Skinny Rabbit Slideshow Productions Presents:

"Rabbit in Paris in May Part I."

(Alternatively titled "Good thing I have rechargeable batteries and a 256mb memory card" starring Nikon cam and a wacky tourist lady.)

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Pictures taken with my nikon coolpix 3100.
(Images have not been retouched.)

All rights reserved.

Spied while walking to the Bastille. Notwithstanding the number of years I live in France, I will never tire of seeing these little cartoon cars. Flea Market!!!!!!! I asked him if I could take a picture of that little Vespa, and he said yes. Then he smiled for the camera. What a sport. By the Seine. This is a zoom. Who is this? I do not know. She was sitting by the Seine, and I love her pose. It's got just enough bored nonchalance without being tiresome.   The Louvre! I will never tire of visiting this place. Except, maybe, between July-August when the whole world decides to come here at the same time. (Been there, done that.) Knitters at the Louvre! As you can see, we were having lovely spring weather. The last time I was here I couldn't get a clear shot of this gorgeous chandelier. Well, haha! I got my shot this time. In Napoleon's apartments.   (Here's a spontaneous shot of our B-M looking around.) Can we get enough of this historic bling-bling? Surely not. What's that? A zoom? Oh, alright. How could I not take a mirror shot while passing in front of this vanity? It's like a rule. (The shot of the three of us in the vanity was taken a few minutes later.) And here's a zoom on a big vase I saw while walking through the apartments.   In the wing of the Dutch masters. Here are a few shots of the pieces that I liked the most...   (I liked this one because it reminds me a little bit of Renoir's The Artist's Son Jean Drawing.) The Lacemaker. (You knew I'd include this one, right?) Diana the Huntress.   A piece by Michelangelo. (Right before I took this shot Bonne Marie and I saw a tourist striking the same pose for his companion's camera.)   Canova's Cupid and Psyche. (This is the main reason I wanted to visit this wing.) I will never tire of looking at this work. And that is why I bought a bookmark of it in the overpriced museum boutique. Exiting the museum. Neat, eh? As we left the museum and started walking towards Les Tuileries we got blasted in the face with a big gust of wind carrying what seemed to be about two tons of dust. But isn't that a cool view?     This was taken in front of l'Assembleé Nationale. [Gratuitous anecdote: The last time I passed by l'Asambleé Nationale I was walking my bichon frise Lucy, and she decided that the sidewalk right in front of this building would be the perfect place to ceremoniously hunch over and relieve her needs, even though the guards there were looking daggers at us. I stopped her in time and started hightailing it out of there, and a man passing by in the opposite direction (and who apparently hadn't missed anything), gave one of the crackers he was eating to my dog and said loudly, "Yeah! There's someone who knows how to give a proper opinion about politics."