February 10, 2004


It's amazing how a pair of honkin' size 17 needles*, some luxurious Anny Blatt yarn and a few hours can whip up a scarf that makes me want to wear a beret and talk with a faux French accent. Kind of like Madonna with her trench coats and faux English accent, but without the Botox. Check out the ribbon-y scarf I just knit:

Anny Blatt Muguet, Super Angora and Victoria.
[Click, make real big.]

The three yarns are held together throughout. Muguet is a glittery solid blue-green, and Victoria is a ribbon variegated yarn in blue and green tones. The Super Angora is variegated as well, almost in the exact same tones as the Victoria. I used all three in the fringe as well. This is the first time I've ever attached fringe. It is so easy! I followed instructions from a baby afghan book (of all places) and found it quick and simple. Just pull a loop through a stitch using a crochet hook, bring the ends through the loop, and pull tightly into a knot. Why did I think it would require more effort? Maybe because fringe just looks so fanciful.

I was wearing a beret, too.
(Okay, I'm kidding.)

Now I want the weather to remain cold so I don't have to wait until next winter to wear the scarf. Thanks so much to Carolyn for sending over this fabulous scarf kit! (In some of my favorite colors, too.) And that is why Carolyn is a golden goddess.

*I got the the size 17 (12mm) needles at La Droguerie especially for this scarf. I've never used such big needles! They look like something a toreador would use in a bullfight. Olť!

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i really couldn't imagine what it would look like - very interesting. (yes now everyone can tease me how i bought french yarn in the US to send to someone in france. i know, i'm a dork!)

Oh how pretty! I have seen quite a few things recently made from different yarns held together, and I really like the way it looks. I've got to try it! Of course it means they're loads bulkier too so the whole thing is quicker. 12mm neeedles are like LOGS! I used them for the first time recently and they take a bit of getting used to. Lovely scarf!

Off topic here but any chance you'll be posting your pattern for the "garbanzo" beanie? I love it!

Bravo! This scarf is delicious. It makes me want to put down my hat & mittens project and make me a glittery 3 yarn scarf!!!! Love the colors too.... :)

Ooooh Laaaa La!! So nice to see a scarf from the knitter extraordinaire!
Itís beautiful! I love the look! You are so creative to think of using three different fibers! Iím glad to hear you are pleased with the outcome! Scarves are fun because they work up so fast, especially on such large sticks (17). I always feel like I have reverted to kindergarten when I work on that size!!
Keep warm!

Beautiful and sparkly. Anything with sparkles is always fabulous, don't ya think?

J'aime bien la scarf! (okay, what's the french word for scarf?)

P.S. Stop tempting me with your stash-o-mat...

P.S. again - Okay, don't. One of these days I'm gonna snap some of it up...oh boy...

Now regular-size needles will feel so.....small.

OK, a Jack Daniels and Coke is way down on the scale of sophiscated from a Kir Royale. But feel free to join me on the downward slide. ;-)

I love it! It's beautiful.

I bet it feels as scrumptious as it looks.

Even though they aren't the rocket science of knitting, I just love working on the occasional scarf. Angora is one of my favorite scarf fibers right now -- soft and warm and not itchy. I don't think I could ever have enough bunny yarn scarves :-)

What a fabby scarf, tres more than the sum of it's parts! I'm recently converted to holding a couple of yarns together but might need a couple of gin & tonics to get me to try 3 at once!

Beautiful scarf in a lovely combinaison of yarns! I think Carolyn is becoming the yarn fairy. :)

A big ol' word to Carolyn on those colors! Your scarf looks very warm and very dashing. C'mon cold weather... ;)

gorgeous! makes the whack-dancing rabbit look quite refined. :)

I procrastinated on fringing a couple of scarves i knit before Christmas. Don't know why as it was soooo easy. I too thought for some strange reason that it would be difficult. And then when I finally got around to doing it I did it while cooking dinner. I spent more time thinking about it than actually doing it!

I love the colors. It reminds me of "water lilies". Those monster needles can be so awkward(?) at first. Lovely

You wear it well! (what rock and roll reference am I making here?) BTW, the use of the term "big honking" cracks me UP!!

Really beautiful scarf! The medley of yarns and colors look gorgeous, and the stitches you picked out are supercool!

Wishing you a long cold Spinrg so that you can show off your scraf :)


That scarf is luverly. Those colours rock!

Your scarf looks very luscious! What was the the Angora Super like to knit with? Does it shed at all during knitting and/or in the wearing of the finished item?

I know you're an expat but somehow I always imagined you speaking with a French accent. My life got a lot easier when I stopped demanding complete rationality from myself.

Fancy! And of course you're not wearing a beret on your chic new haircut -- sacre bleu!

Oooooh, that's gorgeous. Like a scarf straight from fairyland! Luvit.

Becky--So fluffa! Scarf fever is hitting me even as I gaze upon your multistranded confection. Delish!

Your scarf looks very elegant. Did you also knit the black top you're wearing in the pic?

torero! torero! (o, mejor dicho: toh-REH-rah, toh-REH-rah!)

Thanks so much for the kind comments! I wish I could take credit for the idea of using those three yarns together, but that's the way they came in the kit. They're neat, aren't they?

The Angora Super sheds only a tiny bit. I was a bit worried about that but when I wore the scarf it didn't shed at all. And it's very soft and snuggly, and not at all bulky.

Ole, indeed! My size ones salute your seventeens. You photographed it so well I could just *feel* the softness.....

That is a very lovely scarf. I'm a bit jealous cuz I'm in Sandy's scarfalong and ever since I joined I've been working on fern. So my 2 scarves have been napping. I scored big time for Valentine's Day though.... will post later! :D

Hello Becky. Found your blog while surfing. Your scarf is lovely. Dreamy colors.

I'm a new knitter, and I've been engaged by this site for the last month- this scarf is STUNNING!!!! Can I buy the "scarf kit"- THANKS!!! Courtney

I'm lovin this scarf--I must have the kit!

What a gorgeous scarf! I have some multistranded yarn and have been trying to figure out what I might do with it. Thanks for giving me some ideas!

hi becky, I was looking through some sites w/ free patterns, and I came across this shawl which reminded me a bit of your scarf, because of the elongated stitches and whatnot....


I was wondering: do you think it would be incredibly difficult to knit this with some mohair?? I think it'd be hella pretty, I thought I'd ask you because I know you are pretty smart about this knitting stuff... if you wouldn't recomment using mohair, do you have any suggestions??? Was the yarn you used easy to knit with?? Thanks!

Beautiful Scarf. Where can I get a pattern for this. I have been doing lots of scarfs with the Fun Fur. Just simple knit stitch. But I really like this one.

Fab color, also

Ms. Amy's link is definitely something to take a look at. That pattern could be adapted for a scarf, no prob. Just garter rows with alternate rows of elongated stitches. [Thank you, Ms. Amy!]

Re mohair: some mohair yarns tend to shed. I think that you could definitely use it for a scarf! I myself love mohair, but find it difficult to rip because it tends to get tangled. Other than that, I have no problems. Try it!

What a gorgeous scarf!!! I'm not much of a scarf person (so unlike the French, however I did wear scarves a lot when I lived in Bordeaux...) but I WANT ONE!!!! I'm guessing this Anny Blatt scarf kit is available in the US?

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