February 21, 2003


As I mentioned before, February is for knitting pink because I like being Valentiney in a kitschy way. So my current project is the fuzzy pink sweater with red mohair trim a few of my kind visitors suggested that I do a while ago. I've finished the back of the sweater, and here's a sneak peek for you. A few short notes:

1) My camera is picking up the pink in a most bizarre fashion. The yarn looks much less bubble gum-like in true life and is not quite so bright - the actual color is much closer to this.

2) This yarn is so fluffy I feel like I'm knitting with cotton balls. Let's hope it looks like a sweater when finished, because at this point the pink fluffiness of it borders on the pimp coat meets the Muppets.

3) The mohair trim at the hem and neck is knit using 4mm needles, but the body of the sweater is straight stockinette stitch knit using 6mm's. It goes fast. Too fast, I think. After doing that cabled sweater on 4mm's for my husband and the fingering wool striped hat on 2.5mm's for my son I almost feel like this project is too easy. (I'm whining a bit now, but I'd bet I'll be yearning for this the next time I do a more complicated project.)

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The pink sweater is looking lovely. After all that resizing and tricky finishing on the tweedy jacket, you deserve an easy breezy little project. They don't all have to be hard, you know! :)

The Muppet Pimp Coat! I'm willing to bet it will look awesome on you (and not because you resemble a Muppet or a pimp). Would you like some cheese to go with your whine? Give yourself a break 'cause we don't expect you to be our Fearless Leader every day. :)

haha, shall we ever get around to meeting up we'll have to call ahead to make sure we don't show up wearing the same thing! ;)

Hello Becky!

I had forgotten that February was the month to knit pink and Finish. I most have known in my subconscious though because I am knitting my little sister a cardigan with Classic Elite Fame (pink, blue, lavender) 1 strand of Jaggerspun Zephyr (blueberry) and 1 strand of cashmere-wool (bright fuchsia pink). All the ribbed bands are done with the Fame, the Zephyr and one strand of Gedifra Technohair - fluffy, fuzzy stuff!

(Do you want some of the cashmere wool - it is 50/50, probably a baby weight as opposed to fingering or lace (in the middle) and I have a HUGE amount of it).

(I'm using my hotmail address because I've just started getting spam on my other address...)

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