March 13, 2003

Sewn-on facings are the best kind of knitting fun.

"You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk?"

That's a little phrase we like to say in my family, only half-jokingly, when someone opens their big trap about being able to do something, but comes up with an excuse for not actually doing it. The other day I boasted about being able to knit a teddy bear, but was reminded of an unfinished Debbie Bliss bear lying abandoned at the bottom of my knitting bag. The poor guy had two legs and an arm, nothing more. So I pulled out that teddy and gave him another arm and a body. The rest is already on the needles and if I do a bit here and there in some evenings, I'll have him sewn and dressed in early spring. You bet I can walk the walk.

Pardon me, my head is missing.

As regards my other knitting projects, you'll be happy to know that I've finished sewing the Muppet Pimp Coat! Weaving in a few ends and final blocking is next. I tried the sweater on and aside from the fact that I bound off the collar stitches tightly enough to make me look like Faye Dunaway post-facelift when I try to pull the sweater off, it looks cute and fits really nicely. I do feel a bit strange with the fluffiness of it, though. And the bind-off edge of the collar...better do something about that. It makes the sweater almost perilous to pull off and I kind of like having eyebrows.

As the Muppet Pimp Coat is well on its way to a wearable garment, I've already cast on stitches to make a raglan sweater with long vertical stripes on the sleeves for my son, using yarn called Lambswool that knits on 3mm's (thanks for the addi's, Nikki!). I'm looking forward to doing the sleeves; they're not knit from the bottom up, but from side to side and are shaped using short rows, then wristband facings are knit separately and sewn on using free-loop backstitch. Neat.

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Which bear are you making? He looks cute but slightly too skinny without all his stuffing. I love big fat teddy bears... Can't wait to see the finished photos of the muppet pimp coat, and I agree that eyebrows are best kept on your face. hee hee

He's not sewn or stuffed yet...I just put the pieces to their corresponding locations to give a rough idea. He'll be chubby, don't worry :-)

What book is this pattern from it is so cute!

ooooo i can't wait to see the picture of a skinny and perhaps bald woman wearing a fuzzy pink sweater! :) and i just bought this little zoe mellor book that is really designed to teach you to knit, which OK i know how and i have a zillion books already, but because it has a cute bunny rabbit and one pair of bootees (yes i did not want the book w/ 1,000 bootee patterns, i just want one)... i am planning to make some multi-color bunnies for recent babies... yeah, let me just quick add that to my list. man i really crack myself up.

"Faye Dunaway post-facelift!" teehee Oh, can we get a VISUAL on that?!? Pleeeeaaaasssseeee?

"Faye Dunaway post-facelift!" teehee Oh, can we get a VISUAL on that?!? Pleeeeaaaasssseeee?

I can't wait to see the teddy bear! I'm so impressed that you have the patience to knit little animals, like the bear and the ostrich.

We want the muppet coat! We want the muppet coat! We want the muppet coat...

Muppet coat soon...I need to enlist my "photographer" (who am I kidding? It's my husband) to take snaps of me and weekends are best for that. Maybe I'll even pretend to snowboard in the shots. Tee hee.

Oh Becky - I'm so proud of you! Maybe my job this weekend should be to sew up the teddy bear pieces that have been languishing in my knitting bag since, oh, about last September (gulp). Can I walk the walk? Maybe with a walking frame...

I *can't wait* for the Pimp-Coat-showing. I'm in the mood to see me some PINK.

I'm looking forward to the unveiling of the pimp coat! But I wanted to let you know - you have gotten me seriously addicted to tubular cast on (and off), it looks so professional...

The free-loop backstitch is my new favorite finishing technique (now beating out the mattress stitch and the three-needle bind off). Thanks so much for sharing it.

Bonjour Beckie,
je reviens d'un merveilleux voyage à Paris. J'ai eu l'occasion de toucher(!) aux laines Phildar. Il va sans dire que je n'ai pu résister (toutes les tricoteuses ont au moins une chose en commun: nous sommes addictées à notre passe-temps qui devient, au fil des ans, une obsession. Enfin, si jamais on te reproche d'acheter trop de laine, tu n'as qu'à répondre comme moi: je ne bois pas, je ne fume pas et je ne prend pas de drogue: tiens toi! Anyway, j'ai acheté le livre de patron de chandails marins et irlandais qui sont absolument merveilleux. Je voulais évidemment obtenir de la laine pour tricoter au moins deux modèles mais ces charmantes dames ont dû admettre qu'elles n'avaient pas le matériel en stock. J'ai été à trois magasins Phildar, trouvés par hasard sur ma route, toujours avec le même résultat. Bon. Cela explique pourquoi j'achète 99.9% de ma laine via Bergère de France. Ils ont toujours tout en stock. Mais je ne me laisserai pas abattre par ce minable obstacle! Je trouverai l'équivalence de Pure Laine et je tricoterai ce chef-d'oeuvre numéro 24 coute que coute.

Christine, c'est vraiment dommage que tu aies visité plusieurs boutiques Phildar sans avoir trouvé au moins une pelote de la laine que tu souhaitais! N'hésites pas à me faire savoir si tu as besoin d'aide. Tu peux m'écrire à mon adresse e-mail.

i am in contemplation stage of making a sweater for my son, whose wingspan is 63" with a stripe up the sleeve and sides, i may try it longwise too, been looking for an opportunity to try that backstitch .

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