November 07, 2003

Bucket, oh yeah!

copyright Bonne Marie Burns I really wanted to jazz you all with a photo-filled entry of all my works in progress, but an enormous cloud of fog has descended on the city like something out of a Stephen King novel and I am left with bad lighting for photos. Besides, I haven't worked more than a few rows on my sister's poncho over the last few days. [Giddy-ap!] But, tomorrow is Saturday, which means I'm going a-yarn shopping. What am I going to get? FUR yarn to make a furry Bucket-o-Chic! After I expressed my desire to knit a Bucket-o-Chic, Silvia pointed out Bonne Marie's techno fur version. Hello! I need to make that hat...NOW.

In the fifteen minutes it took me to walk to my son's school today, I saw no less than five different people wearing bucket hats. Two were young guys. One was a woman whose bucket had one single row of faux fur on the edge. I, in my hatless state, felt a twinge of envy as my ears started to shrivel up from the cold. I need to make a swanky bucket hat for this winter in order to avoid going around earless. Plus, I am bouyed by the company of the following (those in italics have finished hats for the knitalong):

Claudia - Hat 1, Hat 2 and Hat 3
Silvia - Hat 1 and Hat 2
Sarah W.
Katherine - Hat 1 and Hat 2
Sarah B.
Rose Hat 1 and Hat 2
Amber - Photo 1 and Photo 2
Carrie W.
Sarah Elizabeth
Alison H.
Lisa G.
Kathleen - Hat 1, Hat 2 and Hat 3 they will be making a winter Bucket-o-Chic with me. Anyone else want to bucket with us? Any version, as long as it's for cold weather. Bucket photos for the blogless will be posted on my site, if you desire. And the one who makes the snazziest winter bucket hat will receive some French yarn from me as a prize. (Whack dance shots aren't required, but bonus points will be given to the photos that make me laugh.) Oui, oui! Que j'adore les laines franšaises!

[In order to further distract you from the lack of knitting-in-progress photos, I present you with a random spycam shot taken of my kid wearing his tweedy jacket while riding the bus, and a totally gratuitous Nikon shot of him wearing his frog costume. (For obvious reasons, we love all things frog, and that is probably why I tend to rip out my projects half the time simply because I'm not happy with the tension.) Ribbit!]

As mentioned above, I will be giving a prize of French yarn to the person who knits what I deem to be the snazziest Bucket-o-Chic. (Yarn to be determined by me, but I will ask for input re favorite yarn colors from the "winner".) Frankly, action shots and photos that amuse me greatly will get extra points, because there's nothing I like more than someone who is so happy with a knitted project they let it show in a photo. Now, here are the rules to be eligible for my fabby prize of French yaaaaaaaaaaaarn:

1) It must be the Bucket-o-Chic by Bonne Marie Burns. That's the pattern I'm using for my own.

2) Winter version. Plain, furry, felted or any other type as long as it's suitable for cold weather.

3) It must be knit between November 4th and mid-December. (November 4th is the date on which I mentioned I going to knit a Bucket-o-Chic. See here: Hats knit before that time are not eligible. This is a knitALONG, not knitBEFORE :-)

4) I'll be happy to post a gallery of knitalong photos of all Bucket-o-Chic hats for the blogless.

Please note: These rules apply to the contest ONLY, not to the knitalong.

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Your son is too cute.

I just wanted to let you know that you are one of the reasons I started learning to knit! I adore everything you make, your too cool :)

oh, how cute is that kid in that frog costume? Tres cute, definitely.

I'm tempted to bucket now. I hate being left out of a crowd. But who has time??

Oooh oooh, can I bucket too! I'm dying to make a furry one, and we have a great yarn shop plus coffee house here with fabulous fuzzy and furry yarns.

so fun! look at the adorable froggie! my kiddos should be so cute...someday when i have kiddos.

so is the furry hat felted or no? i need to buy yarn this weekend - must know what i should get! love the fuzz!

Count me in! I wanna make a bucket too!! And I love the furry bucket hat...hats are fast and fun, and maybe I can give a few away for Christmas...

Look at how adorable the Captain is in his frog costume. And he's shooting pics, just like his mom. Awww... :)

I'm gonna Bucket too, but I have to wait for my bank account to transfer money to my PayPal account. At least now I have time to get the right yarn...

As if I don't already have probably ten different yarns that would do just fine!


Love the frog costume! What a fun froggy family. I'm considering a fuzzy bucket hat. Gotta check out the details!

i LOVE the furry bucket hat. what yarns would you reccommend? felted or ortherwise? i need your worldly wisdom :-)

Cute froggy, and I love the one of him with the camera! So many buckets of hats, its going to be a warm winter for all of us who bucket. Fur sounds good, can't wait to see what you choose..

I know from reading Bonnie Marie's blog that the hat in question is made from Lamb's Pride and Gedifra Techno Hair, unfelted.

