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I've been following the blogs I read using Bloglines [thanks to Rachael for recommending it last month] and boy, oh boy do I love it. It's a free service that keeps me notified on whose blogs have been updated so my blog surfing time has been greatly improved. As I post to my own blog only several times a week, you can subscribe to my blog feed via Bloglines and it'll keep you notified on when I update.
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I'm participating in the Secret Pal III exchange, and I just received a package from my Secret Pal! Follow me this way to see what was inside.
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Having trouble deciphering pattern 25 from Rebecca 27? There is pattern errata published at the Rebecca site. [28/12/04 Broken link.] Pattern errata read as follows: "Rebecca 27 Design 25 Amendment: Start as for back, but when work measures 20 cm cont as foll: edge st. and 5(9) sts. st-st, work diagonal patt over 54 center sts. (= 10 sts. patt A, 34 sts. as they appear and 10 sts. patt B), then 5(9) sts. st-st, edge st. Then cont as given.

Sleeves (work 2 alike): cast on 42(46) sts. and work in rib patt, starting 1st WS row for smaller size with edge st., K1, P2; and for larger size with edge st., P1, K2. Then cont as given. "

Here's another tip: Use stitch markers to mark the center 22 stitches and keep working rows 1-8 of the chart pattern until you reach this panel of center stitches. By that time, the center stitches should look as they are shown on the last row of the chart. Then work rows 9-10 to the end.
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In preparation for my son's birthday party next week, I suffered a bout of crafty madness and decided that I'm going to make him a piņata. These how-to pages look straightforward and easy:

1) How to make a ball piņata.

2) How to make a frog piņata. (I love this one!)

3) How to make a piņata. (This one has lots of tips and ideas, including how to forego the "goop" and just use cardboard. P.S. Check out the piņata gallery!)
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Check out all the knitted iPod Cozies shown at the projects forum!
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knit-o-rama is hosting a MAN-ALONG, complete with contest! I've just bought a mini hill of yarn that is waiting to be turned into two manly sweaters, so I'm in. If you're knitting a manly sweater this season, join the fun.

(P.S. Don't miss knit-o-rama's modeling debut with his "Big Blue Sweater"!)
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Historical textiles:Elizabeth I's Seal Purse.
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