June 30, 2003


I've finished my Smooch tank! And I love it! Neat yarn, neat lace edging, neat tank. As I mentioned before, I reworked the pattern to suit my needs. The eyelet and chevron pattern was worked over a different number of stitches and rows in order to remain uninterrupted when seamed. Sizing was changed (the waist was nipped in by 2.5 cm, the chest and crossback was widened by 2 cm, the neckline was shortened by 2.5 cm and the armhole depth by .5 cm - the tank is a mixture of a small and xsmall size). I shortrowed the shoulders for shaping, binded them off and then sewed them using backstitch. Side seams were joined using embroidery floss (thanks to Jeanine and Alexandra for sharing that idea!), which made for a wonderfully invisible seam. And even though the neckline and armholes don't really need finishing thanks to the double chain selvedge, I've decided that I don't like how the armholes look as they are and will probably work a crochet edging around them because, apparently, I haven't had enough of finishing. Send a kir royale.

The tank has been finished since Friday, so in order to make up for my procrastination in taking photos I decided to compensate by uploading a number of them. (Which means that unless you've also got a DSL connection, this puppy might take a few minutes to load due to the number of kpbs on the page. But pictures are always fun, so it's worth it.)

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ooooooooo, i am in love w/ that smooch-ness! it looks great. and isn't CD just having the most fun w/ his crazy dancin' momma!! :) that's what my dancing photos are really missing -- a dancing enfant! smooch smooch smooch -- one more crossed off the list!!

I love the Elvis the Pelvis impression! He is just tooo cute for words. Oh yes, and Smooch is great too BTW :)

Ah, what would a fluffa FO report be without lots of headless dancing pictures? Smooch is a beauty and I love the color.

Looks fabulous! The definitive Smooch tank, I'm sure. Thanks for all the great pics, especially of the little one. :)

Very pretty. You are soooo tiny. No wonder you had to re-shape. Your son is adorable. Nice moves too!

That tank is so great, and I LOVE your photos! They put a smile on my face.

Don't you love the color? I even found a Wonderbra that matches perfectly. BTW, are you suren't you weren't tanked during the photo shoot? We know how you love kir royales and all. ;) Just teasin' . . .

[Edited by Becky: Pay no attention to her, Mom. No imbibing here while taking tank pictures. Unlike her, I'm sure ;-)]

Very nice! Both the tank & the kid. Can we add a round of applause for monsieur le photographe as well?

Looks FAB! You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

Lovely smooch, adorable child, and great dance moves. Looks like you all had a lot of fun with this photo shoot. :)

Becky, your Smooch is second only to your tap dancing. It looks great. And isn't it touching to see how knitting can bring a child so much joy? Because it's clearly the Smooch -- no, not the camera -- that has your little boy cutting a rug just so. (I hope you saw the photo of Shirley I put up for you a week or so ago.)

Your smooch and your son are wonderful! Here's hoping you make a speedy recovery from the peppermint twist injuries!

such inspiration on your site!!!

Becky, don't they have drinks in France?! First she wants ice tea, then a Kir......I'll send one anyway, hand carried by a cute cabana boy. You did a fabulous job fitting that sweater, and its a very flattering neckline on you...what I can see of you!

wow, what a kid :)

I was in Rouen last week and a library there with a little coffee shop upstairs offers iced tea... well actually, they make the tea and pour it over ice, but it was on the menu and everything so I had to go for it! Much better than those gross, bottled nestea things in the supermarket, all sugary and nasty. ick.

anyway, cool kid. cool shirt. hooray!

Thanks, everyone!

[And I'm holding you to that drink, Claudia ;-)]

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