Skinny Rabbit Slideshow Productions Presents:

"We don't need no stinkin' truffles"

(Alternatively titled, "Yarn in the mail takes away the knitting blues" starring GGH yarn, Rebecca 29 in English, Lang's Fatto a Mano 151 with French insert, and a little package of gummy bears.)

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Pictures taken with my nikon coolpix 3100.
(Images have not been retouched.)

All rights reserved.

Wrap-around jacket in ribbon yarn from the Lang mag. I love the striping and colors on this collared tunic. It reminds me of the v-neck pullover I knit a while ago. Cheeky patterns from Rebecca 29. Love this one, too. I would break my cardigan diet just to knit this. The Queen Bee of them all. This is the one I wanna knit first! You wanted to see a closeup of my yarn, didn't you? Oh...go on. One more for good luck. Egyptian cotton! (And if I were able to have a "scratch and sniff" feature on my site, I'd slap it on ALL my yarn shots.