've got planned... :-)

Maggi: you are not disqualified! You are eligible. I will clarify this in the rules. What I meant was, there are TWO parts to the contest for this knitalong, one for spring, and one for summer. The winner of the SPRING contest will not be able to knit another hat that may be entered in the SUMMER contest. But you, as well as the other prize winners from my Winter Bucket-o-Chic Knitalong, are eligible for this particular knitalong's contests. You have to knit a new hat for this season, of course :-)

"Button, button, where's the button?"

Oh, a button! Thanks for the reminder...I'll do that tonight, promise.

Bucket o fun indeed - count me in for knit-a-long, please, and I'll stick with the rulz so I can participate in contest (must justify $$ spend on fabulous digital camera) - Linda (Linda T if multiple Lindas show up)

Yeehaw! I have my Bucket pattern, 2 skeins of Noro Blossom, and my addis and I'm ready to rock and roll! Please sign me up!

Yes! Count me in, too! I just have to dive into my stash and find something suitable.

Well I actually already did my first hat with this pattern a few weeks ago in scrumptious Manos but I planned on doing another for the hot months. What better way to motivate me than a Knit-Along! And with a few great prizes to sweeten the pot, I have no excuses now!

Thanks for hosting!

Becky, what does Grand Large consist of?? I am trying to find ideas for my BUBOC.... I am thinking of using All Season's Cotton or cheapie Cotton-Ease ( a good sub for ASC) with a strand of something...

I've been needing a quick fun project! Is wool(straight up, not blended) allowable at all for spring? I'm a felting ho, I must admit...but if you say no, I've seen some other things that could do nicely. Thank the Lord Lenten yarn fasting is almost over.

Oh, I want to join. Hoping to make a spring and summer hat. My first knitalong, I am so excited.

I'm so there. I have the pattern and have just needed a nudge to get going! Can't wait to see everyone else's, too!

Cheers for the great idea.

I'd love to join! This will be my first knit-along, a kind of rite of passage as I discover the wonderful world of knitting blogs... Oh, and this will be my first attempt at using circular needles!

How funny! I just bought this pattern a couple of days ago! I'm in! I'm planning on getting up to my eyeballs in cotton to make lots of cotton buckets!

(I've never done a knitalong before... how exciting!)

Add me to the list of bucketers please. :) Thanks Becky.

hi there, I'm new around these parts but this sounds really fun! I've been wanting to join a knitalong, but I have so little free time that I feel like I'll fall behind everyone else too much. A hat I might be able to squeeze in though! Count me in, probably for the second one though.

-another alison

Yay for more knitalongers! But please note: I'm not adding anybody who isn't sure about doing a hat to the knitalong list above. When and if you're POSITIVE that you will be doing a hat, then sign up. You can do it here or via e-mail, as mentioned above.

I'm in! My very first knitalong! Awww...

Where is that waskley wabbit? Bucket needs a button...
Love, your chic summer hat

Bev here from the UK. Am knitting a pair of pants, 2 tops and trying to finish a scarf and a throw, so heck, another project will not matter one bit. Bring on the Bucket. I'm in.

Count me in. Just got some lovely Egyptian cotton in a great PURPLE. This is my 1st Knitalong - What Fun!!

count me in as well... i have been sitting on this pattern for too long! your pics of your finished buckets are too inspiring not to give it a shot! thanks for setting this up, chica! p.s., what *cute* baby hats! you are a talented lady.

I wanna play too! count me in on the bucket contest/knitalong

Hi Becky, Please add me to the knitalong too! I've knit a bunch of buckets as gifts, and wanted an excuse to make one for myself! I went out and got the yarn to start today!

Just downloaded the pattern, now to find the yarn. I hope to make 3, one for me and one each for my daughters. Will they wear them though? I will think positive thoughts of summer sun and fun hats. Add me to the knitalong please.

Okay, I'm in! I joined up last time but didn't follow through. This time, I've got the yarn in hand and I'm ready to go! Thanks for hosting!

I'm in for the summer BOC! Have some cottons picked out and ready to roll.

You got me! My first knit-along; surely I can handle this!

I was going to knit my very first sock... Well I guess I can knit my very first BOC...

