July 23, 2003

New projects make me go "oh, yeah!"

Oh, yeah!

I couldn't help myself. I went off and started another project. I've been dying to knit this sleeveless vest for Captain Destructo since 2001 and I'm not going to wait anymore. I knit this vest before, while I was on vacation for two months in the States, but I was so pokey about finishing it my son grew out of it before I could even sew the zipper on. I still have the first version here, and even though it has never been worn I am won't to give it away because of the sentimental value tied to it. But I want him to wear that vest! So I've bought the yarn (in an even nicer shade of blue, I think), swatched (again), done the math to lengthen it, bought a 27 cm zipper at my local mercerie, and giddy-ap! Let's get knittin' on a sleeveless zippered vest for my cool kid.

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VERY cool kid! And a lucky kid to have such a cool mom who knits him beautiful things.

Aw, thanks Cari :-)

Bless - he is looking so grown up! I loved that vest when you showed pictures of it before, he is going to look gorgeous in it. And another new project on the needles, yay for new project tartitis !

that is adorable!! he will be a rock star in his fab knitted vest...to match his rock star mommy!

Hurry and knit for the little ones while they still will wear what you put on them. My stopped liking ANYTHING at age 10, even when she picked the pattern and the color. We are now on a morotorium that she has to end by asking for something. Sigh, I loved seeing her at her school assembly in her hand knit sweaters.

The little vest is just the cutest. Cool Kid will look dashing in the bigger version.

You would have liked Dye Day....booze, dyes, yarn flinging about. I'll have another one for you next time you hit the States, deal?

I'm holding you to that, Claudia :-)

Love the blue/white combo on the vest. And Mr. Hollywood? Adorable! Hurry & finish while your son will still wear sweaters. Joey (age 10) asked me the other day not to be "compelled" to knit him anything. Geez.

Becky! thank you so much for your lovely offer! i may take you up on that in the near future... i sure do 'preciate you sharing the yarn love!!!

what a great mom - to knit him the same thing twice! what was he thinking, growing out of it before it was ready to be worn!! :) navy and white says "sailor" to me, the crispy clean contrast just gets me. and you know i love sailors.... :)

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