June 12, 2003

It's like tank-o-mania, I tell you!

We are now officially having what I call "Makeup Slide Off Face Weather". Put on a bit of makeup, wander outside in the heat, and the makeup promptly slides off your face and hits the cement like a rubber clown mask. Lovely. And the weather must be making me mad, because today I decided to walk a number of blocks to and from my kid's playgroup. I make that trek often, but not when the temps are in the 90s. No car. No air conditioning. Just me, a pair of sneakers and a toddler who's almost as big as a four-year-old. And I mustn't neglect to mention that half of the route was spent pushing my overgrown kid in his now too little for him stroller, because he got tired from walking. Now the stroller needs repair, my butt hurts a bit and I'm sweating a river. Send iced tea.

current project
Pull out those strappy sandals. Vroom!

I may need iced tea, but I got your tanks here, pally. As it turns out, both pieces of my latest tank project have been knit and blocked. Knitting the upper part was neat - the armhole edges are free edges and the pattern ("Joy", from Rowan's Cotton Tape Collection) calls for a double chain selvedge to be used. That creates a row of slipped stitches and tightens up the ends at the same time. Now all I gotta do is seam the sides, and I'll be doing that as soon as I find a lighter yarn in an appropriate color. One of my visitors mentioned using a lighter yarn for seaming, and I like that idea because seaming with Cotton Tape might make for a thick join. While I look for an appropriate yarn for seaming, I'll spend my knitting time working on another tank or on a piece to one of my other current projects, like the sleeves of my cotton jacket or my husband's raglan sweater. I'll decide as soon as I've had some iced tea.

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that was a very very speedy knit it seems! and i like that raised stitch pattern -- it looks very similar to what is on my purple panda, at least in the pictures! :) now send some of that sun over here because all we've got is the humidity -- it's like London and it's supposed to be summer already!


Wow you work fast.

That was me who asked you about the seaming. Thanks for the feedback. I hope to be done with mine this weekend.

I also need to find a lighter wt. yarn for the seaming.

The tall glass is foggy with frost. The ice clinks gently. A cool slice of lemon perches on the edge. The sugar is bunching down at the bottom, waiting for the stir of the long-handled spoon.

Madam, your ice tea.

You make such lovely things-- I admire your consistent tension and beautiful edges. I'm inspired!

Wow! Wouldn't it be cool if we could really send iced teas to each other via the optical lines?! Then we could all sit about with our teas, chatting about how neat Becky's tank is!

Great job on the edges! I am going to try mine again and try to find what I did wrong...glad you posted a picture!

remedy for "makeup slide off your face" weather:
NO makeup.

Start with clean face.
Apply toner (if needed) and/or moisturizer (with sun block).
Drink lots of water during the day.
Result: happy, happy skin!!
: )

How about embroidery floss for seaming? Lightweight, strong, comes in a lot of colors.

Thanks, everyone! Your comments always make me smile. Again, if anybody comes into my site and fails to read the comments, they're missing out on half the fun :-)

Your advice came just in time, Alexandra. I went to the yarn store today and didn't find an appropriate yarn in a matching color, so I'll be heading to a notions shop this weekend in search of embroidery floss. Thanks for that tip!

Like your 'Joy'! I made one a while back and let me tell you -- it sure is comfy! I think you will really enjoy this little tank.

i saw this tank knit up in my lys last week. i love the color you selected. it's very pretty!

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