July 22, 2002

Going starchy for blocking cables!

Woo hoo! I finished knitting both sides on Saturday! [Runs madly around the room in circles.] Sunday was a rainy day, so I took some time in the morning to shape and block it all. With a toddler and small dog running around the house, properly blocking a garment is hard. But! I got a brainstorm. I got our old, ugly-ass picnic table out of the hall closet, unfolded it in the spare room, and placed our winter bed comforter (folded in thirds) on top of it. I then covered it with the plastic covering used by the dry cleaner to cover our dry cleaning, and on top of that I put a thin towel. Then I placed both sides of my knitting on it and pinned them down with no trouble. Not only was I able to sit down while I did all that, the kid and dog can't get to it. I deserve a prize. The husband, too. He took care of the kid while I played with my knitting.

Although I don't usually pin garments to block, I decided to pin this one because of the excessive curling of the sides and slight pulling of the cable design. After carefully pinning it to measurements (without stretching), I liberally doused the whole thing with cold water sprays. After it was wet, I used my fingers to mold the cables even more, and to shape them so they all matched up perfectly. Then I got brave, picked up a can of the best starch I could find in the French market, stood back about two meters, and sprayed a tiny bit of starch on the cables. I did that once to some embroidery I placed on a sweater I knit for my brother's baby daughter, and it "set" the embroidery without making it stiff. Let's hope it works for this top as well, because although I want nice looking cables, I don't think I'd like walking around wearing a top that's as stiff as a cardboard cutout.

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you both deserve a prize. bravo on all counts! can't wait to see the finished objet d'amour!

Goddess of the knitting .. Goddess of the Blocking ... Remind me to travel from Tennessee to You to have you give me personalized lessons *hehe* and I can have a vacation at the same time ... I am pretty impressed with You!!

Wow, thanks Morgan. I don't think I'm worthy of such nice compliments but it sure is motivating to receive them :-)!

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