October 22, 2003

Hello. I have a major case of startitis.

Is this a new project I see before me?
[Click, make real big.]
[And don't forget to click here for a close-up of the stitch.]

It's a poncho! Size 5mm needles, loads of Phil Ruban ribbon yarn in chocolat, and a few movies* so we don't tire of all that stockinette stitch. Poncho pattern from Phildar. Apparently, pants are optional but cowboy boots and hat are a necessity. Giddy-ap!

The poncho isn't for me, but for my sister, who is 18 months my junior, studied fashion design at Parson's School of Design in New York City, writes, does artsy stuff, lives in an exotic city and wears smart things such as fedora hats with her hair up tucked into a twist. She doesn't knit, but she has a fancy sewing machine that she knows how to use. [Santa? Can I have a sewing machine, too? A toy one will suffice for now.] Just the kind of person who would wear a glossy, flowing poncho with fringe. And I'm the one who's gonna knit it! Send tuiles aux amandes.

On another note, guess who wore his tweedy coat today? Today was perfect tweedy coat weather, so the kid wore his for a visit around the deuxiéme arrondissement of the city. And here he is standing by a little fountain he loves to watch whenever we pass by it. (Immediately after I took the shot of him posing, he surprised me and a few passersby by starting to dance. Right there, in front of the fountain, he did his Elvis the Pelvis impersonation. What a funny kid. He obviously associates the camera with dancing. Gee...I wonder why?)

*I knit what you see in the above photo of the poncho while watching a dubbed version of Erin Brockovich starring Julia Roberts and her Wonderbra, and The Watcher starring Keanu Reeves [why, Keanu, WHY?]. The Watcher has got to be one of the most mediocre suspense movies I have ever seen. Bet he'd love to sweep that one under the rug, wouldn't he?

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as a fellow-NYer (to your sister) just ask if she wears the outfit to make sure she has a fresh bikini-wax and a clean pair of underpants. I will loook for her on the subway...

Ooh, that poncho is way cool! I can't wait to see it finished. Love that yummy chocolate yarn.... I'm working on a poncho too and it is taking me FOREVER. But I'm a slow knitter....

How cute is it that Captain Destructo will dance for the camera? He must know how cool his mommy is!!

"As a fellow-NYer..." You don't wear clean underpants, Kay? I won't ask about the wax ;-)

Carrie, I think it's automatic now. The kid sees the camera. I take one still shot. Dancing must follow. Hee hee!

Hang in there with that poncho. While I love knitting with this yarn, it's already gotten a tad monotonous. All. That. Stockinette.

Brave you! I love that poncho but the thought of all that plain stitch and keeping an even tension stops me! Plus I look terrible in chocolat and the other Phil Ruban colours just didn't sui - thought the multicolour orange fuschia mix is tempting!

You should be watching Chocolate with the uber yummy Mnsr. Depp. Mmmmmmm. :-) I like the poncho! I think you should have one - matching sister outfits!

Oh... how do I wish I could wear such a yummy brown color. I've seen all these beautiful chocolatey fibers lately.

Stockinette and mucho fringing! You are a patient patient person Ms. Rabbit. I'm on a fringing hiatus for a while after my Charlotte's web shawl.

Ride 'em Cowgirl!

you'll have to be like the red sox and "cowboy up" to get through all that stockinette. but my real comment is: of course he starts dancing when he sees the camera. it's pavlovian at this point. boy are his future girlfriends going to get a real kick out of that. :)

Is that yarn ribbon like? It is a beautiful color. The Captain is especially charming today.....now if you can only get a hat on the ground quick enough, he could keep his mommy in yarn...

You so need a sewing machine. But you need to get a good one right off the bat, no stepping up to it. Trust me on that one, it's cheaper in the long run. Cute kid, but isn't it a school day? AND why are you called an EX attorney, has your felonious behavior gotten you disbarred? Show them your selvedges, they'll be begging to get you back.

What about a Singer Featherweight? I don't want a fancy one but I want a decent one that's easy to use.

The kid's on vacation for the next two weeks. I take him out at least twice a day to keep him from bouncing against the walls.

I have NO idea why Ms. Article of Misquotes referred to me as an "former attorney". Last time I checked, my license was still here. And it hasn't chugged out and died, because I still use it from time to time. Hee hee.

somehow I don't think I have enough sass (and believe me, I'm pretty sassy) for a poncho. I bet your sis'll love it, though :)

A Featherweight is more of a quilter's machine - it is very nice, but should not be your first as it only does a (gorgeous!) straight stitch. It is expensive, too.
After all the sewing machines I've been through, I'd recommend Janome. I love mine, and it's much cheaper than Viking, Pfaff, Elna, etc... (these are all good; I'd stay away from Singer, Brother and anything sold in a Wal-Mart type store.)
Last thing - you need to test drive them. Threads mag is helpful there. I like to look at a machine's straight stitch abilities on different fabrics/weights. It has to be *really* straight!

