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Check out: The Knitted Babes for August 2006 from the Knitted Babes Knit-Along. Cute!
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From Sketch to Dress. Ever wonder how the process goes when I write up my own pattern and assemble the piece, with a sketch or photo as a starting point? This is how I do it when I draft the pattern flat. (Draping, which is something else I do, works differently.)
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Browse this: Selected Works of Art: The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. WOW at the 1620s French doublet!
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Gallery of 1920s Vintage Clothing. WOW at the silk satin/lace chemise!
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Article re the Victorian Era: "Beyond the Fringe" - Kashmir and Shawls of Paisley Design
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More Fall Knitting! Kim Hargreaves Touching Elegance [WOW!] collection is out, and so is Rebecca 32.
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Brace yourself, now. This has got to be the biggest, floppiest, waviest, SCARIEST crocheted beach hat brim EVER. (Look at the model to the right. She's looking at that hat like, "dude...WHOA!"
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