December 27, 2002

Baby shoooooooooooooooz.

Ah! Baby booties! I love to knit them. So that's why I knit three of them this week, instead of just two. Okay, I lie. Actually, I knit three because the first two didn't match up; the sole on one of the booties was considerably larger than the sole on the other bootie, and as knitting laws dictate I didn't notice this until I was sewing them up. Being the anal-retentive perfectionist that I am, I knit another one so the pair would match. On December 24th I sent this pair of booties over to my neighbor for her baby boy, who had been born a few days before. Yesterday she made a surprise visit to my apartment with her baby (who is so cute, but I was caught unawares! Oh, how I love receiving people when my home is a mess and I look like a slob) to thank me for the booties and to let me know that her baby wore them on Christmas. Awwwww.

Look how teeny they are! They're a variation on some stripey booties featured in Zoe Mellor's 50 Baby Booties to Knit, which Carolyn so thoughtfully sent me last month when she noticed that I had it on my wishlist. This book is great and I'll be knitting many more booties from it, I'm sure. Thank you very much, Carolyn!

[I'm not a fan of garter stitch for adult garments, but I just love it on baby items! Yep. Seed stitch, too. When it comes to knitting baby clothes, garter stitch and seed stitch are the stitches for me.]

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They are cute! My parents bought me that book for Christmas and there are far too many little projects - did you know that if you knit one pair of bootees a week you could make your way through the whole book by next Christmas??? Sounds like a plan to me!

Oh my, a pair of baby booties every week... not sure about that. But yours sure are cute, Becky! I'm sure the only things sweeeter are the precious baby feet they're made for.

aw, they're beautiful! i knew you would make something swell out of that book! :)

p.s. and you're welcome of course!! anytime!! (keep your eye on the mail...)

The booties are quite cute. I've got some left-over Opal Tiger and am thinking about making tiger-y booties using, once again, the Stay-On Bootie pattern from Knitting for Baby....

Thanks, everyone! This is a great book and I really love knitting booties, so I was really happy to receive this from my pal Carolyn. How about doing the sheep booties with me, Kerrie? I feel like sizing them up for my own feet, though. hee hee.

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