Thanks, Veronik. I did test-drive several machines, and the Featherweight was the one I liked the most. It has a number of stitches, so I'm not just stuck making curtains on it. It's something I'd like to start with, and the price isn't TOO scary as I don't want to change machines right away. Plus, replacement parts will be easy to find here. (Another big factor!)

What a great tweedy coat and the poncho will be wonderful if arduous - fantastic colour!
Sewing machines - I have a Janome - they're robust & don't break down at the drop of a hat, also can do straight stitch, zig-zag & a couple of stranger things that only look good on those "what-to-do-with-your-new-machine" patterns for weird placemats.
Seriously though, I use mine for making curtains, blinds, cushions covers, trousers, even a ballgown. My Mum and Aunt both had Janome's for several years before I had mine, & theirs are still going strong - even with my Aunt running a curtain-making business using hers.


I'm glad to see that the tweedy coat still fits. He's such a cutey and obviously confident enough to dance when the mood hits him. Great!

Wow, it really looks just like yummy chocolate! I wonder if I need a poncho? (probably not!). Your blog has been making me hungry lately, all this talk of crepes and nutella, and chocolate. mmmm.

Wait. Do we have the same sister?......ARE WE THE SAME PERSON?!?

OK. I've just checked and they are speaking English out there. Whew. That was close....

as we say in our house...the apple does not fall far from the tree, miss whack dance rabbit!! the little mr. is just too, too cute!! (i know, a good mama never tires of hearing that her kid is beyond adorable).

and as for chocolate yarn, yummy!! love it!! brown, the new black, but better and more delicious.

Becky, have you thought about a used, quality machine. I'm a Bernina chica, and I know that my dealer has used machines that have been traded in. I love my 1080 and it's about 9 years old, no problems all through design school. You need to find one with METAL workings. This is key. You'll need a good straight, zigzag and buttonhole. That's about all you'll need. The rest is just gravy.

Claudia, you are my doppelganger, I tell you! Only we look different. Hehe.

I've never heard of the Janome sewing machine, but I'm going to see if it's available here. Sounds like it comes highly recommended. But I also like Silvia's advice; another friend recently mentioned to me that used sewing machines are a very good alternative. The stitch abilities Silvia mentions are the ones I want - nothing too sophisticated because I just know I won't use them. (I've already looked into sewing classes! This is definitely a resolution for next year.)

Jen: You need a poncho. Yes you do! Just like I need some of that CASHMERINO ARAN. [Drools at the mouth, just like Homer Simpson.]

P.S. I'm glad the chocolate color is getting some thumbs-up! In person it is gorgeous, and a nice alternative to black.

So great to see the little guy in his big coat again! Still looks super. What a cutie pie. And that poncho is to die for. Gotta have some real style to pull it off though. Awesome that you can make it for someone who can really wear it! And chocolate is alwasy good, even in yarn. ;)

the photo of the poncho really shows off the wonderful texture of the yarn. it looks amazing!

Yes... *very* slinky! Is Sis requiring all that fringe too? My poncho [not yet in my gallery] was all stockinette too - but on big needles so it went fast - whew! The fringe is what was drudgery for me - ugh. Ditto. You need a sewing machine. I also have a Janome. i made my wedding dress with it. It was only $250 [here]. You better beg Santa! ;) ... Oh, God I love that Giraffe coat [yes the kid is pretty cute too]. :D

I love the color! It's perfect for fall, your sister is very lucky. It makes me wish my brother would knit. Although, I take that back if he knitted everything would be black and look like Rowan's Reveal.

i came back for a second look! the little mr. looks so cute in the giraffe sweater. i may need the pattern for that one too!! have a good weekend!

Hi! Love your new poncho knitting project! I'm going to the local knitting store tonight to pick up some lopi lite in dark grey for this pattern:

Actually, my friend Katy is knitting it for me for Christmas ;)

Just to let you know, I have put a link to your site from my new site -- let me know if this is not OK with you.

From the beginning, I danced with my son in public places (while my husband pretended we were with some other table). Nature/nuture, who knows, but at almost-9 he has a beautiful love-of-life extravagance about him that the future young women of the world will thank me for. I can say this having finally moved past the point where my mission in life was to prevent my all-male household from descending into Lord of The Flies and am now focussing on raising good husbands. They WILL know how to cook and they WILL know how to do laundry and they WILL know how to scrub toilets and polish silver...

Lovely poncho pattern! Do you mind giving the Phildar pattern number/details to find the pattern for those of us who would like to duplicate your efforts? Thank you for the inspiration!!

I love my poncho! The color is gorgeous. Since I'm olive-toned (green) with black hair, I wondered if I'd be able to carry off the color, but I was right in taking your advice. The sheen and the texture give the color that mojo-feeling.

Haven't I got the greatest sister in the world?

Big kiss to Capitán Destructor.

Captain Destructo is always a cutie, and that giraffe coat takes the cake. Love the poncho! Will we get photos of Suzie dancing? ;)

Hi, Rene,

Darn tootin' I'll photograph "the dance".

I promise not to wear boots.

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