Skinny Rabbit Slideshow Productions Presents:

"Castle-Hopping Rabbit in Loire Valley Part I."

(Alternatively titled "Good thing I have rechargeable batteries and a 256mb memory card" starring Nikon cam and a wacky tourist lady.)

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Pictures taken with my nikon coolpix 3100.
(Images have not been retouched.)

All rights reserved.

Early morning in Blois! Oh, how I love this view. I'd look at it every day from the terrace.                     The royal castle at Blois.   Everybody needs an ice cream break. (I had the Chenonceau ice cream bowl.)   The dragons at La Maison de la Magie.     This is at Clos Luce, the chateau where Leonardo da Vinci spent the last years of his life.         Visiting an exhibition of models made from Leonardo's sketches.     In the chateau gardens.

He spent an hour sketching and painting in the studio with a few other kids. And now he can say, "I got to be an artist at Leonardo da Vinci's house."


Walking through Amboise.   And I was still getting in some knitting here and there.