Count me in... Will I be able to post pattern questions here?

I have one already, I would like to have my BOC cover my ears? Will this pattern do this?



Can I join too?

Sarah the vegankniteer in the UK.

Hi. I'd like to join too.

could you add me too please?!I'm already to start!

Okay sign me up! I just bought the pattern and I'm about to head out to find the perfect yarn :D

I bought the bottoms up pattern and am almost done with the brim so count me in on the bucket along. Thanks!

Can knitalong newbies join in? Hope so, got the pattern and yarn today! Swatching while I watch the Sens and the Leafs :)

I finally finished my first Bottoms Up Bucket hat. I'm not sure if I'm going to block this one. I think I like the way the brim is floppy. I'm going to use this one (yes I plan on making a dozen more) for kayaking. It was made using Peaches & Creme, and the double strands were very tough on the fingers. Once I got past the double strands it knitted up real fast.

Please count me in for the Bucket-a-long and contest. I just downloaded my pattern. Has anyone ever knit one of these in Bernat Cotton Tots? I think my niece would really go for one - and leave my beach hats alone!

Hmm. if it turns out really cute then I may want another one for myself!

hey I'm knitting the BOC for my daughter--can i join?

Kern -- I knit my first one in CottonTots, and it came out all right, though it will definitely need blocking. You can see it on my webpage (just click on my name below this comment).

I'd love to join!

hi! I really want to join this knit-a-long - I just bought the yarn yesterday (I'm going to try it in Cotton-Ease), and I'm all ready to start!

Hiya! Can I play too?? I've got the pattern, now to get the yarn!

I think I'd like to knitalong too!

me me me! Count me in! Bought the pattern the other day and I'm keen for my first knitalong

Donna Boucher knitting along...
Photos to follow.

I'm THERE! Just bought some white cotton that I'm going to try to use, and I'm thinking I might have to cover the thing with embroidered stars when I'm done. (White stockinette? A little plain...right?) Call it Summer Nights or something. We'll see. :)

Thanks for the great motivation. :)

I finished my bucket....but it's way big and way floppy. Why is yours so perfect??? Why oh why??? I love the colors I chose and I love the yarn I used but I'm torn! Should I rip and restart or should I forge ahead and try it with a different yarn? Hmm.....dilemmas!

I caved and bought the pattern for the bottomsup bucket - is it too late to join in?

Oooooh! I wanna join the -along! I started mine on Wednesday and have been bitching about it regularly ever since! I'll email you too...just in case!

If it's not too late I would like to join. I just got my pattern from ChicKnits and I will be starting right away!! I can't wait!!

I'd like to join as well, if that's all right...I've been planning to make one for my cousin's baby son, but haven't started yet.

I have the pattern and I have the yarn for a bottom-up bucket. If the hat is as easy to knit as it appears, I may do 2 hats.

Add me to the list. I've made the Bucket-O-Chic in the past, and this is just the excuse I need to go get the Bottoms Up pattern.

Sign me up for the knitalong! I think I'll make one of each. Whee!!

I've been jealously watching everyone else's bucket hats get knitted up. This will be my first knitalong, and my first time knitting on circular needles. I've got three balls of some orange printed Rowan all-seasons cotton and some Addi Turbos, so I'm ready to go. I'd like to finish my hat in time for my vacation at the Jersey Shore. I leave on Friday. Wish me luck!

It was hard to find this link :) I am signing up! I am going to make two stripey hats with the bocket-o-chic pattern using Cotton Classics (I hope that works I am still new to picking out yarn). YAY! SUMMER BUCKETS!

I've been holding onto my Bottoms Up Bucket pattern and two balls of chocolate brown cotton yarn and can't wait to start! Count me in - should be interesting since its my first DPN project (and I'm not even sure how many to use..)

Like Hilde, I've been jealously watching too - enough for me to hold off in making one until the summer part of the knitalong opened up! :) I think it'll be the perfect bit of knitting for the summer... I'm off to download the pattern and cast on! :) Count me in!

I've been loking forward to joining my first-ever knitalong.
Please count me in.

Sign me up! I'm ready to make my first hat!

