July 25, 2003

Knitting labels make me go, "oh yeah!"

Oh, how fancy!

Happy Friday! Notitas para el día de hoy:

1) I just love my new woven knitting labels. They're from Heirloom Labels, who do wonderful, professional work and ship in a timely fashion. Very enthusiastic thumbs-up! [And thank you to Evelyn for having recommended them when I expressed my desire for my own labels. Truly, my site visitors rock.]

2) Look at this little army of ducks Maureen sent me. Can you tell the kid has claimed ownership on them?

3) Claudia thoughtfully sent me a copy of E.Z.'s Knitter's Almanac. My first E.Z.! I've read the book through, and really enjoyed it. I'll admit that I don't agree with all her thoughts on knitting [coughknittingintheroundcough], but I'm convinced that every knitter should have at least one E.Z. book in their knitting library for the humor and inspiration.

4) Look at the fancy stitch markers that Kim sent me. Hello! Now I want to place them on my needles and find an excuse to knit in public where others can see them. I am a show-off.

5) The other day I went to the yarn store to pick up some yarn for friends. While I was there, I decided to just go ahead and get some yarn to do the striped cardigan a few others want to do. I've had the pattern for a while; it's from Phildar's Evasion, where I got the tiny tank pattern. I also got the satin band with fasteners to sew onto the front edges. It's a quick knit, so it should be fun. But aren't I such an incurable yarn 'ho? I need to exercise more self-control. Or a little brownie named "Madge" to help me knit into the wee hours of the morning.

6) I finished the back of my son's sleeveless vest! I rule.

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16 comments to this entry:

Love the labels!! Definately worth getting b/c handknit things are something to be proud of :) Also - is it too late to send my square for your project?

Am I seeing things or do those ducks have horns?

I am a woman of my word...;-)

That cardigan is very, very tempting. Except for the blue part...(I have an unreasonable hatred of blue)....

Ariana, they are devil duckies. Of course they have horns!

Claudia, if I send you the yarn for that cardi will you succumb to the temptation? [Muwaahaaaa!]

Hello...is the only source for the Evasion catalog from Phildar on their French website? Do you know if there is a source that I could order online with a English insert? Thanks for your input... love your website and your beautiful creations.

Loving the labels! And you sweetie, showing the markers! I hope they work well for you. You're already done with the back of the vest? Geez louise, you DO rule! ;)

i love love love that cardi!! and the labels are great too!!

Hey, Heirloom is where I got my labels (which look almost exactly like yours!). You've got good taste, girlfriend!

I think your labels are really cool. Now all your garments will look so "professional"' Becky, not like they weren't before!!! Good job! :-)

Love the devil duckies! They're so cute and eeeeeevil. That stripey cardigan is also cute, not quite so evil. ;)

the Evil Enabler now has Evil Henchling Ducks to blame for her dirty work! I'm not surprised!!! :) since we are in different timezones, i think we can share Madge and she can knit all 24 hours of her day!!!

Well, that's it, Becky. Now I really need labels -- yours look great. :)

I was so engrossed in your whatiscopy page that I knit past the point needed on my Suki handles!! Thanks for a well written resource on this issue. It's so hard to find concise information that isn't a dull read!

Labels look great! I ordered labels from another company about 3 weeks ago and they just came!! Pictures of them to my page as soon as I get a digi camera!! Soon.

Hey again, I just emailed you about that striped cardigan. Somehow I missed that you were going to be making it too. You've got so many cool things going on, woman, that I simply can't keep track of them all! ;)

I've been dying to make that cardigan ever since I saw it on Anna's blog. I'm glad that you posted a photo of the yarn. The colors look much different than the color cards that Anna posted. In your photos they all look lighter.

I've searched all the local yarn stores for substitue yarn but they just don't carry a cotton yarn in those colors and the same gauge.

I also searched the internet but it's just so difficult to gauge colors from photos. Is there a shop in France that sells Philar yarn by mail? I'll be eager to follow your progress on this one.

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