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(Please note that nearly all of the links I post in these weblog entries are external, so some links may be broken.)

Happy Halloween! Free pattern: Whit's Knits: Candy�Corns!
31.10.13. «

Trailing yarn Invasion of the Plushies : Check out trailing yarn's Really cute knitted chicks and bunnies! Free pattern here.
10.04.07. «

Free vintage pattern: Angora Stole
18.02.07. «

Seriously fun and cool stuff at Monster Crochet! For starters, get ready for Halloween by crocheting a severed finger. (Don't forget to take a look at her "Dem Bones" scarf. It's genius.)
03.10.06. «

Free pattern: Opera Gloves!
25.08.06. «

Blackwork Embroidery Archives: Blackwork patterns inspired by historical sources.
17.08.06. «

1920s Knitting Patterns.
14.08.06. «

Excellent and clever idea: Island of Misfit Patterns. A site that hosts all the lost and homeless patterns out there. Check it out, and please submit your own! [Thanks to Superstarra-ville for the link!]
11.07.06. «

Free pattern for Knitted Kitty Slippers using Lily Sugar'n Cream.
24.04.06. «

Cute! A crochet pattern for a Rosebud Shrug.
05.04.06. «

Here, knit some 1940s underwear.
21.02.06. «

If you haven't already, check out Indigo Muse's Felted Fortune Cookies!
20.02.06. «

My Craft Book has a free pattern for cattails. They look like corndogs, so if you'd like to knit one you can add some "mustard" in yellow yarn!
28.12.05. «

Free pattern: Cute knit bunny!
27.12.05. «

Very cool: Hello Yarn's Free Knitting Pattern- We Call Them Pirates skull and crossbones hat.
21.12.05. «

Knit.1's free pattern for a faux bear skin rug (pattern by Nikki Epstein).
10.12.05. «

Oooh...a free pattern for a knitted christmas stocking using Wool-Ease. (Nice! Cheap! I recommend!)
18.11.05. «

Look! It's a free pattern for a Chicken Little Hat.
17.11.05. « | +

Here, sew yourself a wall organizer.
28.08.05. «

A knit pattern for a "shimmering evening gown" [!]
28.06.05. «

Jen of Xtreme-Knitting is sharing a free pattern for adorable DINOSAURS. Check it out!
16.05.05. «

Free pattern for a knit shrug.
16.05.05. «

Here, knit this Peter Rabbit doll.
26.03.05. «

Pattern for fried breakfast hat and handbag from the Jackie Annual 1979. Viva the 70s!
18.01.05. «

Official Kitty62 Hat
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