I started my first Bucket-O-Chic on Wednesday and when I'm done with this, I have another one planned (my second one is furry)! I am, however, blogless but I'll send pics when I'm done. I should be felting this first one over the weekend. Yippee!

To bucket, to bucket.... I just got the pattern.... Hmmmm...

To bucket, to bucket..... Do I have time to bucket?!?

I'm in. A few weeks ago I went and ordered the pattern. Then I started seeing ya'll abuzz about knitting one. This hat was meant to be!! Thanks for all the fun.
PS Tell Mr. Froggy, rrriiiibbbbitttttt, for me!

I made one this summer...but that was before she fixed the pattern to make sizes bigger than teeny tiny heads (Which I mine fits, but snugg-ly. Might give me a headache after awhile) So I might JUST need to make another!

Count me in too! I started one just a few days ago, before I saw the awesome furry one. I guess I'll just have to make two then. Need to get some new yarn for the furry stuff, oh my! Any other suggestions, besides the Gedifra Techno Hair?

Oh he is sooo cute - I love it!
Now did you make that adorable frog?
If so, you must share with me! Pleeeaaaseee!!!
Pretty Please! I love all things frog - ribbit!!
So adorable I can't stand it!!
Ribbit, Ribbit!!!

Yay for more winter bucket hats! I'm planning on doing several this winter, so there's no need to rush through it. And if you're blogless, please feel free to send your photos to me. I'd love to post them up here, if you want. Wish we could take a group shot :-)

Re yarns: I'm planning on using Plassard Merinos. For fur, I'm testing out Plassard Louinie, Phildar's Cygne and Lana Grossa Multi-Lungo. I'm not planning on doing any felted versions. Maybe others can suggest some other yarns?

As for time, we don't need no stinkin' time! It's a small project, so I'm thinking I can do one over a couple of evenings. Serve up a kir, turn on a movie or maybe chat off the husband's ears while I knit up a hat. Come on, you know you wanna. (And there's a prize, to boot!)

P.S. to Nicole: I knew you'd like my kid's costume. [Hee hee!]

I just finished making my first Bucket-O-Chic..... I tweaked the pattern a little and made it into a 20's ART NOUVEAU "Flapper" Style in a tweed yarn from Norway that I just love, I think it adds to the style - pics on my blog...... then I made a little rossette and added a ART NOUVEAU kitty broach to add a little dash quiryness ! *G*

*Fur trimmed* bucket? Hmmmmm.......

Sign me up! I was making one for my sister for Christmas anyway, now I won't be lonely ; )

Okay... Count me in! I do need another furry hat....... ;-)

I'm in on the bucket-o-long. :-) It won't be cold enough here in texas for a bit to wear one but I am excited about making some for Christmas gifts!

Your little boy is sooo cute in his costume. I'm not a hat person but if I was, I'd definitely try the bucket-along :)

I'm in. Bonne is offering her Bucket hat for $2.95 US today only and I popped. Merci buckets, Bonne! And Becky!

I want to play. No blog, so I guess I will send a photo by email.

I love your little boy pics! They always make me smile :-) I'm for bucket-ing . . . coincidentally, I'm *frogging* mine. Just finished one to felt, tortured a swatch (duh) and it didn't work. Meg learned a little something today! Swatch *first* not last! :o\ I wonder how Lion fun fur looks in a bucket. Hmmm.

I'm in for the bucket! Just finished one, definitely want to make myself a felted one :)


Quel cute grenouille!! (OK, it's been 15 years since my last French class...) I may cave in to peer pressure and join the bucketeers -- I'll let you know once I decide!

Thanks for posting the information about the sale today; I went over and scooped a pattern up. How long will the contest be running?

Bought some lovely Jaeger merino in v.v.v.v. dark grey on saturday so my first bucket is going to be tres tres plain (or chic as I prefer to think of it)... I'll send photos as I'm still blogless!!!

Yay for the winter bucket knitters! You all rock my socks. I've posted a list of those I think will be participating in the Bucket-o-Chic Knitalong, as well as a few rules for the contest. The knitalong itself is through winter so I'll post up photos for the blogless who would like to share photos of their hats until winter ends, but the contest itself ends on December 4th. I think a month is a pretty good time period.

Let me know if you'd like for me to add your name to the list of those participating in this knitalong, or if you're still undecided and would like for me to remove your name until you're sure. Thanks!

Just picked up the pattern myself. Sign me up!!! I was also thinking that I would make one or 2 before Christmas as a donation to the local Cancer Institute - I am sure that they would be a big hit!

Count me in! I made one last month for my boyfriend before she added the larger sizes. My adjustments weren't quite right, nor was my yarn choice, so I wound up with a learning experience instead of a hat!

At any rate, the pumpkin headded man still wants one, and I'm sure this time must be wool instead of cotton like the last one, so I'd love to join the crowd!

