I knit this!

Circular needles are my favorite even if I'm not knitting in the round, because it's lighter and I feel that I work faster that way. Plus, it makes projects easier to carry around.

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Some recent projects:

A timeless one piece newborn sweater in merino cashmere. Oh, how fancy!

Some of My Completed Projects:

Fall/Winter 2006-2007 and Spring/Summer 2007

Sewing: Short Coat!
Yes! I did make a doll inspired by Ginger Spice.
In the "just because it's cool" knitting category: Rowan 34's Reveal.
Cute and saucy top from Stitch 'n' Bitch Nation.
ChicKnits CeCe Cardi in luverly Rowan Calmer. Oooooh!
Shexy Bustier! Oh yes, just like that.

Spring/Summer 2006

Sewing: Easy Peasy Tunic.
Yes! I *did* knit a doll inspired by Frida Kahlo.
Cute little buttoned camisole with pretty eyelet pattern in cotton.
How about...a knit frog wearing snazzy striped trousers?
Sewing: Bustier in polka-dotty fabric.
Rowan 39's "Crinkle" cardi. (Eyelets and a ribbon closure. How frou-frou!)
"Cat in the Hat" Sweater. (In red and white stripes, of course.)
Really cool striped linen jacket with intarsia stripes for my Captain Destructo.

Winter 2005/2006

"Holey" Pullover with fab scoop neck.
Fluffy halter with matching wrist warmers. Oooh!
Winter accessories!
Fluffy, oh so fluffy bolero from Rebecca 28.
See-through [wriggles eyebrows] mohair pullover with lacy cuffs.

Fall 2005

Little boy's "letterman" style knitted jacket. (So cute!)
Lovely, floaty Butterfly camisole from Rowan 37 (ooooh!)
Wrappy jacket with spiffy little flower. (Oh, how vintage!)
Man's vest (for my dad...awww!) using Phildar Quietude.

Summer 2005

Cache-coeur (cross-over) cardigan in worsted cotton.
Baby's "watermelon" jacket using worsted cotton.
Baby's flowery cardigan using spongy, springy Phil Eponge.
"Fiery Bolero" using Debbie Bliss Cathay in black.

Spring 2005

Cropped cardigan in Phildar's linen blend yarn.
Funky tufty jacket in Phildar Oxygene and Phil Pompom.
Child's ribbed jacket using Phildar Cotton No. 4.
Striped baby sweater and hat on (of course) teeny needles.

Winter 2004/2005

Fluffy wrap cardigan using Phildar Kid Mohair and Sunset.
"Salina" from Rowan's Vintage Style.
"Willow" from Rowan's Ribbon Twist Collection.
It's a total scarf-o-mania, I tell you!

Fall 2004

Boyish jacket! (Or, a zippered cardi for my son.)
Poncho Sweater using Rowan Plaid.
Fluffy, fringed jacket using Phildar Brumes and Steppe.
Child's "tweed sweater" using GGH Sierra.
Manly Jacket! (Or, a zippered cardi for manly husband.)

Summer 2004

Baby sweater with interesting construction.
Halter-style Phildar tank using Plassard Grand Large.
Why, it's a hand knit chicken!
"Carla" - lacy lightweight sweater using Rowan Cotton Tape.
How about some summer bucket hats?
"Apricot Jacket" - pretty cardigan from Rebecca 27.
Ribbon cardi with 3/4 sleeves for summer!

Spring 2004

Striped short-sleeved top from Rebecca 22.
"Audrey" ribbed sweater in Rowan Calmer! Need I say more?
How about some cotton hats? Like, a pumpkin and a berry?
Some spring bucket hats, too.
Child's red cotton sweater with zippered collar and ribbed sleeves.
Man's ribbed sweater in a blue variegated wool/acrylic blend.

Winter 2003/2004

Some winter things! How about a scarf?
Some caps and a pair of mittens.
Sleek, chic, ribbon-y fringed poncho.
Bucket-o-Chic hats, too.
"Elfin" cardi-jacket with ruffles.

Fall 2003

Child's fluffy vest in bouclé yarn.
Girl's matching tank and cardigan.
Child's preppy v-neck sweater in cotton.
Woman's cotton jacket with bobbles, cables and seed stitch.

Summer 2003

Man's raglan sweater using Aviso cotton yarn.
"Soul" from Rowan's Calmer Collection, using Rowan Calmer.
Child's sleeveless vest with zipper using mercerised cotton.
Tiny tank using Copacabana ribbon yarn.

Spring 2003

"Smooch" from Rowan's All Season's Cotton Collection.
"Joy" from Rowan's Cotton Tape Collection.
Sleeveless tank in Aviso cotton yarn.
Lace sweater using Berroco Mohair Classic.
Child's raglan sweater with vertical stripes on the sleeves.

Winter 2002/2003

Fuzzy pink sweater with red mohair trim.
Child's tweed coat with a giraffe motif.
Child's fruit cap using an Ann Norling cap pattern.
Child's hat/scarf in various shades of fingering wool yarn.
Child's vest in bulky blue Fantasia.
Man's sweater with cables and ribbing in heathery-gray yarn.

Fall 2002:

*Peppermint Twist - my published pattern!
Woman's hat and matching scarf with bumpy wool trim.
Tutti-frutti striped hat in fingering yarn for my son.
Turtleneck sweater with three-quarter sleeves in bumpy wool.

Summer 2002:

Striped pink, orange and white sweater in lycra and cotton.
Sleeveless cabled top in chunky white GGH cotton.
Strappy tube top in apple green cotton yarn.
Striped turquoise, white and blue sweater in lycra and cotton.

Spring 2002:

Striped raglan sweater in pink cotton and sparkly thread.
Stuffed toy ostrich in white cotton and "feathered" thread.
Cabled sweater in white cotton.

Some past projects in snapshots:

Spring 2002: Striped sweater in Cabotage cotton.
Winter/February 2002: Leaf-edged baby hat in fingering yarn.
Winter/January 2002: Embroidered baby ensemble.
Winter 2001: Fingering wool mittens in triple ribbing.
Winter 2001: Toddler's cabled sweater with seed stitch trim.

R.I.P., unfinished projects:

Pretty silk top from Rebecca Spring/Summer '07
Multi-colored zippered hoodie for my Captain Destructo.
Cabled jacket with frou-frou frilly trim.
"Whisper" tuck cardigan using Rowan Calmer...oooh!
R.I.P.: Cabled sweater knit in one piece using pure wool yarn.