November 07, 2002

Decisions, decisions.

It's interaction time! Which sweater should I knit for myself next? I'm currently leaning towards the cabled kimono and pink sweaters, but what I really want is to knit all the ones pictured because I'm such a yarn-obsessed individual. I only got two hands, though, and a yarn stash that really shouldn't get any bigger, but - let's face it - it will. So I must pick only one. But which? (Click the thumbnail to see them all.)

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What fun. But how hard! What a dilemma you have. I think I'm leaning toward the pink fuzzy one, second from the left on the bottom.

But, I'll have another favorite in about 10 minutes.

Becky, I love that peach sweater with the flared sleeves - I'd like to make it for my 22-year old niece.

i like the pink sweater with the darker pink dot. in fact, where can i get that pattern?

(for you, though, i like them all. the one with the cables scares me, tho.)

I like the pink sweater on the bottom, second from the left. the neckline is lovely!

I like the pink cardigan sweater in the top row. But they're all pretty fab!

I'll vote for the ribbed sweater on the top right (with criss cross cable), but I think the pink one with the flower (second in top row) is also gorgeous.

I vote for the red zipper jacket, bottom 2nd from right. I also really like the baby pink ribbed one too.

I love the pink one on the bottom row. The flared sleeves and the patterning on the top grabbed me. Although I like the neckline in theory, I think it would be cold to wear here and would change it if making it for me....if you are warm-blooded go for it as is...tres chic.

oh, that's a flower. silly me. i liked it better when it was a dot.

I love the pink sweater with the flower!

I love the pink sweater with the flower too, very Sex in the City! They are all way stylish, so whichever you pick will be amazing.

I have already bought the yarn for the pink with red mohair trim and scary flower (I am so leaving off the flower eek). I swear, give me some time to get knitting a bit faster, and we're going to have the same wardrobe! ;)

I love the pink one with the flower .. that is very, very cool. Where could I get these patterns? I want to make that one for myself!!!

I love the pink one with the flower .. that is very, very cool. Where could I get these patterns? I want to make that one for myself!!!

i think i am the odd one out -- i like the two furthest left and the two furthest right. the white/cream boatneck w/ all the cables, and the multi colored turtle under it. and then the pink diagonal cables on top right and the beige-y turtle under it. gee, i think you should make FOUR of them, i really helped to narrow it down didn't i? :)

If it absolutely has to be narrowed down, then I'd say it's a toss-up between the chunky one in the lower left corner, and the soft pink one next to it.

Okay...looks like we've gotten it narrowed down to the peach mohair with flared sleeves (second from bottom left), and the fuzzy pink with red mohair trim (second from top left) and the white cabled kimono sweater (top left) because that's the one my husband really digs. The only thing that makes me a tad nervous about the peach mohair with flared sleeves is that it's oh-so-thin, and kinda see-through. The warmth factor is absolutely nil but the chic "wear me inside at a New Year's Day party" factor is very, very high. But we've gone from 8 possibilities to 3...not bad! Thanks for your help :-)


If you need a sweater to take to your local stitch and bitch pick the simplest. If you need one to challenge you and hold your interest pick the more complex. I agree they are all cute. What pub are they from?

bottom right, for sure! i am ready to run out and make one!

Hi Becky!
You know I am biased - definitely the pink one with the flower. In fact I also loke the beigey one on the bottom right hand corner.....................but I am sure whichever you pick will be way gorge - let us know what you decide okay?

Stacey, I wish I had a local Stitch n Bitch here. Unfortunately, I don't. So I usually pick what I'm going to do according to my personal style and how intriguing the pattern is so I don't get bored. I prefer sweaters that don't look too generic - more along the lines of something a boutique would carry instead of a mall. Oh, and I want people to say, "Damn, that's one fine sweater!" Tee hee.

All the sweaters - with the exception of the baby pink ribbed in the upper right hand corner - are from Phildar's Autumn and Winter catalogs. En franšais. I am, however, known to swap catalogs and/or individual patterns professionally translated into English with a few of my visitors. (Yes, all those years of doing professional freelance translations finally pays off!)

my vote is for the cabled dealy. that is one freaking cool sweater.

I love the neckline on the pink one bottom row, second from left. very elegant and pretty

I find the cable sweater very attractive and perfectly cozy for winter and a cup of camomile tea!

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