July 20, 2002

Cold water does yarn good.

My grubby little fingers have unravelled this project so many times (why, I do believe it's the project I've most ripped out, ever! Let's eat many brownies to console ourselves) that a part of one of my skeins became stretched out and crinkled beyond words. It was impossible to work with - most of the stitches knitted from it were so loose I could have poked my fingers through them. So I frogged all the rows (yes, all twenty-two of them; let's eat some more brownies to console ourselves) I had knitted with the crinkly yarn and did them over with another skein. The ugly skein has been reconditioned via mega doses of cold water sprays and is now looking quite peppy. When it dries I'll be using it to knit up the neckline, which I'll be doing soon as I'm more than three-quarters through on the second side. [Does cowboy whoops to celebrate.]

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Wow. Cables in cotton yarn....you are a much braver woman than I. It looks great though and should be a wonderful summer top. You did right to rip out the rows knitted in the re-used yarn....that would never have looked right (ask me how I know this).

cowboy whoops? oh my ;)

well, it's looking great, no matter the hassle. perhaps this one will be like giving birth. it'll hurt but in a while, you'll forget about the pain. :-)

You are just a brave woman *hehe* If I lived in the same country I would even deliver some brownies just for all the trouble You have had!!

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