Count me in as well! I'll be using the Bottom's Up pattern and uh ... some cotton yarn from my stash. :-)

Count me in for a summer bucket, whee!

I'm in for a summer bucket!!

welp, even though I finished my first bucket hat in time for the spring deadline, I was unable to take a picture in time. So I'm going to try again for summer! I have my yarn ready and would like to sign up and get started.


I would love to join the bucket hat knit-a-long. I am a new knitter (I just started teaching myself last week) and would like to try making my first hat.

I am excited to join my first knitalong. I bought the bottoms up bucket pattern last week and have been picking up some cotton yarn. So far I have purchased Gedifra beauty cotton in a aqua, Cotton Fizz in variagated pinks and white, and Magic Garden cotton candy in pink. I cannot wait to get started.

I'm joining in the fun. ;)

Count me in for a summer bucket!

Let me jump into the bucket of fun!!!

I will join in. This pattern is so cute!!

I'd like to join in & knit play a bucket of fun. Sending off my check in tomorrow's mail.

I'm ready for round two of Bottoms Up baby!!! Count me in----

Late Summer entry!

I got my cotton yarn, and am ready to go!
Count me in for sure! (now where is that knitalong button...)


I'm all set with the Bottom's Up Bucket from Bonne Marie. And even though I don't look that great in hats, I'm going to wear it after it's made! My bravery gives me shivers! Whew! Count me in on the Knitalong and contest. Now to go stash diving and see if there's something suitable. Hmmmm.....

Ooooh! Please sign me up for the summer bucket knitalong and contest! Wheeeee! Thank you!

Count me in please! I've made one already, and now that I've gotten it down pat (I think) I am ready for another go!

I gathered up my courage and here I am, hoping to join the summer knitalong contest. The only cotton I have in LYS is Bernat Handicrafter. My first two hats have been 1)very floopy (mine) and 2)very huggy (DD's). Third time's the charm! Luv from Manitoba, Canada

I would like to participate in the summer bucket-along. I will download the pattern today and buy suitable yarn as soon as possible.

I wanna join. Time to raid the cotton stash. It's 90 something degrees here. Over 100 with the heat index. Can you say "Head Covers".

I'm up for it! Sign me up, please! Thanks!

Please count me in on the summer bucket-along. I just started working on a Bucket o'Peace, using Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton and the BUP pattern.

Please sign me up! I just started my bucket in Brushstrokes Cotton in nice, pastel summer ice-cream colors!

I finally caved and bought the pattern. I'm in for the summer knit along!

Gads!!! Hats and hats again!! I got the BOC pattern last month and haven't been motivated to knit it...you just make me wanna!!!! I'm a recycle-holic and have just the perfect color!!

Add me please!!

i would like to join - is it too late??

also - i cannot seem to pull up the pattern - or is it just a problem with my computer.

Okay okay already-the 6 year old is begging, screeching and beseeching-she wants Momma to make something for HER (not for all these other people-c'mon Mother). And so- I start a Bucket-o-chic-from Berroco Lullaby and Hush (which will match her poncho that I am in the process of surprising her with for school) You don't really think I am a BAD mother, now do you? Of course I knit for her after she is asleep!!!!!

I got the yarn. I got the pattern. I got the POWER!!! Ahem. Please sign me up for the summer BUPalong.

In your most recent post, your peppermint Bucket-o-Chic has a wonderful angle to the brim. Does the Bottoms Up version produces a similar distinct angle? Or are both patterns entirely dependent on the body of the yarn?

Ooh! ooh! My first knitalong! And a summer bucket to boot. Please sign me up!

Can I still join the summer bucket-along? All these pretty pics has me itching to make another...

I've been meaning to sign up all summer. It's already mid-august! Sign me up!!! I'm going to go dig in my stash for summery yarn. Buckets away!

I've never knitted a hat and this looks like fun. Besides its another excuse to buy more yarn! So please sign me up.

This looks like fun! I've just started knitting again after several decades. I'm addicted to yarn and I'm glad to learn that having a "stash" doesn't make me a bad person. I hope I am still in time for knit along.

Ooo... sign me up! I hope I've got enough free time to try this out. *runs to dig through stash*