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Free patterns for a bias stripe hat & scarf and a chenille bi-colored knit scarf. (The bias scarf looks like it's particularly fun to knit!)
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Liz Clay's felt miniatures. Very spiffy. There are also felted scarves, egg cosies, cushions and handbags to admire here. (Don't miss the felted boa!)
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Making a woven Christmas heart. There are more templates and patterns here, along with a description. Neat!

(Can you tell I'm just now deciding on my Christmas cards? I got a winner, though. Woven paper hearts is part of what I'm doing this year.)
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This is very cool: Sideways Gloves!

And something else: How to knit a pair of Sanquhar gloves. Nicely charted, too.
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How to: Make a Gingerbread Village, courtesy of Betty Crocker. (Oh, if I only had some molasses and someone to bake the gingerbread for me! I'd bake it but it would probably come out with the consistency of a cement block.)
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