June 13, 2003

Send me a swatch and I will dance a happy little jig.

A swatch will make me dance a happy little jig.
Rowan Cotton Glace in Hyacinth.
Dropped Vertical Stitch - Vogue Knitting, page 141.
(Click here for a closer view of the stitch.)

Make my day! Send me a swatch! I'm putting together a swatching project and I want your swatches so I can make a patchwork blanket made up of squares sent to me by knitters from all over. You don't need a blog or site to participate - everybody is welcome. Swatches are lightweight and can be sent as a letter so postage will be extremely low. All you have to do is knit a square and send it to me by July 15. It can be any gauge, any stitch, any brand of yarn, but it does need to have the following characteristics:

1) 6x6 inches in size, after blocking. (If your square doesn't make the required size, you can knit or crochet a border of your choice around it so that it reaches the required size.)

2) Yarn used can be of any brand, but the yarn must be 100% cotton or cotton blend only. If it's a cotton blend, the percentage of cotton must be 50% or higher.

3) Yarn must be colorfast.

4) Any stitch may be used. It can be lace, ribbed, stockinette, cabled, intarsia or fairisle. Make it as simple or as intricate as you like, provided it is easy to care for and not too delicate.

5) Know how we like to put garter borders around our swatches? This isn't a must here. As you can see from the photo of my own swatch above, I didn't use one. All I ask is that selvedges be included and that the cast-on and bind-off edges be neat.

6) Only one swatch is required, but if you'd like to send more you are welcome. For sewing purposes, I have to set a limit of no more than two or three swatches per person, though. I want to make sure that all knitters who send me a swatch are represented in the blanket.

If you send me a square for this blanket, you will make my day and have star status around here. Remember - everyone is welcome and you do not need a blog or site to send me a swatch! Please let me know if you'd like to participate and I will reply with an e-mail that contains further details and contact info.

Please note: This blanket will be used for non-lucrative purposes only. Photos of the finished product and of the recipient will be shown to all whose swatches are used in making the blanket, and full credit for your swatch will be given!

People who have kindly sent swatches (in no particular order; I listed them as I pulled the swatches out of my box, and I will add as they continue to arrive):

Cari L.
Alison H. *
Adrienne M. *
Jenny R.
Miro C. *
Sarah Winsor *
Alison G.
Margaret M.
Leigh *
Claudia B. *
Nanette B.
Laurence G. *
Marrije *
Julie E.
Jeanine T.
Chris B.
Dorothy L.
Deborah C.
Brian M.
Jen M.
Mariko *
Nora R.*
Meg C.
Kerstin G. *
Mary Kaye D. *
Maggi T.
Kim G.
Amanda L.
Cherilyn R.
Johanna F.
Melissa L. *
Carrie C.
Deb W.
Charity B.
Maureen *
Carolyn *
Melissa J.
Kim M.
Joanna S.
Andrea K.
Lisa G.
Donna (this was Donna's first knitted project, ever! Wow! :-))
* Sent more than one swatch, and/or included a special surprise for me. I appreciate it! Merci beaucoup :-)

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Comments to this entry:

Beeea-utiful swatch there, Becky! I'm off to the stash to see what I can swatch up. What a great idea to put a bunch of swatches together into one big project. The ultimate knit-along. How exciting!

you've got me very excited missy! an excuse to buy more yarn! and just in single ball amounts so i can get a few different colors! yipppeee!! :)

Two people have written to me re the sizing as I neglected to specify in metric: 6x6 inches is approx 15x15 cm.

(You know me, all swinging back and forth between the metric and imperial. Never can stick with one 'cause I'm a fickle lassie ;-)

I've been looking for an excuse to buy more wool/cotton. WooHoo! I love that stitch pattern. I've been staring at it for minutes. Very cool. Ok, off to peruse the pattern books. Perfect excuse to try something new.

Yippee! I want to play! I'll see what I can come up with and let you know!

Ohh, count me in, Becky! :-)

I'm in, too! What a great idea--and a good chance for me to try out some new stitches!

i want to play too! when do you want the swatches by?

count me in!

I'm already working on it. :)

GREAT idea, Becky!

I'm as "beginner" as they come, but I would love to make this my first real project. I've been a longtime reader of your site, and have "retaught" myself knitting basics several times over the last few years. I'm determined to stick with it because it looks like so much fun, and I'd love to say that a project of yours got me off to a good start! So I'll do it, and if you can use it, great!

Is it too late?! If not, me too!

mine will be there soon... sent it on monday! :)

I would love to borrow this idea... do you mind if I am a copycat?

I'll send you a swatch, too, if it's not too late.


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