I picked up the pattern, and figure these could make some seriously rockin' xmas presents, so count me in as well! :)

Ohmygosh, I can't stand the pressure. I HAVE TO MAKE ANOTHER ONE, TOO! Furry, of course.

I love the shawl. What diameter needles are you using? Does this yarn have a lot of elasticity? I've got a few ribbon yarns I'd like to use up, but they feel a bit stretchy and I'm worried they might "sag" a bit in a large item.

May I join the bucket brigade please????

Becky, please add me to your winter Bucket-o-chic knitalong. I just bought the pattern. I'm so tempted to do some online yarn shopping while I'm here at work but must resist. Must shop the stash first....

I just finished felting my bucket! I used two skeins of lobster pot dyed yarn, 50% mohair, 50% wool and just fuzzy enough to keep from looking like a muppet.

I'm a little late on this, but... I'm starting mine this weekend!

After shamefully buying a bucket hat from the Gap, I will now proceed to redeem myself by joining in the knit along. LYS, here I come!

Count me in for the bucket-chic knit-along!

Becky, oui, I wanna bucket-along! I promised BMB I'd make one for my wee one to test-drive the new sizing. Am going to use the yarn that trims her poncho for a tre chic ensemble.

Count me in for a Bucket-o-Chic. My first hat is almost completed.

Oh, and I received notice that my Phildar magazines are on their way to me, so add me to the Phildar fillies, too.

Knit alongs are such a fun incentive to get that knitting done!!

Could you please add me to the knitalong as well?

Thank you.

OK, Becky, sign me up. I've got the pattern and I wanna be Louise Brooks too!

I'd love to join the Bucket along!! Please sign me up too!!

Oooh! Count me in!! I've been just itching to knit a fuzzy version of this, and now I have an excuse.

Mind you I have about twelve billion projects all going for the holidays but I've been dying to do a knit-a-long so count me in for the Bucket-o-Chic. I'm blogless and would love it if you'd post my hat when it's done. Thanks.

I'm game! I just started casting on with Encore Superwash this morning. I do LOVE the furry version - maybe after the holidays.

I finished my hat and put up some pictures of it on my blog. The knitalong was great fun.

just ordered the pattern -- don't think I'll make it for the contest, but sure enjoy the inspiration coming from you! I live in San Francisco and I'm seeing this hat everywhere. I love your blog.

Oh, count me in! I just ordered the pattern yesterday. I have to decided what yarn to use, I'll have to go out and buy it.... mmmmm, either charcoal or brown, I think. :-)

May I join the knit along ? I 've had my pattern since May and I started a month ago, However I am frogging (er .. excuse me) the brim again but it should be done in time. I am using Noro Kureopatora #3. Discontinued but gorgeous !
But I am having real issuing regarding blocking. I wanna be like you and not have to sweat to get a nice brim.. So I made the brim in Linen stitch. it was great except, too small. So I am goint to re-do it and pick up more stitches. use a larger needle.-, yada. I have to admit I made my hat a lot larger than called for in the first version of the pattern.

May I join the knit along ? I 've had my pattern since May and I started a month ago, However I am frogging (er .. excuse me) the brim again but it should be done in time. I am using Noro Kureopatora #3. Discontinued but gorgeous !
But I am having real issuing regarding blocking. I wanna be like you and not have to sweat to get a nice brim.. So I made the brim in Linen stitch. it was great except, too small. So I am goint to re-do it and pick up more stitches. use a larger needle.-, yada. I have to admit I made my hat a lot larger than called for in the first version of the pattern.

Done!!! I've finished my Bucket. I think I might have to cast on for another....and another....and another..... Pics are on my blog. :)

I finished my bucket o' fur! I did mine with "blonde" Wool-Ease Worsted and Fun Fur, and boy is it furry! It looks a lot like the one in the picture above. I plan to make another one that is a bit more grown up so I can wear it to work. Maybe a felted one with Cascade 220 and Trendsetter Viola....hmmm. Got to get swatching!


how about better late than never? i have finished one bucket hat and have started another. very fun! i have to draft a model and then i'll send a photo for the knit along. thanks. my brim was not as cooperative as yours.....

Got my Bucket wool this wekend so I can knit THEN FELT... a new experience for me.

I just looked at Bonne Marie's site and notice she recommends 4.5 sts/in... I bought Alafoss Lopi and it only gives a needle size, not a gauge... I'll knit a swatch but has anyone else made a felted Bucket in Lopi? Any thoughts / suggeestions? Should I take it back to the store?? (surely not?)

Miranda II

ok, sign me up. I need a bucket too!

Becky-- thanks for the kind words on my blog, and thanks for adding me to the knitalong! The hat looks more buckety on K than on me. I do want to make another one for myself sometime, too!

Can I join belatedly, too? Alice's Bucket should be commemorated. I don't expect to win but her picture should be with all the other happy bucketees!

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