June 20, 2002

At least I know how to achieve slanted knitting.

Had to ditch the idea of knitting my little tube top in the round. And I learned something new in the process! When attempting to knit something in the round while using a circular needle that is just a wee bit too long, your knitting is gonna look...well, like crap. My garment is supposed to measure about 28 inches all around, and because I temporarily misplaced my brain I thought "Hey! I don't have a 3.5mm circular needle that's shorter than the 30 inch ones I already have, but why go all the way to the store for another 3.5mm circular needle just because it's a few inches shorter? A couple of inches won't make a difference." Guess what! It does make a difference. In a big way. Don't ever attempt to knit in the round on a circular needle that isn't at least two or three inches shorter (from point to point) than what the garment is supposed to measure. Unless, of course, you want your knitting to look all stretched out and slant to the left. Which is what mine was doing, so I unraveled the six rows I knit. All 180 stitches. Someone, hand me a tissue.

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There could probably be a whole site devoted to heartbreaking knitting stories. I started a vest for my hubby last fall (for Christmas). I decided not to do a swatch because I'm almost always on target. I just thought I'd wait till I got about four inches up to measure--which I did. I thought it measured fine, so I went merrily on my way. About 10 inches up, I realized it didn't look right. I had to unravel the whole thing (multiple color changes and all) and it's still all sitting in a bag. Lesson learned on the swatch thing.

But, hey, I was impressed that you were experimenting with different needles. I am so not brave when it comes to stuff like that.

awww! *handing Becky a tissue* It's OK. I learned that lesson the hard way too, working on a tube scarf a long time ago. Always better that the circular is too small rather than too large. I did the neck on my hubby's sweater with a 29" circ and the neck wasn't nearly that large but it was the only one I had in that needle size! I finished 10 rows in the round and bound off and it came out fine, but that's probably because I was working on sz 8 needles with a cotton/linen/acrylic blend. I'm sure you'll catch up and surpass your previous work in no time at all! So will you do 1 seam or two?

Becky, I thoroughly sympathsize! This is a lesson I learned recently attempting to knit a mohair pink sweater, something went terribly wrong. I also bought new needles yesterday!

okay as much as that sucks, you knit so fast you will have it done in no time. I wish that I could get my stuff done as quickly as you. Instead I have put my sleeveless tank aside because I am scared of shaping the armholes!!

i started knitting the devil hat in the round on a pair of 32" needles -- i realized after just one row of 84 stitches that it wasn't going to work. i feel your pain!

since i couldn't find a set in 16", i ended up knitting it straight, and it's coming out quite nicely. i might have it done by the weekend.

nonetheless, good luck with your tube top! it looks adorable.

Check out 'Magic Loop' booklet by Fiber Trends. It explains how to knit any number of stitches in the round, with long circulars.

It's a fabulous booklet!

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