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(Please note that nearly all of the links I post in these weblog entries are external, so some links may be broken.)

Chocolate Shrug.
03.12.04. «

A Victorian Era crochet project: Make a crochet boa for Christmas.
29.11.04. «

Free pattern: "Bunny snacks slippers". Complete with carrots!
23.11.04. «

Knit these: Marnie MacLean's fabulous Nearly Gloves!
17.11.04. « | +

How to: Simple and flared ruffles.

Good tip, too: "Frustrated with your mohair getting stuck together all the time? Here's a tip: Just take it and put it in the freezer for about an hour or so."
16.11.04. «

Cute! Free pattern for a knit baby pixie hat.
10.06.04. «

Free pattern: Crochet pig and lion finger puppets.
09.06.04. «

Berroco's free crochet patterns. Here is a cowgirl belt!
22.05.04. «

Crochet patterns: Flower pillow and a sushi roll. [10/13/04: Broken link. You can now find the patterns here:]
18.05.04. «

Oh! Talented Annie Modesitt's Fiesta Tea Set in IK Summer 2004. Direct link to pdf here.
06.05.04. «

Wendy's free pattern for a Feather and Fan Scarf.
03.05.04. «

How to: Crochet a tote using plastic bags.
15.04.04. «

Crocheting granny squares. Working a square, creating corners, joining new yarn and stitching squares together.
12.04.04. «

Crochet Cupcake Pincushion [via primp!]
04.04.04. «

A vintage knitted winter shawl, adapted from a pattern published in Godey's Ladies Book 1864. (Scroll to the bottom of the page for pattern in pdf format.)
19.02.04. «

Mitten patterns with extra warmth: Double-knit mittens, gauntlet mittens (with very long cuff) and fleece stuff mitts (knit with yarn and fleece).
14.02.04. «

Loads and loads of dishcloth patterns. Now I can use my dishcloth yarn sent over by MDK. Anyone else making a dishcloth using MDK yarn? We'll come up with a special secret handshake. Hee! [Thanks to PurlingSwine for the dishcloth link!]
09.02.04. « | +

Free patterns for a bias stripe hat & scarf and a chenille bi-colored knit scarf. (The bias scarf looks like it's particularly fun to knit!)
21.12.03. «

Katherine Burgess- Bow-knot Scarf. [Thanks to Emma for the link!]
20.12.03. «

From the Ladies Treasury of Costume and Fashion: Articles and patterns gleaned from women's magazines of the Edwardian and Victorian periods. There is a small section containing some interesting knitted items, including a pattern for "knitted knee caps" [!] and one for a "knitted flap for the back of corsets".
22.03.03. «

How to: Crochet a watermelon wedge fridgie and a watermelon throw rug. So retro 70s!
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An adorable pattern (in French) for knit sheep. The outer coat can be lifted so it looks like the sheep was sheared. I love it! [10/13/04: Broken link.]
06.02.03. « | +

Look at this 1904 doll sweater pattern - the body of the sweater is knit in one piece, then short rows are used to create a "pouch front", resulting in the "pigeon-breasted" look that was popular during the era. Neat!
06.11.02. «

The very talented Bonne Marie is sharing très cool scarf patterns. It's like Christmas, people. I myself would like to try the chenille scarf pattern - not only will it give me an excuse to nonchalantly pop into the yarn store and browse like the yarn-obsessed individual I am (I gotta buy the yarn, right?), it'll also give me a chic wrap for my neck, to boot. Thanks, Bonne!
30.10.02. «

Some possible fall knitting projects for you: An adorable knit shrug (always timeless) in current season's colors, a retro poncho (although I'd lose those pom poms; they're as big as beach balls), and a really long scarf (we're talking miles long; but if you've got the time and the yarn, have a ball).
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