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A Brief History of Chocolate. And did you know that the plant's botanical name, Theobroma cacao, literally means "food of the gods"? How so very appropriate.

During pre-Columbian times, cacao beans were known to the Olmec people as early as 400 B.C., and later to the Mayans, who cultivated them and used them for trade. The Aztecs valued cacao beans and used them as currency and for making a chocolate drink, called xocoatl (pronounced sho-co-AHTL). "Chocolate also played a special role in both Maya and Aztec royal and religious events. Priests presented cacao seeds as offerings to the gods and served chocolate drinks during sacred ceremonies." Hernán Cortés was served xocoatl while in Moctezuma's court and recorded the importance given to cacao by the Aztecs. The Spanish eventually started bringing xocoatl into Spain, and later added sweeteners to the drink. It became popular all over Europe.

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Glorious Chocolate. Another nice summary on the history and origins of chocolate, but scroll down for a recipe on chocolate raspberry truffles. Yum.

P.S. My Mexican history professor would be proud.
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A vintage knitted winter shawl, adapted from a pattern published in Godey's Ladies Book 1864. (Scroll to the bottom of the page for pattern in pdf format.)
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Anglo-Saxon and Viking Crafts from Regia Anglorum: cutting a quill pen and preparing ink.
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"Adrienne's Fan." A tatted lace fan with detailed instructions.
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Mitten patterns with extra warmth: Double-knit mittens, gauntlet mittens (with very long cuff) and fleece stuff mitts (knit with yarn and fleece).
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Temari - The Art of Japanese Thread Balls. "Temari opens up a whole new range of territory for stitchers to explore. Stitches can go in any direction because of the random wrapped thread surface of the ball." (Don't miss the gallery.)
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Loads and loads of dishcloth patterns. Now I can use my dishcloth yarn sent over by MDK. Anyone else making a dishcloth using MDK yarn? We'll come up with a special secret handshake. Hee! [Thanks to PurlingSwine for the dishcloth link!]
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Easy sewing project: Conversation heart swag.
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Crocheting Sushi - Clare Crespo's crocheted food sculptures.
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Michelle's fab Silk Garden Hat and Cowl pattern.
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